Comfort In Numbers

Wednesday, March 7th

Kelly licks her fork before she uses it, a friend of Jenn's smells her silverware before she uses it, any other pre-dining rituals?


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Star in 941. But you are tired of the jet engines show for a family and we need you for some comfort in numbers. Today for our own Kelly sees. She she's the only one with some weird it. The dining habits have to be honest I thought ads. That it would be much much more are much more bizarre when Kelly is like I've got a comfort in numbers because she seems like oh yeah cursed as weird things and private. This is pretty weird for Ford 26309401. Is our number here in the jet engines show studio headquarters. If you can give Kelly tees and comfort in numbers what is it the aid of you know this that you notice on soggy out passes. It's not Ilich my silverware. Every time before I have food on the the thing is everyone has experienced. The pain of using them four chorus then that tastes like quarters. I've never experienced that. This metallic taste hello crew on the food. There is that I can I can't even think about your eating money rather than appealing I bit into a quarter and it is and makes mine job like. Our age I hated so much so I have only ever experienced a few times and I because. I lol it before and it has got any type of metal taste too and I put it back Arthur Blank. I'll let arrests on hand this call this month or quarter I can't use that and they bring you news silver absolutely. Is this ever happened you Jan I've never liked my silverware before I've no idea ever or is never taste of him quarter earnings on behalf. That more likes that some similar has more of a metallic taste then is the worst I've never tried to prevent it. Relief and a never had JP eight now. Have you ever had a cavity before. Yeah as you know have that taste initially equity cavity that mortar taste in your mouth that you give Freddie anonymous flavor and you around. I don't know maybe have never headquarters in my mouth gosh it's awful so I will always always always let my four I don't hear from a restaurant at a friend's house I could be meeting somebody's parents for the first time so I will lick my four hour right here. In Sydney as can she meet him there. I want her to go get some silverware for no IP to try some I have summary hair silver silverware now I'd vote tonight plastic does count. Milk is six classics overwhelmed. Us a limit all due exactly I'm. And as classic Michelle and Stockbridge Haywood sat. All and I do not like to Karen's Condit works on the table like tech check all heard the phone and pepper shaker. And little black. Candidate coming from the NT you to that. Won't hurt to have a problem but it outlet at impact Mac and. Paid my Gatorade uptight or whatever any. As is Jesse your house it was at a restaurant in. I know I had heard. I don't like the at a restaurant because that is. This screen and look at when the girl Michelle is the dominant market. I have while I'm about it yeah are you ready for your worst nightmare does this happen to me yesterday. At all. Sell IA because Kelly geez urgent need a camera crew brought it up earlier in the day I had a craving for a fillet of fish is. I ask because you have luckily there is no good news there around that I hold another comfort in numbers have. I know me you know. People slave vision is good. And no one ever aren't out of me anyways Michelle kicking you out I got plenty of fish and I don't get it returners as I've ever captured on it. And ketchup packets were all sticky. Paris and yet I can't say when I artwork out network activity you don't want. What we edit it ketchup packet Carlin and on the pork that could affect your yeah I agree that. At Iowa I got a friend. Who does something kind of weird like you Kelly cheese it could be comfort in numbers she actually smells her silverware before she uses it for the same reason. I'm not sure I think for hers it's to make sure that it's clean. Rather than the metallic taste can't you make she and the smell like deep sniff her for her night for spoon. It's metal silverware. This coercion and uses net I totally get changes look at it seriously you know she has is Mallon. Star in 941. That you are a weird thing eating habits are on the table this morning at a Japanese and joke with her track. We're excited. Some comfort in numbers for our very own chili cheese who does the weirdest thing him before. She eats oatmeal out I'd also like your home or just when you're dining out it's everywhere every time she eats she licks her silverware first I would not take the chance of eating silverware that. Are eating whistle or edit his leg quarters it can make things cranes. I hated I hate that Toews. I'd rather it is lick my SpinRite for Ernst and double check and make sure before you dive in the mail yes girl porno 146309. For a line. Mallory and LaGrange welcomed the shallow. Kinda my friends make a whole lot about him everyday Atlantis because I eating that bill is every bank and I would it. A court cleaned everything right but like. Democrat on the court. I get that too because in the moment like eating your mouth on how weird like kind of hard ended cheeses like Lola. As I'm not at a map how. The all clear. How long does it take you to eat a lunch sized portion of magnitude of the nineties. It's hardening. On your silverware. I mean it's not a quality eat it should be big Mac oh is cart record. Who regulates quickly I want to know how long you are sad and sick in your tongue in between each prong of the pork. I'm trying to get it while still thought. That you are little thumb. So much thank you OK okay are now part of this ram my bags now RA. Thank all Dan yeah Alley and tennis welcome to the show around. Thank you grow up I dining ritual comfort in numbers are very round allergies. I had to rearrange everything on the table well RIT. I think it these light where they have a salt and pepper shakers and all that does he got you have to like move bit. I'd like I don't have enough room on the way. All. Sorry if all goes off to like the one side are designed to my game there's is there anything greater than being at a table. Again I'd lunch table and having alleged nearby. And you move everything off to allege. Unless you have any problem. If there's a ledger I mean it's I'm not obsessive about it met. But it says it clean feeling when you have like that tailor all nice and lying not cluttered. How. Yeah as I'd like so much more elbows space and everything. India does it give you anxiety you and stuffs they air. It. Looked. And I'd you don't like it I it's like I don't have enough space. In a words to Wayne are welcome to the Japanese and shall. Eric hey I had beat Almonte who'd separately Ali my potatoes. Then might be in and then Miami and then Audrey Rodriguez be in. So you. So if it's not because a lot of people have the issue whether to keep them separated and the play yours is you have to consume them one at a time. Yeah it's just this just put a gun into a little while. I don't know you have to my parents are great tornado it's. You know. It's not paying that it did it there's nothing that they. Oh we know yet not a phobia there's nothing that period did I and I don't like eating it burned at the net and then and it went very. Co it's the ways of the Wayne please inadequate. At its very Rain Man Wayne side Tony aim at very at a his first managed just. What I am at work I get a hot. Cup we'll look I just finally how what are the coffee in. I'd get my plastic spoon airports or whatever and they're before or eat it. The fray with them. Really like a sanitation process. Manage work and he grabbed them and people don't push there at the hotel and so. So yeah unity area houses little by staff find your assets. No Spiegel ballot matter on my sport into this. I. 7:15 AM I. Yeah it'll actually be a close early and don't do well in my sport could put. Hot water actually leads some of the bad things from the plastic out. Yeah that in your eating all of those leg. Cancer causing chemicals off for the classic I don't think don't microwave plastic yen and it's heated up plenty of water bottle as many or car in the summertime I say don't drink out that the hot plus it's a hot plastic is light reads in tier runners at every day she's actually reaching that bad step into her faired rather than killing the germs. Are you really really making people decide between cancer or ingesting somebody else's group again so easily just back and is Jana in College Park. Outlining a OK so I can't even break it in outreach aide paid in or create a car seat upright vacuum object being together. I until they get home. Out incredibly straight and I can't be out Greek secret I got a break to make an error rate outlook I can't break you know the sport I have to break that we are here. Activated olive though Pete. And I have meet in ABI. I lights yeah I like. All I'm beyond that sounds different you basically make a Waffle House smoothie out of every right here pass. It up pretty much as a Myron thank you really college doubted your show matter Kelly geez have you gotten some comfort in numbers I feel great you are not the only weird you and thanks to this afternoon. Star in 941.