When The Beat Stops: Taylor Swift

Friday, November 10th

How well do we know our Tay-Tay? Play along and test your Swiftie knowledge.


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Okay Terna Nande. And Justin Jan show all of now. Night Taylor Swift released her new album out. Reputation. Exercise studio album everybody very excited about it we've. Little taste of it earlier civil cases and Taylor hate. From some fans that are not mean it's not so much fans anymore command we open up the phone line it just saying hey if you passionately hate. Taylor Swift we went to hear from you and why how did you all turn out that could have been a whole Saturday if we want to. I'm like now well look the barrel under hey I'm not so sure about that. They instead right now we are gonna play when the beat stocks basically you'll hear portion of des Taylor Swift saw if you can finish the lyrics you win the round. If not you lose and we move on to the next time. Critic and as for custom because today is my birthday you guys have to let me win. Can't authenticate against the past ten volatile. JP take it away okay. The first one who's in the first one Janine because she loves Taylor Swift EA agent hands and your song is we are never ever getting back together and play along in their cars while ready. Check. Use. It wait you ran onto my. Friends not to sound one and then they tell us me. Yeah. Dig up. Never ever I retire I'll. Calming game he as I am dead man held at one point you mean although on her on the I don't know why I was more than 95% corrects on YouTube and who did it change it. I was little I can't know and G and a penalty flag es chain it's a Taylor Swift game and there's not even a prize a trip that I can she didn't get it right. What ever he I don't agree with you have participation show only again. Everybody did their and then you just tell me now I'm scared to go I was excited about. Everyone's a winner hey Larry legend yeah does not so appropriate because it is bad. Okay well you know bad blood okay now. I. Yeah. Don't fix believe pulls. Homes and you see so I just wish I wouldn't landline mad now. And when you can't but you never let you know that's Kendrick Lamar version I don't know. I'll change that song forever freest are saying and as pancakes on fixable. I'll never understand it is yeah. I carried she is OK Philly cheese you have shake it off. Again. Yeah. Craig Craig Craig bait. Under the gun and say say say say today. Say get off saying get out. Oh. I a girl it's a song like that also IV negative I went and sensors. Q now the pressures opera man passed out over a name Lloyd. You'd have more of an old school sorrow and Jeff this is love story. Aren't yet the roses are on the table in the country if you'd go. Green. And how it has. And and it's baby sit and say yeah I. There was sat out again and ice in the next round I'll have to be a speed rounded out the tiebreaker it's time for all of us. All eyes you put certain batters in his. We do it again. Star in 941. Yes this show is officially disasters. What are you catching him. Kelly is SNL has failed popped off and blew out of alpha finger and it landed right in front of me you know like. I got a simple look back on vinyl at all. Later at a dinner and. I don't mean to Ryan thanks re gonna switch as the ratchet wrench ownership of I don't know speed around live Taylor swift's win the BM. Take over. Our sister said speed around I am just in a placed us in whoever shouts out first win Spaniard David assigned when you stop that we all seen the lyrics and earlier in your eliminated the ones you don't get it. And it. Our white guys are doing and that's it's my birthday I'm going in OK you already had the three. And tendon parent. I can see him. And then NN not aids or that game and I'm I'm then yeah. About town and. Understating Eritrea. I didian union area. It and I plan. Yeah I'm. Isn't it matters scared race and it was weird things are. We were looking for in a tight little skirts and coaches got when word of that yeah. I oh in the speed round I've gotten eight points Kelly yeah why and I am. Gene Chandler then those things exist for all the marbles learned here's a guy. Mayor know this is for herbs six point so let's just play but nobody can possibly land because I have eight. It. I'm woods to. Me have been skipping around here. Do we do Blake's base yet and yet. Snow no bad blood. MySpace. Son I love affairs bill you know I'm in the pain. Yeah. I. Thanks for making this wedge. It's indigestion changed now one star not before one and it.