Hugging At Work

Thursday, March 8th

Is it acceptable to hug at work? 


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Thanks for making this wedge. In the chest congestion. One start now before want to. How he's there on the table this morning and the death and Jen show a friendly table is hugging work okay. I was shocked at some of my friend's reaction. To hunting at work and their super strong appeal is about it became open conversation yesterday I was like I. I had to bring this is Jeff's engine show friendly and see what they think. So you're just shocked at how passionate they work one way or the other four Ford 2630941. Is our phone number. Love it or hate it hugging at work I definitely. Need to see if you guys are as divided as my friend group says. I as we start to pick up these phone calls a reminder that confess your crash happens every single Friday at this times and tomorrow at this time. Chris still will be hobby and the airwaves to tell us about a guy in her friend group that she has had a crush on for years all. Never said a word to anyone about it. Tomorrow at 7 o'clock that all changes sometimes love always awkward. Kristol joins us for compressor trash. Are you so should you are should you not hug at work there are very strong opinions either way so some. Actually some people think it's just plain wrong. And the other people like we're in the south. It's just what to do. This is a guy eight gives me anxiety. Every time. Because I don't if I'm going around a room that has five people and it. Three of our guys and into of Merle are women. A lot of in the south that hug from a warm like women was I I'm a hug her. I do that to you and now I'm thinking twice about it is that we use out on the hug her and hug everybody. So my go around around home I've feels weird if everybody's appear. To me gives me anxiety because. Hello mr. herb. Vice president mr. vice president hollow madam vice president now but I have to squeeze you. It has issued their hand and smeared. Do you ever hug guys that work at bro hugs. Now never heard. Did you see a friend and radio that you haven't seen along and I had a guy who worked out alleged that's a reunion. OK in my opinion I'm talking about no reunion hug even if it's a work colleague you say is okay. What if it's a reunion hug with the work colleague that the woman. That's fine if it's if there's a friendship her a pass there but I'm argue about. For me the anxiety comes from walking into a meeting yes and no greeting hi yeah. Hello nice to see you had to sit in your world just be handshake. Sheen in new man is one of the people you're talking about jealous super fired up opinion. I eat. I am told under I am known as the opposite. Eric I think everybody how we're gonna get off that I had Eric page can't push and being I'm a matter. But see some people hate hugs. Like hate in with a passion maybe chairman and by someone to not have come. You know ever. I had a small girl I'm like schlopy in Hammond I hit late and yeah yeah yeah yeah. You and I are making people really uncomfortable and we don't even know that we're doing it because I've got friends who absolutely. Hate hugging. It makes them uncomfortable they don't wanna hug anybody or are they feel like it's demeaning when women are hugged instead of men in the workplace. I'm nick I sort of have this you know sort of Urbana just like you know I'm gonna head shake your hand and being manly thing to each other and then they like a panel little woman on the fact gas and they hate that I do not know don't do that to me. How do women get out of it now. Well I mean I think sometimes they'll just shirk away from man gorgeous some of my friends are saying they immediately go to stick out I had the ones that pay hugging. Immediately shut their hands out to shake hands I try to preempt. With the hands. I appreciate that because there's also the guy thing of is this going to be a handshake or hug. I always default handshake. And there's nothing more awkward than defaulting to handshake and then having them as Sparano hug and you because now you just poked him in the style may. It is just everything's bad about that. Zellweger play this should do well. The food is like. Indeed hope menace or you feel like you're rude rude if you stick out your hand to hand shake and somebody's going to and for that absolute. Any other what is going to be for the hug and having them stick their hand out an air halfway through again I will tell you Janet that there is somebody. In this building. On this floor in your line of sight who's so Matty right now. Relaying because I'm a hug her gas. And passionately disagrees with what your saying. Well here's the it's flake. Can you do that can grab us a hug or like the birth thank good or like on comforting you can and having a bad day good. Or we just strictly talking about the greeting because there's got to be some rules around hugging and the workplace if you feel strongly about this one. Or the other we would love to hear 340 afford to 6309401. And I'm gonna get called out. Star in 941. Should you hug at. At work for rove or do you think free don't sign for one love or hate. Mean he jogged arrange it Janet who who walks into meetings and says. I'm honored to Riyadh. I don't know if you read it odd ball. Hey I am not there is equivalent if saying a minute or are important it. Is just not right. It's the end Lorenz Mel talked to Jan. And now and and and now it's not. Maybe you don't have your other it's like. Currently India coming out like that in mind lane thanks. Area there close your eyes on you an idea why did