UPDATE Proposal Joke

Wednesday, December 20th


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Okay Terna Nande. And Justin Jan show all of now. So bill has agreed to come out with a stand head size so bill is the guy who is. About two fake proposed to his girlfriend. Over Christmas because he thinks would be so funny. He lethal areas against the story when I originally to illustrate your friend of our friend and adversary completely Ryan it's actually works. You have the wrong I had the story Iran so he's not gonna give her earrings are now nowhere that now. I yeah I died there is actually let go a real president involved and staff. It's terror on now I can't I bill here's what we're gonna do is it just so you know first off favorite come around with us second of all. Were doing this so people can call up bill and talk directly to EU and try to talk you out of soak and. All right now I mean they could try. A day 404. 2630941. For anybody listening. Who wants to talk to bill about the emotional rollercoaster he's about to send his girlfriend that. So start we've. About how long you guys have been dating. We've been dating now bird just search for years. Right to New Year's is prime proposal time right that's and when instant thing you know it's about the. And have you talked at all about like proposing or getting married earning I got with her. Armed out yeah I mean it would kind of drop. Dropped a little hints here and there are over the last few months so and so or two year anniversary. And I mean no serious discussion. What's your plans for the holidays. What's your joke. I. So what I'm gonna do it every great I talked out of box I got a ring box okay and it looks like like an engagement ring box. And so what I was planning on doing is hiding the box behind the trees so she doesn't see some Christmas morning when we're done opening up all of our guests. I'm gonna say hey wait a second there's one more gift that I forgot. And I'm gonna crawl around the back to retrieve. Anime get this box out and then when I turned to her. I'll be on my knees. And then it'll look like I'm proposing turner. But actually in the box is just a piece of candy. So when she opened that it can connect. It's going to be hysterical and give you create. Like this shock on her face. From what you think pitch I'm actually proposing to when she realizes it's just the peace to India in the box is going to be priceless. Typical. Freight is priceless to turn. This is all. Only cannot ends. You gotta you gotta understand something this is the way that we joke around with each other we do like this stuff like this. All the time. Says she pulls pranks on you battered this gut wrenching because I'm literally grabbing my stomach right now. Oh yeah I. I can't wait ocean again it's Russia retaliates and does that really funny prank. Where she puts up with your best friend plus. And I hope that a lot of Heytvelt. OK Arianna in Camden. Talk great. I and it's. I think there are pretty heartless and I'm I don't understand how can humor I can't think and how are you guys you know they're out. When you're dealing with a one name and that. You're gonna pretend like that I think literally like you're at the age you weren't backing out here on. Don't you got or items. Leaking well. Go right down. Well then that there is no joke there I pretend like I got her a vacuum like a vacuum arc so look like an engagement ring box. Evan is insulting rant and a wave out of sight. Not damaging to your elation at my house. A little bit to ease its Indian Carter's though welcome to the ship. I have gathering hiding in their pocket because I would smacked a crap out of being began to. Ridiculous ball. Look live radar and I don't I'm glad I'm not dating her he didn't win that bill are you gonna are you gonna propose soon after. No. Oh. I'm no I'm not probably I mean I. I didn't have plans to get married her at least another couple of years like I've always said I'm not get married before the age of 33. OK so quickly and if you if you live after passed this Christmas. Yeah the but I'm sure I'm gonna survive that distressed. So would it be funny to you if she. 80 my I don't know why I am also I want brother did she would do that. That'd be hysterical but you just wrote a course and now she's got to think that something else that. What we're maybe they just have this kind of relationship you need is it possible. That. Day he knows her better clearly the only do all right and that she will less success is that even a possibility in the universe. But there's a difference and that's kind of jokes there's a difference and pranks like that where your like you put flour and a blow dryer and it goes everywhere kind of saying Horry you know silly little pranks. This involves family a real emotion and I mean here and since like. Will anybody be around you guys are alleges visit to via. The two of us are you coming in or anything. Yes I am. I want me to get a copy of that no I didn't will be more than happy to send you a copy and so all the Georgia Bureau of Investigation on the that evidence. Whatever C kills them whatever your local police department is an awesome hi Katie and comings and. Hey come IA to conduct the Ike Bartlett. I guess that. So like. Every girl has that you know even small towns inland that if they want that magical moment of being proposed. Do it like he's gonna strip that away from her attorney didn't do it showed no matter how well they haven't yet they're that the Kearin. And on all the bulk. Have you thought through this bill what does