Jenn's Letter to Herself

Thursday, March 31st


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It's sort of person who says it's a little plug this started many intense conversation. More hey conversations that better. Thanks for making this switch. To the Jessie. Or one JP from the afternoon show inspired votes yet and I'd write letters to ourselves is what he did when he moved to Atlanta. A year ago yet half ago he wrote a letter himself he put it out of refrigerators you see it every day. And it was Austin so I wrote a letter to myself. I got it was awesome gem that out of it mean to myself you're mad at me for being mean to me and house like hates nothing so I mean my friend Jeff. But I put that letter where I can see it every single day in Uganda where is that it's on the near Ramona from Fulham and if you wanna read the letter that I wrote myself or hear it it's currently on stunning 41 win and come and now. It is gemstone. I like this exercise because it's getting in touch that in her voice I think so many of us. Sometimes have a negative. Self talk right and at that meg that voice inside your head whatever that is that talks to you yeah even though you know it's you Yani knows in your brain. Sometimes can be negative so I think this letter of encouragement yourself as good reminder to keep that was positive yeah absolutely I would encourage anybody listening to regular to themselves. To keep the voice positive and keep the keep yourself focused because it's so easy to write extracted absolutely. Okay here's mine. Your standpoint from a lack. Match. Philip session thousands of likes apart from music or something Pillsbury from her dramatic. Dear Jack. Again. Here's my letter myself relax. Have fun. You're like it's crazy right now nine million dollars and chase fan man doesn't know right now. Are you done evident for the little. Sound machine. So I could tell me thanks thanks. Okay. So it's. Just really listen to start over. I get through this okay. Never give me the buttons guide a connect. Relax have fun your life may get stereo serie a studio. Dear Jan. Relax have fun in life is crazy right now but all the pieces of a big life I dynamic interesting life here take a deep breath. Dropped their shoulders smile and enjoy it. Remember that you're not the one in control he has the plan collect out. Your priorities are in line finally. Your decision making guide posts are set you always face challenges stress deadlines full and boxes and never enough time to reply. But the tools you have in place now at your age a light cheese more wisely. Your girls will be proud of the you are leading your daughters by example not leaving them alone. You're allowing them to be cared for by other wonderful people which expand their view of the world around them and all the people in it who love them. Just show up. Show up strong show up for them show up for grants show up for the show show up strong and have fun worry only takes your mind out of the moment. Absorbed good energy and limit the black holes resist the temptation to waste time on garbage. Aim high now in higher numbers are growing and learning and finding the capacity for being curious. Hold fast your beliefs. Don't be afraid to make others uncomfortable by your own convictions. Stand up for yourself and what you believe with out apology be the reform to people pleaser. God will help you find the right words. The most of all remember the last find joy to be president each moment and pranks. Let's Jan. It was awesome. As great. My inner voice trying thing. Relapse. There really was the tone of the entire back of the entire. Letter. I was so many find somebody or somebody Baldwin there all the time that your life can turn into one big long to do list right can be stressed out about or you just relax and have fun and all of those moments combines well I was worried I wouldn't be able to do this but I have questions via a program as you had questions for me after my letter you real to me I'm happy right here. Inquisition of some sort. But I made some notes and I have some questions for you at first when an easy answer and you say he has the plan pressed him. Re referring to me. Ha ha. I'm well it it's in. NK and caps so that's going to be enough. Who god varieties. That that he Allen. All right well I feel less pressure now I don't think the right questions and that's a fact.