some. Christine. And gains mailed talk to jam yeah. Yeah are now I have learned my leg and I am material logger and it. You never know it gonna be comfortable at it like a day away in my work. Yeah I think your abs I'm learning a lesson here because I have typically just gone into the hot again I. I did it again yesterday. When I meet somebody that they have worked with Emmy Hafez IC. Regularly they haven't seen him like a week and we are talking to catch up and I went like. We can bug M in the afterwards and I might like and what he's no longer on the lower. I. A Nextel will be from your coworker Geneen who is sitting in my lap. Also who said she was up late last night. Formulating a arguments against this. Putting getting out of my mind they couldn't figure out why I was so against it appears many reasons and it took me a year just to know these people's names I am not under hugging level with anybody and. Let the record show that when she's had these people she dismissive Lee pointed to the other night. Our belt thing. Family and I love you outside of the show and like your friends and add. A little different but still we are. One of the youngest people here is so it just reinforces that I'm kind of like a child and I'm trying for once to like make my own way in the world any opinion I don't hug me I am not your child I am not. I'm not here for this and then like this is it's personal space you're in my way and I also can't read body language at all. I don't know what different types of pugs you're talking about some women for a one armed that weird side hug them and for casual. I don't really know what to do also accidentally used the other arm could turn into the is we're at all until one time. You about. It up. And we can't really and it just takes up my whole day and it's don't touch me. To. And then having it talk to. Right Sarah Geneen. I am definitely a tiger and I ain't. Had people all day I think it's a great day. I mean of course like if you don't know the person apartments. I am REU didn't maybe a little awkward but I mean generally you know your co worker that I think it should be an issue. Well. And yeah. Like a woman maybe you can do is ask permission for a hug like how. I have a hug but this is put the other person in the position to have to seemed real and do you think I want. You know my fault. The I say again Jeanne thank you think I'm confrontational enough to be able to say now I got married in the mile and if you are uncontrolled with hugs and you probably be uncomfortable with saying no to a yeah you know even just be like OK I guess who's gonna suffer through this as a stand here even though you went on eight hits. Martina Lannan walked into the shallow solution I thank Ron yes vote. Yes yes so just grabbing go I don't care about anybody told us edit yeah this cordless drill hole. Club but then again and again now. Or are you. Are making people so uncomfortable with our Lovie does mean is out well. How do not ashamed I feel so sorry sort of a little bit more oh. Well it may I thought it in the kids talk about people present to tips. I gotta be Arizona in my heart I feel like if you hugged me I would leave the bruise you see the light up that well I usually you sound like a rugby hunter where I. Day. That's me that's a conflict say that's about split I don't know on the out of debt that people expect hardly get dot net everybody out here are. Yeah. When entrenched in May but the trend now that there's. As the end Dallas drug under the shadow. I am not a hug where. I gave a one hour live a hug and and out here that they did not school Kentucky needs. In that area even edgy situation and and a hug me and then whenever your next late in cultural. Yeah I mean Donna and I heard. Tell hugger but you gotta know who you're with your family and by you know a family situation like you guys that you say I hear you loud. Come up you either like. And you're out and they are something. I Donna how long do your hugs at work glass. Is there a rule around timing and hard to know arm and I had about an. I'm a teacher and sometimes my coworker you longer hug the. Yeah that's understandable tension. I gotta be out OK maybe there's need a Margarita. And a hug driving it compression and yeah wage the email in the. And we are family and I love all of you guys that even in these like when we. Read tomorrow's march lows hugs and the arrival hide eggs. Weird me out a little bit do you wish you rather not how I got no I would rather like if if you were all leaving and I'm standing next to Geneen and we decide to leave and we're standing there but I see tomorrow what are they to me that it I'm Janine and leave. But once you hug one person in the Indiana hi and hello Larry I got the crowd I go give out the year they give out you leg. I would like it it's almost like a mandatory. You gotta spread to hug well all right later. I got a hug people that are everybody's significant others or did you hug dreams where prince Tom. You are again. An. Invitation for everybody is being near me and that's just not I. I came around that was enough I don't need to touch everybody. Out of your outlook and out of my house there are around people I was done ain't. I wish physical contact in weird me out so much so I can do random things like just gently to Jean's hand. We get rain fast. Yeah I Marleau is just tell reminded about aren't. And Cogent. It is creeping into how like buses can't plug employees. Because that's the whole subordinate thing that's really weird right username your arm while woody you have you spank them when you gotta they're still love