she has burst into tears. It. You know it's I'd I'd I'd she's not she's not it's not gonna happen she's not that kind of girl. Not like at all. Can we follow it just play fight with CN punch in the arm. Or shoot you in the united turning you do human nutcracker. Not a festive way. She I think she might she might punch me but our. Her best revenge is getting back at me one time she created an online dating profile. As a joke. Four earned. Just to get around it may legs she created dating profile where she was looking for other people. Yes like issue it. She created are like on on one of those web site she created an online dating profile as a joke. And so. I just joking around here. What you came home and she was all laying in bed and another guy as a joke because that causes real emotion and real reaction. And then just like just kidding with a funny. But that's not the same thing. Did it because you're causing my own real emotion. It's been that's now. No good because he's an idiot yes. It's different than it actually actually like being in bed with somebody else is cute totally different situations. Other two very big situations in your life being proposed deal arm as somebody and betraying you like that and and it causes those same like. Stirring up emotions and I just don't think you would think it was funny of girls are first. I have I mean hey I think it depends on the joke I think if she if I come home and under in bed with another guy I think that's. That's different then you know you know they can judgment I don't know. She's kidding that analogy of the pregnancy is fine etiquette is about like really epic good news. And then. They'll let down from good news scene now Iraq but but. Well bill if if you want to keep us in we're gonna can't keep taking some phone calls above people think he should or shouldn't do. And then we'd love said talks again if if you're really should survive the holidays if you survive the holidays you can again yeah afterwards. Yeah I'd be more than happy to play out and tell you how great historical odds. Okay I okay Belden God's feet. Am I the only one thing in the navy in the present OJ dating profile wasn't a gradual Jones. Hustle and I think there's a lot of steps to that price okay. And she I'll star. It is time to bill on a jet engines show and he wants Hoff a shrink. And give his girlfriend of two years old green box. But only a piece of candy inside pop out they pull pranks on each other all the time you think she's into the she's gonna think this is the funniest thing ever this air I was thinking the same exact thing your thing and they're great minds think alike. Yes I think if he's gonna pick emotional late summer on Christmas and if we ever get your opportunity to actually proposed to our. The emotion gone. And you're not gonna know if he's serious turn and you're gonna have flashbacks to the joke and including at port forever. Here's my question is if she does get so mad at him that she tries to break up with him is he gonna think that she's joking Rabach. Thanks issues like oh my god this is the root this thing is anybody's ever been to Maine get out of my house music or movies or television series they get out. And you've blue moon in like he'll let you know going to be like 72 hours before it realizes. The chip on my catchy legit change tremor and moved to Ohio. They'll still think it's I think Jessica in Atlanta. I can't centrist not I think eventually gaining. The pilot undercurrent and and that I that I. Also there. Then you find any discovered and she's like this and did get a yeah. Just kinda similar fitness center with that and possible pending proposal. That Simon hasn't yet talked about it party during that that the old. Get out Larry can happen prior to eighty equipped laptop. But later with our track and I can regulate. Catholic cannot cap and. I went last call I'd say do you think you can proposed over Christmas has got. Are maybe about. And worry your enemy later what do managers just in case. Yes I can enter into the minute I can't have a good yeah. Not here to pick me up more than demanding patties in dispute just be ready ladies. My god. Like that I don't. Next year I'm Manny peddy party rate before Christmas and Valentine's Day Lang and we invite remain. Think they're gonna get proposed to and then afterwards we get to follow with a each government some longer gonna go it didn't happen. And it's a very nice now and in the end Manny pity pity party. John and then it becomes immediate need to be tardy and now John and now her had a. How might we ranked it nearly it ain't so you all eat that. JetBlue Conrad you're going at it each meeting eating for a couple of area where the art IL. He can. Like yell at your narrow band. And it opening bell on it signed that act he let Brad has it he Eric Bell. You tell all they ask our rent an arrogant brat there might that cannot. Opt. Cannot say that about. Our. Gowns. I went and title it weekly track and I'm not eating eating meat slate act or any other. All I I need it out by eating crow Al Gore can eat it the creed. We get back I think it. A. This is one of the few things that we have talked about on the air and ask for a phone calls. And they've now been split down gender lines men and women we have not gotten one phone call. From anybody telling us a get out his back it's going to be out and Ariza don't do it is rude is this guy for real break up what am. Based exact time Jeffords and show if you wanna comments. All like to share that conversation continues league championship on FaceBook.