We See You Trollin'

Wednesday, November 8th

They fought at the wedding, but somehow made it through. And these are no small fights!


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Okay Terna Nande. And Justin Jan show all of now. Sure okay. FaceBook dried apples and I'd choose. On FaceBook and trying to. It's become. Nasty guy. I think this why it was first heard here on the jet's engine shafts. And Dennis offers this take so woman's teeth for free after she was injured buyer ex boyfriend. Q is a domestic violence survivor in this KP. Janice asked her why her tears was dead she said it was my access WiMax boyfriend he he hurt me hands. Then ask is why I'm gonna fix MMI manager Julie Guy. And she was saying she's like I'm gonna fix that I just haven't saved the money yet right yeah tennis is like no no no no no I got. Nothing bad about that story in western Internet troll. I who wants to start with a gas how that story got trolls. Speechless I didn't. I got us I county news I think the trolls and then. Waller I got and you get beat up sighting of some free dental care and a lot of things have been. Each producer Jenny SE wheels turning you got any. No JP he's taken as I believe is on. I don't I trillions not I'm trying to put on my mayor pat and I don't even know what's come out and no worse are now only needs Roland every around us now. Normally Jan as a master hater tough talk. Hopefully they Dennis told her she would have to reimburse them when she goes back to the nasty boyfriends like this all afternoon. Obama. 93 year old man here in Georgia is showed the world that love that never dyes his name is Clarence Pervez. And he lost his wife of 64 years Cara Lynn a few years ago. But he takes an eight by ten photograph of her to the diner that they would have lunch at every single day. Props it up on the table and eats lunch next to a photograph to his deceased wife. He is 93 years old. What are they hated JP hand in the air quickly what he got to be. Is in Clarence service adds yeah back Clarence service guys taking their picture to the diners and only thing you doesn't that picture. I don't mind this video really nice story of somebody at the restaurant with a sit with them. A pretty easy aging. I bet this is commissioned me to sign a contract to do it every now. Home. And as parents love never dies. Men. Kelly. And I'm like love paradigm as these night when I meet Gary he's going to him. And you'll. Gina so. Troll that reliance on you aren't and this is a fine story for every line except for the person who might be waiting for that table that. Wow. In her hometown you aren't you paying that. Off and Matthew McConaughey. A completely surprises strangers raining up 4500 turkeys. I mean his birthday and the Astro or turn forty years old and an ever for the spent today. Giving back to the people of Lawrence berg Kentucky by giving out. 4500. Turkeys to families in the area obviously for Thanksgiving later this month. Along with 250 volunteers Chan's hands in the air patrol this story. I hope he considered to be gains because the hormones in the Turkey's did terrible things to my skin and it would cause cancer in years to live there. I was as a hippie child I loved Europeans rolls. RA JP share director JJ bring it. Have you seen pictured Matthew McConaughey hey lately he doesn't look. I'll round I'll round now around there. Kelly she's there and that's an honest primaries exiting. Hash tag PR move. I just hedging well you know watching him I give you the winner and that. C I'm Matthew McConaughey just hedging his bets before story comes out about him harassing females like all Hollywood male ego monster. And I get older and she just days saying there. I shouldn't. I'm. I. I K and then and these are the last one. For this round anyways we see you trolling could be hater comments great grandmother goes skydiving turned 91 birthday quote. I would do it again that's pretty much the whole story. Love her dreams Alec Campbell she to get 101000 foot skydive plunged. Obviously. Jumps tandem. And and did it to honor her a birthday her 94 or things she went with a granddaughter and great granddaughter. Kelly geez Kinney true. All that comment and a. I think is a nice and it put the world is an editorial on the dash tried diagonally down on as. Generated JK RI who put the vodka and grandma's Brett produced his. And it fails can I. Eyes she showing her granddaughters. Dangerous behavior and freezer aging. About the wrinkle slowed the fall I. Gear that's the irony. Now let me let me just. Because ideally apologetic. I don't I told them hi this is only news if they chute didn't open course. Obama thank you for hero pancakes founding farmers yeah. Hey hey Karl pace group trying to pull them. And NHL all star. For our easy Jolie. Eight hey. All FaceBook trying to pulls them. I'd choose. FaceBook and trying to. Nasty. We are trying to do the headlines on the Internet that should be good. And then we read in the top troll comments before you that there everybody gets to gas. What the trolls would say even the nicest stories have internal controls us. My OK there's the town called Aiken South Carolina and a woman Mariane had 26 teens started to give out haircuts you homeless people so now she travels to different states she's given away. Over 12100. Hair cuts to homeless people. It takes so little effort to be good to people was heard quote but of course she got troll any SA is. She's that she think enable ire of this kind of slack behavior in our society. Africa generated JP he's got something. If you're gonna give something do a homeless person how about some they can use like water food yeah. A lot and perhaps a hot meal might serve them better nobody is ever died from lack of hair cut. Hardball on why. Wow. And actually use and a whole home now with a comment this yes people are garbage time. Mama at 98 years old in Liverpool England moves into a retirement home to care for her son age eighty. Quote you never stop being a mom. Off that is so sweet yeah well control it. And I can't I'm and speech will somehow yeah I had eight Mac. Somehow limited mom's basement. I. Syria is pathetic grow up you don't need your mommy for amber. Wow. My name his last one time. Watched time hangs help a man pull off a surprise marriage proposal. Tom Hanks whose Q&A QNA in front of an audience who got to submit. Alec index cards with questions. And then somebody went through the questions gave them that Tom Hanks and then he wouldn't address them and says Jack and the edge and from Mary wants to know what its intent to make forced pump. One of those questions is will US my girlfriend to marry me and he didn't. True roll it. I literally. How bottom trying to yeah producer's name. Nobody here came for the spotlight to be able to strangers who don't even understand that some Linksys this isn't about them. Albright if I really Rangers have been found than you would pay attention to what this event was about as anybody else why aren't steal spot I had the amount of rage that Cheney has. I have them from now bottled up I just chatted channeling otherwise it just feel really. And JP that evening got three for three. If he really loved or he would oppose her himself as that again Tom Hanks a washed up actors and oh yeah. And redirect will we hear about as I have the master hater Tom Hanks equals. Irrelevant no look. I. I'm only doing that. And I am adding I just. Thanks for making this wedge to the chest congestion. One start now before want to.