Embarassing Mommy Moments

Wednesday, March 7th

From childhood to adulthood our moms are still making us cringe and raise our eyebrows in compelte emnarrasment at the things she says. Even in public!


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So are in 941. That from now we know if your mom is embarrassing you as an adult. You said the other day that you kind of embarrass your four year old measure taken pictures average and stop on my hasn't been this hilarious things of her and her friend and their playing unlike guys her picture and Lauren has her head and her hands like. You are so embarrassing. Thing it was an and that too long ago the Blue Ivy harsh. Beyoncé and Jay-Z and an award show I guess for a classic cop gladly show. I'll learn parents and police. I'm OK so it's our job as parents write for a kid for our young star. True but as an adult. Has your mom or dad ever embarrassed. And happened to Jimmy Kimmel. My mother unbeknownst to me spend the weekend making it Oscar cookies you cook. Like the Oscars you put the literal I don't know whose animal. She had packed the cookies in disposable Tupperware boxes and smuggle them into the show. While the Oscar show is going on my mother is in the audience passing cookies. These people including Steven Spielberg. Hey Steven Spielberg a cookie NEA did which really just goes to show evil when you're fifty years old hosting the Academy Awards you can still be embarrassed by mommy. How are already coming in to this Jeff and send show about your mom embarrassing you as you are an adult I've got one of these moms tilt does it really eat. Even a little and too. Treasuries has of course. Some precincts are embarrassing for a Florida team and I Dan listening and Nazis annex is this your mom this huge ship like wipe your mouth and public now. Read heard you guys did your. Now my mom does embarrassing being where she keeps commenting back and forth on FaceBook with her friends like making plans. So like show discipline her and her friend a bit like. This is. And an amount in a Wednesday an event that well I ten as an in my mom's leg running back like well we've added around Andy's got a golfing trip but I think we should maybe trying to say they go back and forth like 400 comments I'm like. Joseph did you numbers just take each other are but does it get off phase is so embarrassing. I'm Balaguer getting notification. Tray area. Would you look at her pictures and it's all these like super long conversation there Bratton about making plant in any other night. Please quit. Whitney and it Decatur welcome to. The German vigil it's filed by the air primer for 04263094. Line. I your mom embarrassing you. As an adult or your dad your parent embarrassing you as an adults. From my husband as a professional wrestler by indulging in all staged and everybody kinda late Pakistan. And she knows that every time he has the match and he's. Why it's wrestling is in real OR TE yeah. I mean it's totally Salem tiring access. It will come. Guide please don't tell me that shows like the bachelor and real housewives aren't exaggerated tale yeah now plotted out drama. The oh. Though even not completely real and help Monroe but. Yeah seed. Still woo Brian Carter touring. Every time he gets slammed and just way ill and that she's not acting elation is. Mom mode as doesn't skid to her kid just like shout down. Are there have been paying an ancient Olympic financial against usually I eat can help save the supply. Game on get adding she can't. Get to you much. I'm this is what I do for a living well yeah has there been discussion of maybe just not invading heard any more of his matches. I think it will little harder on the and I thanks ray game well no problem don't. Star in 941. Come on dude as me and a half excited about when your mom has embarrassed Yale. As an end to its ten disaster any you know hey here's your mind that anything's in Beijing has no I mean my mom's pretty well hey that. How do you bowl. I was on then holed a bomb maker probably got. Christa never got my eyebrows waxed is when I went to the nail salon with my mom and best friend back home. And when I nails are getting doesn't she's like oh you when he gave act slacks and I was like that's some very painful if you like. Well you look away wolf. I hope I'll call up for the whole. Place to hear an Evans is single and make friends like. Cool I have a friend years they witnessed that. And things in your genes the things I feel it Wear off eyebrows are kind of ends sound kind of I think your turn me universe and our own. She is ahead of our time yeah. Half I you're I'm Kelly teases she trying times. In public or something it's not a public thing interface with things like your mom and I feel like. I I get on FaceBook sometimes and any time C a notification. My mom I'm a little like. The price tag like I don't know she's commented our tag in summing 'cause my momma economy I care might be articles on line online what does that mean she's likely is to be an ugly duckling who might promises fazed by the fifth. Citizens like Howell an ugly duckling in a beautiful smile might. No you did in there. I NN an initial comment on stuff for the radio station I'll go back how high those comments have unlike. I can't help my mom commenting on my jobs out OK you told us stop and she just keeps doing it I know. I kind of dollars and I'm unite in common just disappeared I've you know I've I read something on them like I don't know. We're not arises and. And doesn't have a very good. She means well zoo O'Meara software upgrade begin essays that dad yeah. Yeah upgrade your son yet there ornaments and MS and engine mean she deletes comments. Probably her just made dub somebody you know as turner where will fly browse past. It's probably Julia who's Julian she just ruins things. And I'll talk to our eyes Sarah aim Cornelia welcome to the show. My mom went and Alaska and she as a bartender starlet they're picketing. Mentioned that the bar out singing karaoke and I spent her die there are what are really our airmen and married and she curry and tissue or like. Like regiment it you little. And I got. It's. Not OMM animate in LA and you're. An old app I didn't. Saying ma. Our ammunition and I know yeah. Like what are likely it'll all the guys. Do. Any. I am telling you. Keep saying it into some across separate Anbar. So they're finished and I felt. And I thank you for listening air Kearney area Sarah thanks you and I. Amelie welcome to the Jeffrey James show. We were a wedding dress shop paint and my mom told the entire bridle the line at eight track Marquette there. It might take a look final and I just tried on. Oh I talk about Alcoa. Could I get married and a month and I showed the different. Good for you home. Just they see me now. Do you like light heartedly that shouldn't try to be about it but like followed L stranger it out so I thought big about me. Yeah that rate there who have yeah. That would give some moms and uninvited to landing. I feel like you and your mom should be the story of a movie does that seem like a scene out of a movie. Yeah. Here. I don't know like I got Billy my page. I think and I'd transition say about it to tell belt but I didn't think tank. You said you're getting married in a in a month. Yes we heard about the success Janice and on whole thirty. Tests all Annan as it. Got it right now Emily congratulations. You go enjoy your wedding day. Well. Star in 941.