Dump Them, Date Me

Friday, October 6th

We knew this could get a little awkward, but a surprise caller made things WAY crazier. 

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Okay Terna Nande. Yeah shell ol' ball. She's ready to tell them you're dating the wrong person that we sell in dump them hate me on the passenger and chat. Here's the idea behind dump them gave me you talk about telling somebody they're dating Iran's president today you instead. He's doing on an idea. We give the person who is receiving the news a chance to hear about it first and then find out if they wanna know. Who I think that's right yeah. Yeah because when that we're now. Where I do in this and anybody who's marrying geisha has kids. Okay exits dating right and we're not doing it says it Ted Mann said any. Relationships but it's it's a tough approach to make a somebody's gonna relationship do you think they're better suited to be review. How do you talk to them. Cut line on the race. Little hey Jason welcome to the shallots. Yes so you don't excellence. Listened. Is it an accurate statement today you have been dating a woman for nine months. Yeah they're a spectacular. Tag hold website and wanted to seize. Or. What was that unfortunately and this time. I don't know the hot. Minds and move well now you got on the phone yet Allen stood. Among. Your idea Kelly gave me a look like egg just stepped and a baby's leg this was your idea. How did. There's does she just threw you under. I'd such high hopes for a all right Jan savages and Tanya a. Well Jason we ask you come on the show today I am because somebody has a message to deliver TO. There is some on in the world who believes that you should not be dating your current significant other. I used to beating them and. We are. But. Yeah you know there there's so yes this is they would let it. What's what's the name is heard of her zero currently dating. Charlotte and you know Charlotte my mom's been saying good and are you hanging out are you dating saw no word on terror where dating where I think probably dating absolutely David. Tank so I. I was very unwell or charter an outsider. Yet there's somebody who'd like to make the pitched feud that used to be dating them instead of Charlotte's. Pillow. Might the power is in your hands what we would like you do is is Tate I just. I'd like two or three minutes think about it it's. And then you can tell us whether or not you wanna hear. From the girl it's who thinks you should dump Charlotte and date her and stat. It. Where it. So. We're gonna play this awkwardly scheduled songs say you won't let go. And we'll comrades I really I jays and me or is it a hundred. And NHL all star. Even if I had those three minutes to decide they want to hear who want to tell him. Dumped them see me. I'm somebody suggested. Ten year old Ashley suggested that we shine man his treat you better. All. I Jason welcome back to the show us so yeah thing. So Jason told us that Jenna wants to talk to. Thanks Jason is that he's been eating salad for nine months things are going great but we gave him the news a couple minutes ago that there's someone else who thinks Jason would be better for her. And we give them a couple minutes to decide does he wanna know who that someone else is you wanna hear them out or does he might just go on his merry way. Santa mom dad. So I. I don't want to hit my note. Is that is that OK like I do and completely and everything else. Well my girl and we're hearing more from my mind it's the best thing ever and I just think that it is just respectful tribute to legislate why invite drama when there is on. Yes Jason you're gonna. Thousands up. Well I think we should have to shave his head. Food that's Jadox. Did that you can. You had so much that we're never told. How did. Did that even taking three minutes to decide. Error. And since it was so cute is I just I. Cards have Maurice Moore thank you generals and he's left town twice this hour I guess I learned about being Saturday. Thank its today this. Joining radio everything we can't go. This. True. Hale once again and appears thousand dollar. Hitter still a touch her head. You do everything really I imagine had you nervous laugh saying amend your ways I just sit. Version. Less. What do you look for I live and who is it. Who. It's some room and the fact how could millions remade every INS and gather around what is it. Hoop Charlie who Charlotte hole. Jason's girlfriend. And I. Who is this. This Charlotte. Jason my boyfriend. Me and this is Kelly. Why do you keep on the bus today. And I had a friend practically that she heard that you heard on the radio talk about me something. And something that breaking up. Now now now now now agenda of Jeff Jeff can explain his idea. And why he called Jason I've led Jason on hold Jason actually just told us how in load we view he is. Because somebody called us out and was side. I think I would be a good person to date Jason and is at trial what your friends text Jiabao so we collagen. Need somebody wanted to meet that won him the break up looking like we wanted to do that was my mom. Yes. And noon. It was somebody else has that things for him but once the data and somewhat outlook predicting her hand. A patent nobody had a good for him and I am OK and nobody showed that they even idiot. He knows that he knows that he was just super cool about it we just hasn't talked to us on the radio and any kid to. And then we told them hey somebody thinks he should take them not Charlotte and he is yeah I'm good every house. Why would somebody do about it. How would get you know I'm amazed and the backstroke title package. Found at as separate independent like me then there'd cell. And you wouldn't wanna be let me. Why does Jason does reverse and then. And I'm glad the email outlook for him. Maybe we should. It's. Human that chance is to think about it more. Those you don't try to I older. Her friend just what I told her second hand what