Who Won The Argument?

Thursday, October 5th

Jeff and Callie had a fight that never got resolved, so he brought it to us! Who's in the right?


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And young star already forewarned. Jeff and cat. Really where is almost a fight. He has to decide whether. There there was are not with your help coming appearances is second coming up you can help us resolve this fight between Cali and Jeff and decide if there was a winner not for a 4263094. One we both get out super super super early in the morning or both. Odds are she actually gets up before I do because you're the same exact hours she works for their morning show NHL and George and Robin Meade and then obviously. I mean hairdo and Jeff and venture out. So. Did they are very important fact. Is it this argument happened in the middle of an. Okay well they the issue happened in the middle of the night the argument happened the next. OK so she. Oversee news the other morning the day before yesterday. Can you define oversee an enlightening as 91 times. Think she's that is used to their early morning hours as I am so she sets two alarms. So she C news's each of them. That's four alarms that a lot. And it's a news each of them twice in fact is he's going going and going right so the first thing that I said to her yesterday. In the entirety of the day. The first sentence I spoke to her where curse words. All of the hoopla and I who I heard her alarmed literally. Go off I think six times. When you wake at this early. As early as you guys do every minute. Count and she's up a full hour ahead of us animal. Yeah so she came home from work guessing she's been up cloudy and iron and and and that so I do what I do best and ignoring it and then I was mostly unarmed army. Yeah I'm not gonna while on a fight with you yeah so. So here's the argument she maintains. That because. She. And meg because they share heard they was ruined because. I said that to her in the mid that was the first thing she hurt. I maintain that it's her fault because she's the one who got snoozing. And she said well I'm sleeping so I don't have control really. Well what I'm doing. That's why he's an acceptable for you and now from me. They get OK because her argument is Lulu and sound asleep so we realize I'm hitting because obviously I'm more tired. Then you were in the world you have been doing may have played in you gently wake me up. And then you heady years sound asleep and so your initial reaction can't be judged him because. The roles because you were still in sound asleep in just frustrated sounds. Right so I'm a well aside some wags say. They get after we discuss some of what I'm really sorry that happened I'm sorry there's the first words you heard in the morning is it OK what I signed need to hear. In the and I sat and waited vertigo and I am really sorry I kept hitting snooze and she never sorry back. A lone little. We and I alarmist panel because I think yeah. And my hang Larry zero alarms like. They baby me. And that's how I feel so when and somebody else alarmed. If he had ever write to us. Larry wondering if you actually won the argument. I just I aid being committed a draw I think she walked away from it going around here. Yeah he did the first sorry which is somehow oddly satisfying in marital. You know disagree I was hanging uncommon disagreement none I think tank. But getting the first sorry out of your partner as like years yeah it's it's you gotta sorry that. Yeah yeah he doesn't matter term sorry you got to return the sorry and you can't always be the second sorry if this was game. When he caught in a boxing match and you guys were the judges in. Who'd you scored the fight and who who is. Who is in the right. Was I justified in my cussing. You get boxing points for like technique. Freestyle freestyle yeah you should hear a great sentence I streamed together in the middle of an. I drove the good lord's name and those Internet since Clinton it was straight when you call the good lord a double name. Lou. See I think some points coming your argument because the structure of your argument was really good that she was using the same basis as you are out. So I give you points for that and they give you points for saying sorry first imperfect. I played by Jeff yeah I AG's. I think that Ireland next someone and they are hitting snooze ten times I not come out. They can act something's stuck out your story were Kelly's and I'm sorry I can't control what I'm doing it in my sleep and Heidi wants punch me in this. Her sleep OK they cheated on her and her dreamed up. Is it and that's what large sewage goes so our relationship a much spin at. So I got your back Jeff and I. I mean these may unanimous IMAX and the detail you guys heard back. And we wake her up by gently pushing her off the bat the first. Now. Well good I'm bad for a C news it's. For making this wedge to the chest congestion. One start now before want to.