Is 'Ugly Hot' A Thing?

Thursday, October 5th

Jeff heard some women discussing "ugly hot" men, and needed some answers. 

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Okay Terna Nande. And Justin Jan show all of now. And a male celebrity is ugly hot. I think it's gonna play females it's ever heard a conversation that he's gonna bring us an honest. What he calls superficial women talking about ugly Hotmail celebrities and we'd love to know we think is ugly hat for a 463 and I'm 41 is on them. OK see you overheard a conversation NC women's soccer match ugly I'd do it. I did Jan I overheard a conversation of two women talking about a reactive to bar and I thought that it was actually three women and it was so. Superficial. AJ so it's just treating men and like pieces of meat but they were thrown him out there. And saying oh this guy he's he's not he's so ugly. Several line that's so funny it was John man. Yeah have you. I would agree with that John Mayer as Stefan well. He's got an attractive he's not super ugly hot but he's not typically how he's only hot because he's John mayor any reason attorneys had a great is it exactly right immutable signs about bodies in wonderland. Right. A recent super hi gene you have one. Benedict at bat cave apparently is not regularly conventionally attractive. If you watch her luck eleven of an accent right yeah. And it is so confident is detected here you can detect I love you nerdy how this is beautiful is like high color outside food. The only manic and off of caller so how people are 0263 and 941 if you wanna share your ugly fat guy I gratuities I need to know what they're. Gallery irritating you Greece superficial women I know well the first is an actor. Joaquin Phoenix. Super ugly hot yeah. Amber's generally walk I am on the street delight well it kind of frightening bud and and once he becomes Johnny Cash you're like oh yeah you're so hot. Now weird and so weird and then I've got a musical end here. Being saved you know I'm really not. The big smiled. I'm just like so. Yeah but if you let Jay-Z and KV right now. I think that I keep on market. They Samantha drummer and the superficial bandwagon. Typically. I don't have any Samberg. You know my how I am glad. I. Oh my god it's funny is actually. Is that OK. Any simmering that's that's again on again and then. I'm afraid detail in second demand there and I think they are just gonna say he's just ugly suspect. There is a Rama I near thing for a. Yeah. It is it is penny wise move the comes name is amber is deadly and Thomas couldn't cornyn Ramsey. I think love they. That's hot mud yeah. It's like he is I mean authoritative way about some of where a lot of time about you got Diaz by economic. Yeah. But then all of bonds and his face. So true looks chefs could be ugly not yeah nice some of them listen to this show is so. And it. But somebody who's that talented and creative and can make you some yummy food BM. He had fake so definitely a couple points up on the hot scary and share what about Jimmy Kimmel. Think keys that unattractive. Are we talking about like I ate too many hot dogs and donuts Jimmy Kimmel are we talking about like I got my. You need time and reverse this MM hmm imagine if about this guy. I just can't what I think about and Drake is sexy I see him as Jimmy in a wheelchair and a grassy and I'm like now. And now. Why do you Tivo wheelchairs camp he's sensing now. You say no and all I use it at all I just can't and I can he's now rappers and he's Jimmy in the wheelchair and Ganassi. Tell you is such a weird thing burn and grow comment shows so now he's not now you don't think Jerry suddenly. Mikey there is no weird Canadian accent to check Canadian what about the weekend. Is definitely on Lehigh again. I do not Dax Shepard. Now he's sadly. Cool I like to share that conversation. Continues league championship on FaceBook.