Ghosthunting: Morgan and Shannon

Wednesday, December 6th

Shannon hasn't said a peep since Morgan gave her a birthday gift. Was it that, or is there something more?


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Okay Terna Nande. I'm Justin Jan shell Ole well. We are going to go sensing this morning on the jet engines and that's where we tracked down the people who have dosage you completely disappeared out of your life and you can't figure out why it's. This is driving me nuts and we need answers well. We tracked him down and find out what's going on out we're gonna talk to little more again today and find Atlanta friend is toasting her. Now we say hello to Morgan Morgan welcome to go stunning tell us. Hoosier looking for a. I'm well I'm a candidate guardian Shannon. And I. The donor for me and I already here a year and a half in the hat to herb or the president. And achieving goes anything Bangkok for the birthday present. This so we heard. Oh I don't understand that you heard. I yeah I think probably her clothes than I could harm me turn from our lead. How long ago did you take this birthday present. I want it all and was it something that would be like offensive or weird or strange that we. I don't think so that you can run windows. Basket so pop style if you will. So would. One what did she say when you gave sewer. Wish you say I need saying she didn't enter her door I mean I know issue it's. There I'm into her apartment to drop it off techs that are so there are not come and. And she says. Knocked on the door and she didn't answer. Oh you're a 100% sure Susan Sidon. Yes like did. I figured TV also in mid continent that is their minimal dollar purse hanging Antonin I. Try our our current partners they use. Light neuron yeah. So more did you guys have a fighter something before an argument. For Herbert yeah. Not cool I mean we've never had an argument. I'm so hurt and and what about my guess thank you even a text message turning ballot read that you received it anything. But now nothing about that me and I'm leaving me I got it. I'll men that is that's James. Everybody you know white women are brutal that way now right yeah I'll just made that decision that somebody's got off. Hearing about it talent he does need itemized I wish I could be that way and send you nicer to line I guess. This girl's CNN is not calling you back or texting you back to hang out or do anything together. So you know she's fully guessed it have you heard anything through mutual friends. It's about this go Shanahan like why she's disappear you the only one that she's done as do or are. I haven't heard anything. I mean I had a I had. Seeing that went before that the pregnant I can nerd party. And human could go. On and Q these ignoring me and bit and leave her diet. Maybe I did but slowly releasing the pension and learning some things shuttle I eight figured. She wouldn't. Hurt a. While Margaret I'm sorry that you're going through that so you wanna sit tracked her down and find out what in the world happened. Yeah I'm really confused. What will do is give her call and see if she's going to come on whether there's any if she is at this time tomorrow morning. Will have a conversation with her and you get to listen in on. And ask her why she never. Big knowledge your birthday present and why she goes to do you completely as a friend. Yeah it's L happen this time tomorrow she agrees to join us are kind. Okay. That's some good thank you. Thanks Morgan sees. RA my guess is that this has everything to do with a guy the fact that she says that there is somebody in the house or in the apartment when she went over there. My theory is a man related Kenya and gas. I my theory is that Morgan was talking behind her back and she found out about it just because she'd ordered a party. And that's the one of those things that you wouldn't wanna a dress your friend about at a party but you're just so annoyed with them you can't. Would you like Morgan was saying saying something about about her Shannon heard about it and now she's in dissing her percents are. Any idea if you have a theory you can head over to our FaceBook page space for that comes cabbage and sell and leave your theory about why you think. More game and Shannon and alana France and tomorrow morning at this time we have Shannon on an all you really get a bragging rights. Aid that's exactly two and and young star ready for our tracking down the people who live there goes Steve do you want. Yelling go sensing this week from organic on the jet engine and show she once cracked down. A friend of hers to completely blows it error and everything she knows she's fully goes city issued credit delivered birthday present and this girl answered the door. But she knows she was there or use our car in our earnings and I. Heard noises inside the apartment and she never even senator thank detect or anything like that I mean overrule. I thought of this Morgan over the past when he Travers is there any chance that you dropped off they gifted the wrong apartment door to. I didn't and I know it's good. I you know yeah. You're. You're close and our friends the unit back into her apartment before and stuff like yeah yeah yeah I didn't. Have. So once we talked to her about the reason why she's listed do you want to mend fences are you just feel like you