Trashed or Toddler.

Wednesday, March 7th

Can you tell the diffrence between a tantrum thrown by that of a child and the antics of a drunk adult? It's actually harder than you think!


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Star in 941. I request in Indiana is do you wines. Kelly achieves superior opponent she is an expert in many things trash. Hoarding like Jenn hobby to be your opponent she is an expert in many things toddler who do you think is easier one to defeats. Sorry but Chile. It is Kelly Irsay is Adriana the name of the game is transferred to either 100 dollars to spend at Marlowe Sam turned up for grabs. You guys kind of play we'll play you a clip the first one is from Mary in Woodstock and then. You get to guess whether aids aids about Tyler or a trash adults Kelly ready Friday Saturday erratic and I all I could never lie and Marion what sack so she made a sport out of clothes from the dirty laundry bins. That included a towel with cat pee on the. I Adriana is that a typical toddler or trash adults. Genesis toddler Kelly I'm music trash. Is trashed in the ratings are from Mary is about as my neighbors three year old toddler definitely AM. I it's. Did you here at this you're terrible at this Narnia I found on the liberty I'll do that. That's a adult Kelly reduce writings. Alice and like Tony with that number two issues drinking water out of high class bid to glasses and then Glen has broken her mouth. And she said my water broke so. That's. I eight. And then they. Dredged canals and Kelly trash a toddler I feel like toddler discuss the issue said that oh my water broke. The Alice in Liberia now as my knees and she is a toddler and play for Kelly I. Tie game going to clue number three from John in Kennesaw. He said these ten tourists here a boxing guys' heads stuck in a box of testing tracks. Old. Well and it's good. News. Allows me yesterday sometimes I. Don't know I had a half attitude and I really am in contrast. You have got big hello to Eliot glacier and. Randy to think the size of a cereal box. It a man's hot item I gave them a bad judgment of heads eyes and I'm I'm I'm as there's an incredibly large got elated that tenth planet. I just couldn't get in this day I didn't Berkshire. Got yeah I really yeah it's my head's so big has its own gravitational pull. That was my friend Jerry he was trashed the room point. Of years and then. And I Kelly you have to do Adriana yep tube going into. We number four Lucille in Douglas L two to exchange parent still a key out of her hand and made it. All right that's Jan and a 31 of holes are there. I don't know why quiet here. I toddler or trash adult. Eight Genesis that's toddler Caylee geez I'm gonna go trash and we anti gaming as this will break the tie with the number for gender your your excitement carry you think highs near that son and I. That was my sister's toddler I. Saying I tell you what candidate like yeah. Kelly you must get this woman right Adriana must get it wrong in order for you to at least I this game and I gauger out of it took only. Am on Jamie general role in mad down around a hundred dollars tomorrow's tavern on the line is we going to clued up. She's our crime because a dog ate her Turkey sandwich. Man. I'm gonna go. Cherished. Ash trees while wanted to say trash because I would cry some money Niger he's kind of heads and national candidates are. At at I have to say time merger only chance at eight. Jamie and make out of the clear again she's our crime because a dog ate her Turkey sandwich the answer AA is. And then that was my friends ask men and she was totally trash and pet that's. Congratulations. Adriana and nice. Knight and day you may gag parades spring celebration came cocktails at Marleau is Cameron to you can go get trashed. And the loss against Amanda Manny for everybody so he can take another big Pennsylvania yeah I do my I had. Eight animal than engine you'll get the information from me that we need so we give Jeter prize. Thank you are definitely today he gradually media tell you just can't win that thing came I'm so mad at it. If they can be so good because I'm so that everything. But I thought. Including me now alone yeah. Especially humility. Star in 941.