Jeff Caught Jenn Crying

Wednesday, March 30th


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So I recently started randomly trying it and completely had to hide it from Jeff and I am looking for backup from my ladies here because I'm wondering if he ever hated the your minor meltdown. Major meltdown. I'm not can minor meltdown and especially when it comes to the workplace and then this is where it happens that's because. And I admit I'm a crier I am an emotional person right on the high seas. I Wear my emotions all over a MySpace tag you know I don't have a poker face because I feel like I'm really empathetic to others feel other people's emotions feel in the people's feelings and perception you know a good. Receiver of other people right the right word to use but you aren't you read other people well think again and again that's. I I feel like I'm very in touch with my emotions and I don't try to bury a guy and I'm feeling something and go ahead and I feel it. And the good thing is that they come and go right. Says I'm trying to teach my daughter. Thing about your emotions that it is that coming they just leave 5% got and so anyway he could I had to hide a I aid teary episode because Jeff could Simi kite twice. And a big way when I first came back to work I was still nursing I was super emotional and economic. Actually along maternity leave with our youngest daughter to work with a mega adjustment for me so she got all the hormones you figured youngest is why it's six months old yes excellence also had all of that going on I was. Pretty much a basket case and then why is it a thousand different pieces all over the place I couldn't focus on home and I was home I could focus on work when I was at work. My brain was mocked. It's and that's why I'm so shot you hit it from me because I've known you for more than a decade I've seen you cry. Many tasks. I was and where I think you can count. I was aware of the hormone all adjustments that your body was making right I was who I understood that the and I have seen you cry when I knew coming back to work is was a challenge for you so why would you. Heidi because a woman that we become self conscious. I think I would sell bonds is that because I have like cried like missing the girls now get ejected now in talking about it. And I cried on another day that was just really stressful yeah you have to explain my god she's trying now I don't he's freaking crying right now. Talk in America and makes me back I'm pathetic. I don't think so anyway I'm fast forward to r.'s party that we had with Charlie truth. Idaho before you get to that I'm gonna get that phone number of 4047419400. We need your help to make Jan feel more normal. Tanked as his comfort in numbers there at that on the show of had a ton of it tremors so. Tell us about your workplace melt down that you hated. Yankees workplace melt down the U did not share with anyone else whether you into the bathroom closet and back office down here Connor. Whatever made Jim feel better about this because she's actually tearing up talking about. I I'm not ridiculous. Anyway since his random crying episode happens. When you and I are I decided this stage watching Charlie to perform at this let's party he just came out there. How does little you know piano keyboard thing out and just started singing one call away. OK okay and I've got. Okay and okay. And it's just sweet song I'm sure he wrote it about a girlfriend. I'm sure he intended it to be about romance or whatever it is. But I was started thinking about the girls and I'll start tearing up now and I think about it because. It's not just a week saw. And you know your daughters yes it because it's like. Superman's got nothing on me like I'll just be one call away like it's you know just click one and be like. And in their home life and it's just coming back too well and that's one column like now I'm not you every caller. And my heart Holloway can use of funds no but do you know what I'm trying to say is an emotional song and I just like your right next year. But I was not little easier because you are eighteen acre island I would have Friedel lights that we wasn't Charlie who at the one where we had to go out between every song yes it got asked that question in a knack ask a question yeah. So anyways I completely hit my tears from here which is hard to find an ugly crier I. My dad if I'd looked ovary and says hey hey we're gonna by the US government the wiz Khalifa. Yeah I out. So I had like. Also off really really fast music can make you so emotional and music touches you and placing your heart is in a different space anyway. Hey he's totally out of from it which I'm not doing very well right now hey Sarah helped genteel little. I'm then I am a stay at home mom but I I'll I'll have my own direct sales and net I value any. I'm always home and I have two boys that are Oren X. Skewered chairs and Scott Maclean he's got to get me and my husband make fun of me when I cry. We have a tiny count how apply either have it going my club that and written and that I like hanging up clothes. Chile does not allow an. I guess try somewhere in the house because I'm a crier they'll have been a mall every day. That I can't have let it pierce well. Oh that I want I want I understand that relieves some pressure or I. I want to understand this visual C you stand. In the doorway of your closet and holed like a sweater on a hangar above your head and gets. I'd show you how in the club. On the right I'm not standing in the dark and I walked into my blog that I. And I cry a little bit and it makes you don't matter. Ride meet the point. Almost comic side. Some horror and six and and you don't ever get a break and you're trying to juggle work and home life. God love while iWeb would not to laugh at her trying to them a little scared of her she didn't he. She's truly in the closet he's at home lots of her kids are terrorists and not driving to appoint a homicide. Yeah that's how it feels I wouldn't have they know my. Expect to breeders' candidates get a lot of fun and I just adopt a couple sixteen year old son there aren't enough to drive me places and stuff and go get jobs contribute to the council. He Stacy welcome to the show. REI were excellent what's going on. So when I was hitting my wedding watch here I literally have a melt while we're at I closed the door. And literally just got it right out in cried because of the stress of the wedding. Where and that helps when you know my master's degree and I just sat there and crack. And noted however you just hated from the whole world will be up for yo man. That wedding pressure is enough to make somebody below you guys are really exactly and they get to a place and you just like. You guys are you are really mess with me because it starts out with a terrorist kids and grandkids someday and now it's moved into crying at work because a wedding stuff. Mind you ruining my future I wonder if you're feel content on the passengers must still had a guy which suggests. I'll text Cali if she's away from the usual in this anything's seasons have hit meltdown.