Give Back Giveaway Finalist: Fair Oaks Elementary

Thursday, November 9th

Congratulations to these school organizations on your incredible efforts to give back to your community! Each project is as unique and inspiring as the last. 


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So are in 941. Our friends at delta community credit union a few months ago. Challenged. Schools and school organizations. To give back to their community in order to win and thousand dollars. For one school club or activity and it is finally it's time. So excited this is my Christmas I am so also pumps about about being able to award these schools for all of they're incredible service projects and giving its jet engines 101000 dollar give back giveaway for adults meet ready union. And I got a call the very first. Finalists on Friday let me introduce you two finalist number one it's from Fair Oaks elementary school in Cobb County. There is a group there called girls leave. This is a group gathered of fourth and fifth grade girls who are doing their best to become leaders. And to lead in their community that's like ten years old thing. Yes and their sponsors name is Elizabeth Dunlap and their service project was creating the sock Shaq and here's Elizabeth. Telling us what is the Shaq. We're talking about the idea of a little free pantry at a service project that the girl but one of the girls pointed out she double what people really need our. Not been aware that in the very common need for low income families that that's been good thing when you really different adding at bell and the girls federal why don't eat made socks and underwear available for anyone can eat that they'll leave bell but its tiny little closet out of the front of arts school. We had a guest tonight fundraiser to raise money to build that Shaq and to get that doctrine and Doleac and suddenly you're able to buy amanpour to mimic the bag labeled the bag we put them and a little projects and we opened it last Thursday though it's just been about a week and were on a completely cleaned out the girls are really the one who identified they need it wasn't anything that has crossed my mind or. The other keep your mind there was something that they knew that their community needed and that's what we thought let's go back to go about their idea and you meet. And I was so impressed by these girls because you know they have any. These are this is a community that has a lot of needs of the girls in this organization. Also our need but are giving back to other tickets selling credit are there appears they're just so incredible and will be able to share some pictures of the site Shaq on line. And it was quite an honor to be able to share with her the really good news. It's quite an honor to did tell you that. You're the first final list for a big credit unions give and a you know as a finalist delta three credit you can well award girls lead with a thousand dollars. And you are in the running for that 101000. Dollars. I think they did so my. Thank you for all the hard work you're doing and the community as a teacher and a sponsor for girls like this you're really changing their life. Well thank you note that it not only been my dream didn't. Yeah. Every day if we will have to finalists in this time I'm so excited and just so proud of all of these schools and organizations to answer. Dollar amazing that you. And she I'll still are far.