Phone Scam: The One Where the Decorations Are Out of Order

Wednesday, March 7th

Lisa has her house decorated for Easter, but St. Patrick's Day hasn't happened yet and apparently that is a problem for some of her neighbors. Her husband requested we phone scam her! 


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And she I'll star and I saw les sag has her house all decked out for Easter but this is stressful. Because Saint Patrick's Day is actually happening just a couple weeks before Easter. She has been drilling her husband about when to decorate my and I'm decorate what to do and how to handle it. He's like yard gonna help me out we've police found scammer so. Pretending to be a neighbor down the road have unhappy when they're decorating traces we call her up. But he's five minutes on the radio said China. Oh. I. Hello I am the industry would Lisa please. Hey Lisa have my name is Matt I live on the next block and I don't think we've had the pleasure of meeting have been. Is running to give you a call how are you. I kind of a welcome to the neighborhood because we haven't talked so welcome. And nice to meet JG I apologize. I'll turn out make in my way down there to say hello to you and I'm sorry for this. On a question for area and we won't have to be on the phone long but what's up with the Easter decorations. At your house. I didn't think there was anything. I'll prevail. There are about to meet Sarah sell you out I just like to get access. Short term and we do love to get festive and its neighbor idea now. You Bennett one of our potluck she knew you know that abscess in his arm middle name but here's the thing. What festivities should we be having before Easter. Terms. Troops actually exchange. Exactly. And it's confusing. To some of their children in the neighborhood. That you've got to hand grab Easter decorations ahead of Saint Patrick's Day. While. But Lisa let let me explain some things you and you probably don't understand this gives you don't have children but theirs and ordered that things. High order is the same it's what makes children feel comfortable. When people are driving by your house. And they see Easter Bunny things right any Easter related things. They're worried about elaborate con. And where the leopard counties. I had never experienced this complaint before in my July each rank and I eight don't know what Italian. I really don't. OK you know what you could tell me. Today you'll take down your silly Easter and I respect. All. A leper cons. And the pods pot of gold type crafts. How about yield go out by L. That stocks are academy should now consider putting it out. I think that's not really my job I think yeah. Your job as the homeowner. I am trying to be reasonable here I don't wanna spend money on a budget decoration in its net I don't know wanna celebrate the holiday. Your ducks aren't complaining I have had. Literally an advance. I'm the first person ever to bring up to you the order of holidays if you ever owned a calendar before in your life. Like literally two weeks away every week right okay so what are you want me to tell the children. Alan it sure the truth is why he used the Easter Bunny is more important. And saint Patrick. I think that age shared. Holiday isn't that Eric children's heartache than they patch and a majority of people would agree eat. They both are based in religion and christianity and may mean the same thing it and and a saint Easter and Thabo. Can't do that let you and cute it. Why it came Patrick they have out. Eight is about loads a leper cons. Who helped. Jesus. Get out of June. Guys. I'm Sherry out. I would they had toy. Filled with clay you're actually you're right I am an exile and. Our office and now aren't you what programs do you have been formally banned from the next few hot locks. I'm OK I don't I'm planning on attending them anyway well I can't attitude and something we don't want you. I can't RA says Ethiopian cannot figure out. I'm bringing my chili and you don't get any though yeah. And you've been banned from my chili forever like I don't want you anywhere near my crock pot it any future. OK these are welcome to the neighborhood. Out I thought they EO and happy saint Patrick's AT and practically tactic say a few guys. Yeah I feel great now can you guys winning app now coming late into that and she Carolina so much at night OK we're already. I have now taken up any of your time your husband actually asked me to call you see this is Jeff from the traffic jam show. Aren't you know for a fact that you you alone in Saint Patrick's Day decoration day. If you thought in my era and since the Louisiana. I can't. Hero brand new scam at 750 tell you friend this morning. Yeah shelf full scale solely on starting now people lined up.