Describe This To A Five Year Old

Thursday, November 9th

It's Jenn's new game! When a child finds something for 'Adults Only' and asks what it is...what are you supposed to say? 


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Okay Terna Nande. Justin Jan shelf all. Week. Have got to look. Despite being used to fight the world and this is all inspired by stories of our oldest daughter she's one half is almost five chart. And she discovered them being in our house while mommy was trying to sleep on a Saturday morning and and she loud talk to me. And says it. That's ahead in our hands need your and I'm like. Haven't. Yet I need to describe that so Jeff I want you to open. What is in this first round paperback. Hello this is what she walks up to me what Chad is done because she. You know wants educators and what is the games. That the public service well I just see how you guys would do because I know what I'm doing you don't know you're doing in parenting until you're married you're trying to figured out yourselves I'm just wondering. How you guys. Okay okay okay. Chris Todd and do this so if she what she Jeff and said little. We have the nanny and leisure where it is and you know. So you picture. You've got to look pictures of spiraled there yet just that. You're okay bit legally you're allowed to lie to shine rate. And I today. Edmonton I mean you you can do what if this was your child up and she said and it didn't reduce quantity. And. But what would you say I would say. My child thank you for bringing that. To me. This yeah. Let me. The good lord sends us. Guardian angels yeah. In the form. Of albino mice that lived in plastic tubes what albino. Whites they're very they're just pure whites why are they in a plastic tube be cries. That's. Where god decided. That they should. Live where you open it. Why do we need. Because open can I see it. Humans via. Old of that what does albino mice like okay why do you I don't know me why you need that. It to keep us safe. Isn't a from what. From from from the red dabble. Weird you. Yeah. You're gonna bother. It. He isn't that as him on this. And yeah. That was all the follow up questions that she had four. If you haven't yet has yet what has the white male. She's that we show me where how to use it what does that do Canada how do you do it chummy and I'm gonna be scared. Yeah until I'm ready whether this cancer you're used to him. Can't say physically can't saved. If camp on Iraq. That's okay now Larry hi guys for this challenge yes planes and encourage my underlying view in our intern Taylor at twelve bags over their do you find so many items. He's an awkward you think this is bad. JP has won. At aged via bit jagged. Has the music I have something music Gary. No it was turning down all day taking a couple. Of 2.0 okay yeah well that's everything else in. What fox so I have nots in this. And serene orange looking box loads in me. Let's hear this a senior open yes sir it's something that is used when mommy and daddy have mommy and at a time why do you need that. Because it makes. Things more fun. And mean. I don't know what that means what's more time somethings has better less said. For adults rather than kids in the system and as for adults I think he's actually saying this I had to cut back and opened it I wanna see it. Okay. She riding me this it is a certain kind of low shouldn't worry about it but it. Seem odd turn major difference Atlantic but it unit. Would you put it. Why is it in your nightstand. How will give me. It's for convenience convinced it's right there it's just arm reach away quite well. All of that I'm I used lotion on my legs and I use a fabulous for adults well Jimmy why. I could from hundreds of crude oil. Well I think one of those standards this is my daddy drink and some ice cream as. That assessment at this yeah the guys I. You wanna go to targeting get a toy. Ahead Hillary what are the moms to be the ads are yeah that's okay well some big guys you know I've kids and Kelly will probably be around them. And I don't know if these separate matter mission today is income. While you can and it may get as it's OK are you fed it. And I. Florida half year old walked up to meet with any piece of women's equipment that we need to balance month. An athlete next to work and I thought oh this is in jest keep happening. And so on putting the show to the test how do you explain this. To a five year old we've got a whole different items they are in brown paper bags in the studio each of them with and it lowering. A beautiful little face of child. So Kelly cheese you are and you have got to explain. This item. To that of five hurled your. And happy that Kelly had easily and it's in Inca of I like he would give a child calling you mommy. OK so she just put your hand and you have to explain honey where I'm at. I Dresser. Next Canada. It is. Well this is a special. Book. Your daddy married and your reasoning then I read. Read on while these big words that you don't understand. I can I. Are there any pictures there are pictures and I see the pictures. Use hands well actually that it looks like it check about. And I'm gonna just gently cover some of this because what's the nestled let me ask for what he use it for use in times of need and then. You also used when your dad and I are in need for operate so. I'm I'm a break from one year. Okay. Yeah. What do you and are important and I mean could you give a check you why your dad and I check each other and so weak cash and these checks with each other and and honey do that. I'm glad that. Clinton. Can't lets on that one you told him right where this one I can give your daddy practice. Okay and it's an adult practice. And I went Henry. Let's say damaging Internet I'll preface my office. Uses. I. What you're for kids and uses are all right why is that different. Hired. And hitting any of veterans clubs book. Containing an equal share of Ohio use and I owns. Sound man. And you know means. Thank you. The name of the game is explain this to a five year old and Jan and successfully made it yeah. Three out of four of her co workers squirm. Jeanne. A year and. Number of full Lerner. Didn't it is this child looks and amuse you that not happy. Yeah any mental training and problem are. I got a lovely novel. It's that it isn't book done what's well. It's there bromide. Which romance. It's like howl when parents are in line. And eventually they want little little sleep. And and before that they they breed. And you know it. Just wouldn't you read page. Act and you paid let's let's. It's like wow and what about it's about finding. Luckily not your true. Adam well then why would you why romance novel if it's about chula on this because it should be a book. Is there and that's just my guess. If you one story or is it that these stories it's not a single 59 of fifty. Well yeah it does I'm learning my callers who caller is on there the colored gray is a very boring book it's all about gray. And that's just the most boring color you know we're so romance is boring know this this this one's not a good book for it. Why isn't really UN like this IE you wouldn't like any of the words and it would be very boring book it's all about earning. And kids alike. It's seen as no pictures feed that child. No pictures of them is a real bored at work pictures load debut and I. I've done a single payment. I'll Janice successfully proving a match. I events are qualified to be around toddlers Antony what happened yeah I have the lovely novels did you speak. Whose office every keep in all the scrappy. And keep in mind I've figured. Hey did you think that I know little. Go through a merger and stuff around left and right in the entertainment industry and I am. Thanks for making this wedge. It's indigestion changed now one star not before one and.