yeah. And now. We don't need any more reasons feature to kick off for some people pocket. It gives somebody's been naughty. You've got to punish them and then you've got to tell you agree you're really you're going on the wrong rag pick of the found is that what he has stood in the map Harrison sat. Or amber irony. I had now I don't hunt me don't touch me don't. Don't be near me I'm likely to mean. I want sorry yeah yeah friends who never attached. A veteran friends I know. Wallet or don't. Don't hug me wearing this howled wherever raise those super friendly and a leg. It's just southern folks just like to hug and has been the biggest issue moving down here I've. I'm gonna start to refer to gene has that this is an ancient my friend and never touched. He's my friend with absolutely no benefit if I. Ray were both toll Korda and we like it if not have you ever benefited gas tank he. Did you hear Ali well Larry here's a we got to dear Jen has. I am right now. Kelly Jesus son into a woman named pot and Jia Hui who is a total hugger and wants to yell at everybody who's not okay then do you remember. Signs child and cash out on the red carpet when cashew went in Prague and got shut down all you have. He's mulling that audio now and then your text message he has I think usually though you have a huge issue made can you share that on the air yes. A friend of mine goes to an extreme. Measures to avoid a debt the hug I mean. She may win an Oscar every time somebody tries to go an hug her and she hates it and and she I'll star. Should you be hugging how work and that's the reason this morning and everybody is on one side of the other top. Americans are right hey I didn't get away from me don't do it especially at work and there's a Brennaman who goes to extremes to avoid it hugging her coworkers and I know her story Tracy's gonna make you think twice about next I mean lean and not. Stevie can you wait thirty seconds and then we are going to jail that let you talk directly to your. Jack hold on okay. 930 seconds. Ten years old listening to isn't tennis awesome. Jeanne has set you straight Jan she doesn't work yet here it is. Here's. Cash. Who recognized Jerry signs vote on the red carpet event event and walked up to. Never introduced herself but it was all celebrities on the red carpets I think she assumed that he would know who. She will guys and no clue. I meant thanks to be had now thanks please note thanks a little line again thanks. All of them and I don't realize as cash app okay well it was for the best. I made Steve B you are top ten years old this inducing Canas. Wants to set Jenn hobby straight. Our. RI. Lists. Our stay away from my that couldn't. I love at CBC talking to my daughters about this is a winner so tot as the girls be polite. Are you just does be polite to others and so sort of but your own needs whether that's when do you hate hugs like Stevie and mean. B needs someone else and so I don't want my kids to do that so Mikey did many don't hug. I wish it. And G and Lawrence well. Team hug her and don't touch it. He is I am a complete. On the cheek I'm not CNET that you know we don't in the knowledge that you. I mean I don't what I. What I thought Shoppach where Mariel your touch I mean you. And you may not. Help. I am going to start kissing people on the chiefs chair alert and when he's not a time and I'm gonna keep my mouth open and have bank and held them with my time. Any leads at the minute no I'll I know you're phase. I intimidate guys you can be the last from Ghana and general I share the message she's got a friend. Who goes to extreme lengths to avoid the hugs guides me here up. No no no absolutely not. You know I actually I don't need your retreat evident you're Jerry Lewis sat I average or your house. OK I mom and I can't alleged massacre what I did show that but it's actually not ID kit you know. Grant people like that family close friend yet but that where absolutely. Not. You all over me I wish they can't and then I watching and I don't need to let you know I don't watch Michael absolutely that. I don't I don't care race evidence is going to be at airline. Oh and I went via our get out of jail free card and it comes to hug and then yeah I'd say this is my friends texted me that she does mean they're all right Jeanne so you need a fancy dinners lately. And it does and I he hears is you have to be of she fakes sneezes. She starts to sneeze she says she waves her hand in front of her nose you know like that you can tell us sneezes coming on. Celine a look at the light sometimes and she's achieved full line. Immediately sneezes when people go and for the hug it avoids the whole situation she isn't and I don't even have to shake their hand because. They just think I have sneezed I was off her yeah I love Chris so much. This Irsay said I'm changing I'm no longer say I'm not I'm not Steve you reformed hero. I think I'm at ten euros Ivy League I'm just not going to be a hug earning mark and I thank him and him down hugging Mandy won't work out I'm gonna show. Hi all I. I'd break and in the ER and Ariana. Here instead I had any hunt deer ran away. That. Bad momma I remember that because I've had that nightmare for our. The years and years and years. And I don't then I bottle hero I gonna end and I love her you and is here and I went out there and her. I didn't like you're. How the hardy and Ryan you know quiet in there instead of touching me you can just leave her comment on our aims to grab words there. This morning Liz yeah. Now bargain Ryan. At all like to share that conversation continues league championship on FaceBook.