Give Back Giveaway Finalist: Cherokee Charter Academy

Friday, November 10th

Congratulations on all your hard work!


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Star in 941. Now all eyes on Cherokee county. Hampton Georgia out we are so excited to introduce CU. These finalists number five them toward Jack engines 101000 dollar gift bag giveaway with delta community credit union these kids put together service projects. All the theme of kids helping kids so we want to introduce you to the beta club at Cherokee charter academy. This is their fearless leader. They'll listen. So I causes me at fourth graders on ads do a great. And would that hurricane. One of our kids instead of when her grandmother was in the hospital. And battling cancer and that they were brought. I get back by people they didn't even know Annika had crossword puzzles and magazines but think that they can do in the hospital. And why don't we did something like that pretty tricky to them because they're gonna come back to school. They're not gonna have their supplies they might have locked up in their homes they Mikey to I don't what do we make unbeaten and show them that beloved and that might not even know it. And I thought how are they really are an idea though. Take it upon themselves they treated by air they get out and are carpool line everyday collecting items collecting boxes. They wrote every single box that we bench had a letter and it. From the agency that we're thinking about yeah I'm happy encouraging word than it. You know that they would know that people that. I think Georgia we're thinking about them and train them. And let me is one of the students put together some media are you gonna continue with service after you leave school and head on into college aging and the real world. Oh definitely. Got an invite I think it on the old garden home her elderly people and it goes and valuable aid brand currently here aren't I can relax a really good at either. On people. Had a different and that's the feeling that I like I don't want to know is that feeling I actually. Had a huge heart back but it when he came up with our art work for that left her in my box is actually everytime I go to guys in Alley Boyd grant to volunteer there or we do nursing home. Omar innermost doctor visits Dolly the -- under I'm at right now we're getting ready to get what you veterans day project and he will be out there everyday hoping they aground at the poster that she has a huge heart. And if you were awarded the 101000 dollars from delta community credit union. You guys already know what you would be spending that on. Think that we have coming up that we could really use some help wit are. We have agreed to sponsor five veterans or crypt. And I went back. We are buying them Christmas present and where are they kicking and Neil we have. And that's why some other than that the seventeen and under with a home alone so we welcome to the ones who live alone ought to provide their quickness little. And then in addition to that we are paradox seen Jackie Elaine streaky back in Cherokee county so that we can on third and equipment and have been look at look at the mark. And there is some us love coming out again and it's Cherokee charter academy guys are making using it. Well I'm in a hold of and behind the crowd is let us. Lead by thirty and other and you can't really keep it at the heart. Well Jeff and I are floored by your kindness and your ability to give back so what ms. Miller and me it is quite an honor it's huge tell you today that you all are finalists in the give back give. I. You're top five finalist seeking count on 1000 dollars already for the holidays coming up and figure in the running for the 101000 dollars from delta community credit unions. Well I'm talking had been taken and time and you guys. I don't think community Creighton and forgetting that this is an amazing opportunity. Great job on your hurricane glove box is great jab me and tell your fellow classmates were so impressed by them. Go to our website start I for one have added our town and in just a few short minutes. Beat fifth finalist will be added in you can see all fight and we got so many awesome entries it was so difficult issues. So given we had a panel of judges go over the entries and narrowed it down our top five his band announced that you'll be able to see doesn't senate formally annexed. Time. It's our turn a portal NI com. In just a few minutes then next week's going to be a big week we are going to show up that one of these five schools with a big old jacket and surprise them as the 101000 dollar give back giveaway grand prize winner with delta community credit unions. She I'll star.