need an answer because it's eating you. I eat. I'm well I mean it is eating at me but also I thought when we first met and we'd really good at all. So IE yeah I could still be try. A regular I know it happening because I would like estate and I don't. I've we're gonna call Shanahan in the will bring you Reinhold you'll get to listening to this part of the conversation. And then after we talked to share we'll come back in and check in with the okay. Go setting on that the jets are Cheryl and calling and on behalf. Of may again. Mark Morgan. It's usually probably tops first. Hey sanded Stefan Jen from Sony are one Murray who. Said Dario go way it is thank you for agreeing to come on with us today. We just have a couple questions Oreo before we did today under way. It's we are calling wondering about the friendship that you have a way to woman named Morgan. Oh god okay. And I'm seeing out of Oregon it is she's just generally have sat that you guys are friends anymore she tells it really goes Sadr and months that another reason why. Look she morning agents she just like a bit too much. And. And it goes serve I mean it's a kind of gently back off and thought she would get the picture. Re the net like back early nonstop like. The person you meet her she tells you everything about her whole life and her background and Blake. And she didn't want sweep turned immediately and that sense. Like I don't honestly I don't felt like that like it's weird. As stark a friendship bile like telling you all of your telling them on your deep dark secret that it's like. Are you exceed ninety. But she just and much. So it comes off as a little desperate. Yeah worm and it just feels like a weird amount. Relationship and it. It just didn't feel right. Thousands I lag it. If this server a man's situation you'd be saying I'm not that in to him and he's really in TO but this is the friendship version it's. That. Little girl like that I like it's just like. It's cute like. That's trend. That Q cash either I think I'm about their relationship like I. I would venture to say that they'd if you don't know people like that and you're that person the hump broke a little bit. Believe that presents. OK so is there anything she can do to the I maintain a French or are you could she said she wanted to repair at once she figured out. Why you were coasting there is a matter of fact she's in your closet race. There's waiting to hug it out. Also saw. This series out. Internet and meeting this week girlfriend ElBaradei I don't think. Let our our energy don't really great man. As members thank you can't. It can't be repaired because they're not compatible. And it all right Willis CNN thank you for talking to a list. And I thank Shannon. Out sorry I have to apologize. Gonna hang out later. Just starting outside you know you are we best friends now it's just it's it's. A game now up and Nash and really uncomfortable and have a bad guy who allowed resting it we'll wrap up oppose sending with Morgan and a few minutes. Guests will come back turn give her thoughts on that. The French ready at its next move. Star in 941. Listening on the just and Jen showed this morning we just check out CNN explained why she. Posted her friend organic produce is coming on too strong as a friend and it's just. Really really intense about it and seen instead she's like it was not write us off balance. Good to college after just. Chemistry was rough edges and actually had not compatible yeah you pay out Mario welcome back to dish out. So I thank you. It's. I'm not I didn't and neither of them is doing that scientists I am very open. First clues though I just I you know I mean age meaning very openly. So I didn't know I won't. Not cheap but. That just sounds like maybe you know. Just take this experience and is it next time you're making your friend or something you know the do you think people even though you're really old men and you know an open book right when you meet somebody they can. It can be a little off putting. Yeah I mean I guess I'd guess I don't know army didn't let them make sure it. He friend and people are just more comfortable at. Firm but yeah I don't think any room remember and put back a little bit. The league and allowed to stand. There are other girls like you to you just gotta find the right match. Yeah and I think you guys I'm I'm glad to let. And out to as I wouldn't knock against. Hey do you wanna hang out Kelly chief sometime. Ahmad Barry yeah his first down. She's really open and honest do Martinez. But what are you what are you for lunch today Kelly. You know Mario I will say just a little word of advice here. There is like too much to see you said that earlier Jen and I it is a red clad young girls in as different when you know like Alec Guinness funny text messaging you show somebody like that. Police are talking about those deep dark secrecy on ever wanna be that girl that sing and take Kelly we had a rabbi on this radio segment so Morgan just get up early or call 706 now I ask. That's. Six sorting okay dobbs asked. They are and I'm are again being Smart and I. Now all wheel you know she says that. In Maryland we talked to her like everybody's had a friend like this so I'm wondering if you've ever had a friend that can be. Morgan's kind of craze. All I'm sure got his story of a friend. It came on