Give Back Giveaway Finalist: Etowah High School

Thursday, November 9th

Congratulations to these school organizations on your incredible efforts to give back to your community! Each project is as unique and inspiring as the last. 


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So are in 941. Lead is to recognize. The second finalist mean. Aren't give back give away this is our partnership with delta community currently in its jet engines did bag giveaway where we are actually asking. School organizations. You rally the kids. To help other kids in their community in the hopes of grabbing at 101000. Dollar grant. For the school group and chess club whatever. And we have gotten some really fantastic and. And now we are gonna shine the spotlight on Cherokee county and had a lot high school because there are student service committee put together. One of the most awesome projects we have ever heard of four hurricane Irma relief so we are excited to presented them. There finalist. Number two and here is bill Hutton who is a senior student at the school describing what they pulled together. We came up with the idea of setting up the canned food drive in the water to all government schools middle schools could they didn't really happen to be set up for that. And our goal just you are I remember counted gather much dude I began and it drive it ourselves to make sure you get there and that and the way possible. So in Cherokee county you've fooled. Your local elementary schools and middle schools to help you at high school but all of these supplies together. Absolutely yeah and then we just serenity you all and took care act to down new York Presbyterian Church. And they directed at you this media monopoly which is migrant workers and Haitian refugees. We just this or to apply do you RD and. What kind of supply I think you'll ever. And food bottled water first state. There was some backpacks will apply. About 4000 pound dispute all at all. The exciting news that we're calling to tell you is. That you guys are one of the five finalists. For the 101000 dollars and they look. Oh. Yeah I semis at it. That means right now you guys have 1000 dollars from delta community credit union. I think you feel like came to fret about thankfully are wondering you've been. Isolation you guys are awesome at a high school student service committee. Thank you also match. I appreciate it make you. So that we that they are one of the five finalists they are still in the running for the grand prize of 101000 dollars that would go back to their student service committee. And we got to talk to them about what are they gonna do with the money if they. Well if we negotiated there's a couple a major scrutiny here are creek and oak brook elementary. That they're I want schools and an unilateral financially so the money will be a big deal there. So your goal would be to win the 101000 dollars from delta community credit union. And then split it out amongst groups at schools that had tighter budgets and have more need than you have. Then I will I sleep all the right of a lot of Wear out match schools do not. There you really need ditch. Incredible so there's a prize and around and give its other kids is that embodies kids helping kids that are. Tomorrow morning at this time you'll highlights another school in a B finalist number three we highlight one every single day at this time. This week big thanks reference delta community credit in information as possible. NC I'll still are.