What The Florida

Wednesday, December 20th

It may be the Sunshine State, but Florida does not have the brightest people...


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Okay Terna Nande. And Jesse James Jones all of now. Big thanks student Jordan down imagine Don who sent me this story they'll have you seen what's the Florida. There's a guy whose name is David Bender. Hey David Vander and I think commander says a lot about it Najaf after David lives down and Sebastian Florida and was not really get along with one of his neighbors I guess they have had some words and exchanged some stuff back and forth. And you know David was like and it just give back at this neighbor. So he. You hate them with the car and it was a bend a fender Renner yeah. I have an hour and a banner would have been a good idea instead David decided to urinate in his neighbor's mailbox. Because that's how he thought he would give back at him and he's now been arrested and charges criminal mischief. By the Sebastian. Police department. How the question that what the Florida there's a lot of there's a lot of levels to that. Did they are actually see it happening because he gave that's great is it involves a step ladder or some other tools race. Right if I'm re sure it was a mailbox and Adam mail slot because imagine what that looks like from the inside. Definitely a male blogs because he point in his middle finger at the neighbor while he was doing I was in Iraq sounding so there's no change I'm doing it and then he decided to. Shattered them bamboo plants her that was also read about a mailbox I pandas in. Killed abandoned. I see okay so that's good so you might have to region and sniff his phone bill some audio. No huddle I think being as well Verizon stamping you know with the touch sharper. No less water you talk about it. Anybody who never gets charged with criminal mischief you know. Charges for you know I think it is examining wins this. And it's. An example Bonner and. It's annually and has been. I I did this story comes at a South Florida three at a high school students. Were kicked out of school. And then arrested and or doing something to their teacher that they thought was going to be really really funny now none of the teachers were seriously hurt in this. One got really really sick. But hold onto high school students thought it would be a great idea to put window cleaner in the smooth these of their teachers. Two girls arrested. For pouring can't sanitize their into another teacher strength because they thought it be funny to make percent. And then if and teenage boy facing charges for the window cleaner. They were all arrested after one teacher stiffed her Smith being realized that it smelled like chemicals. Of course she drank. I was the hands saying sanitized when the other wind. The window cleaner line. Time this week you send a TP. And the clean glass. Semis and that. But the Florida all right and finally at a Florida man decided to swim out into the middle of the late in his neighborhood. Is wearing a life preserve her but how does our yelling for help because she became streak ended in the middle of the eight. Now why he's not theory in the first place if he wasn't a great swimmer whatever wealth and the police arrived to help him. The man said that he would swim to the middle of Blake to be with this one because quote they don't judge him. While. Is this about my uncle Gaynor and is that aggregated it satirist for once say safely return this man to shore. He admitted seats taking a large amount of Ecstasy I don't force coming out to be which assigns. Florida. Ever come across they want to. The Florida story I would love to hear from you send. On to mean Jen ads are nine or alignment Atlanta on that count. Thanks for making this wedge to the Jesse James one start now before want to.