was happening on the radio which is always worse. And when you actually your purse but chasing the same thing he loves you very much. So much. So it and yeah and David you don't have to be mad because everything happened everything was good. It's. I imagine that there's someone out there had a string of break it up and this is wondering what Jason's importance. And he loves you. For summaries and sexy. But I mean and I'm pretty mean saying if I can now I'm pretty neat thing an. And eat eat and how that would diet. And they're definitely I mean she's kind of right there is somebody out there that wants to break them up and now she knows that that would make you mad. We just closest friends and what if somebody called Cali and said. I would dump him date me show you should be flattered that you have such a desirable man the other people want him. Some. Am now old. And how I mean it's like they're coming certainty. I don't know why they're doing. But they are very jealous. It's definitely. You're right all right we're Jason said sorry and we are Tim sorry tennis sorry for the I. I Charlotte NC. IAQ. Carol misses that's just think in the top of the ticket you just thank you do the car Andrea complained in them or not. Saying. Calling Andrea good morning yes. Charlotte intimate means you are now knows well I guess I. I'd Arnold will it enhance my word about a radio and better every day in Everett Crowley it is why do you. That we did wrong. Elizabeth to kill. I think that he solicited tips can think our sounds a little creek yeah I mean good for her in a car and a bit. Saddam may be easier now. I you I'm actually surprised that he is allowed to amount of those without permission. In record. Since Jeff after she hung up and sure me and Douglas hill. Oh. Yeah and trading day hello I'm. Into it and I. They got. Back and. Today's show that you and. Or personal rains and so I don't I don't think today rating and. I've never American. Okay. I am. Maybe we'll take our house senate and every phone line is jammed up I even know what. Don't feel sorry that's. Star in 941. Day yeah we just got so royally. I had that. Dump them and gave me. It'll all day. Those sticky situation anyway and is at stake here Jeff can you please try to explain. Some of these is coming into the Jeff and enjoy this morning what happens. So the name of the segment jumped and made me means that we will. Ask a person it's who is in a relationship. If they wanna know who thinks. Is a bettors. Who now. Kelly you can you think that's a. I dump them they need you have a crush on someone. They're they're dating someone out yet and that someone else you don't feel is right for them because you think you're their person and bright and it's supposed to go like. You know. Better so. So we just not seeing Jason and Jason's been dating Charlotte for nine months he said things along great we said. Someone else thinks are better for you and he has now I'm dead I loved Charlotte's I love her head over heels. By and doesn't wanna hear from the person who thinks that they are better for him and meanwhile Charlotte got a text message from a friend of hers saying Jason's on the radio talk about breaking up with you. So she calls out. And it might all twelve cylinders firing in a 100%. Wanted to meet their unintended break up what he liked what I wanted to do that was my mom. OK yeah let me they're good for him and I am OK and integrity go back they even idiot. So okay each charming and we did we tried to explain to her. It Jason set everything right right leg and a roomful of women is that exactly what you would like your boyfriend or husband to say the exact. Actually yes but she was due at one Dennis Ritchie didn't hear that says she was really ramp up is always worse when you hear about something on the radio or you hear it for the telephone game. Maybe she just wasn't in Sioux fearing what we had because she was so fired up. Maybe yeah when she's not at a level twelve maybe she's delightful she's amazing. Hey Chris all merry and a high. Yeah that would possibly the most uncomfortable says ever heard. So personally it wasn't even up now where really. It's. I'm now a couple. I'm trying to give her the benefit of the doubt maybe like maybe she's. It's just not that. How does that mean that maybe there isn't emotions when that. I am only an analyst bill. Com I. Think Craig did or didn't they got. Why would hurt her when she caught him any action out of bounds are done. How gritty sheet doubt. And we hope you. And fourteen. Cindy I. I had only get the school. Thank you just like why you late for her experience. It's really isn't a dump and Jamie this morning. I just last couple calls them on hold real quick destiny and McDonna. I doubt it already being. Guide to edit before later now based C dot com rock or heard. Eric can rise thanks non. I'd be tabled a great idea and it turned out better didn't you saw outlook office. Who are doubting their and it all all of so brought you go guys that people are would you ever think they would argue. Okay. I had in last car friend Carl Lee Gabler hate Carl should hit. Oh my god I still did my bit. It you you've. Got my lady is that whoever gore this did happen to have some small. Any time I've got a so what are you and this little scar and all my guys are getting. Yeah yeah I. Another Jason. And so much traveled nag now maybe I talk all know we just have to put it thank you Carl we just had to put them lying so he can you play it for earth and how. How might she latter. My vital waiting so occasionally the model the blog we came in last place that gas and I got to give him flowers to give to her. That's another. Yeah right now don't well I don't think that's some sort of dumb radioed trick okay never mind no flowers should sit. Nice to come brilliant and I thought. Yes out of the area today has been done. Diego teamed. Up all local share that conversation continues league championship on FaceBook.