curls strong in your like act and do it too much too soon every girl has had that friend. Is this started and I feel like is just the over sharing yeah. And then it becomes the let's go on the road trip together her overshadowed is the gateway drug rise because the it starts with the over chain has let's go on a road trip together lets you should come stay with my grandmother and I. Eight and I'm showing up your permit on your birthday or the president has pleaded Nancy Brown the. I'd be sharing your story 40 lord sees it there 809. At 41 we wanna hear from camp so it's basically a game of poker and the winning hand is going to be the craziest curling airline's Seattle beat Morgan Stanley raised. I. You can show star for Laura if you are just hundred ended the deadly day show this morning we went and ghost hunting firm Morgan her chin until he goes there's sun dance her. Our calls and text message many of the door when Morgan showed up with a birthday gift. And then. We've found out why she even says that Morgan's just one of those friends. Who comes on the way too strong. Just shares all of her intimate details way too early on is just too much too soon so we're asking you have you ever had a friend can feet Morgan's. Kind of crazy kids becoming a friend's. Fu guys or girls is so there's a dating a courtship period. Takes it black a kid and and I think for a line item in primetime you've become friends of the do and played here over nervous senator of girls do relate and is that. Are aroused trying to flirt with Kevin Gillespie. Totally I want to be as Fran and staff and then. You know I still wanna be via fastest can still see that be your friend right you're trying to get club's cool. So she called you this afternoon was like Jan. I'm coming I'm coming to your neighborhood normally get my nails then you wanna grab a glass wine and appetizer after that you would be nervous. Yeah and now a man. Is and you definitely would trying not to commodities for a it'd be cool all. Kelly and scallions whining is exactly what we're talking to. Yeah my problem is that bad girl. Come on Jewish. Strong teams is that basically this week kind of creep their way in. And next thing you know we're outmanned they're acting like my boyfriend make it to stop at I'm ul. Yet I can't do a guy. And they get just stop. And it is very busy as girls and I aids. Below normal. Three different times still needs. And with better girls and then all the and they just start acting like they're my boyfriend. Is trying to protect me or you're neglecting me when we're out. Or have you ever had. A situation where you have somebody get mad at you for going out with like another group of friends. I thought we were Kennedy's I think you were too busy to do something this weekend and you like low too much Stephanie and no Erica. Yes I'm a friend and my guy that could. Brendan high school and well actually it elementary school I mean get to that count that is great keep warning he would naming all of elementary told everyone in high politically at a high school that I knew her throughout all of elementary looks and would run in a rob the bank parking on the morning we had a leak a drop off in the back parking lot high school to teach you run across screaming a. Immediate Ryan I'll. I don't like high. Sea and land and huge actually MEL I mean we ended up becoming a really good friend and Archie Bunker around percent along throughout every pain every play. That become an early get friendly about it started. I take your name has not Sissy she was just abbreviating system. Yes. And fast and I I don't know. Through elementary school all because I didn't hear. You know end issued floor she gave me in my whole life and told everybody and. I didn't went on earth dug up the bus and she did that really had no idea is you. Last night Larry JP doesn't the guy has happened this happens dudes twos so my friend. He knew this guy referred to week so they meet in a bar. And so many pictures being taken with him as my friend tingle and it. The next day it's all over social media hanging out with my bro hang up my dam home. And he starts texting them every day and I think he was two weeks after he met my friend. He asked. Tingle to be in a wedding out of the country although I'm. On the land. It allows you to being a grows and is planning to this day. My old man that's a guy who's out shopping for a frank yes right I need Lamar grooms man's even emphasize. And in that bad dude it's always fun it's fun things that he's all right I found I stabbed me and Mary and a. I gap I had coworker that he. Became trend after armed backup app relative working or. And you know I thought how can you know why not eat. I'm not gonna back and outcome or should you care. He's air during. And actually argued and I keep not that I have are locked in a row here. Core personal work what happened at a bit about that we're getting out there are. And look like it like that helps. D'antoni you are my best. How do you read. You on my door and yard out and I leave the TV on this morning and there's an. All werder. It would. I. I. So. I'll pop thought that well that's great yankees have any don't don't mind you thank you to go sending very inspiring creative people think. It's. All my share that conversation continues league championship on these cluster.