Confess Your Crush: Kyle and Jamie

Thursday, October 5th

Risky moves there, Kyle... He's about to confess to someone in the friend group! 


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Okay Terna Nande. And Justin Jan show all of now. Yeah. Going to be the most dangerous. Thing confess your question we have ever done on the jet engine shafts. Know once he confesses press you a member of his friend group. It's cool cool. Or is Kelly she's cause it typical Thursday night. Investor pressure on the jet engines you know it's our chance to listen and as someone else professes there's love for someone live on the yeah. I'd today's Zairean braves participants is name's Kyle welcome to the show trial saying who would you relate to confess your crash didn't. It's mainly Justine is dynamite why is Jesse so crush worthy. And she's great she's on when we really funny and actually it's probably the most important thing is somebody that's really took such humor and she just sort of is pretty easily get along west like everyone's in our hard group. Really kind of gels that are armed. But. There's usually about the way we would talk to each other than just that she can get to me and it's. A good way to. You know my returns and let our workers don't and he size Bruno liked that. Feeling now like the way that she just sort of sees the world wouldn't use it very positive and. I don't know of Selena and maybe this nor part can be left out. Future descriptions. I don't know of a woman would appreciate that it's so funny how how long have you and Jesse been friends. Odd silly bad judgment. And do you think she has any clue already you gotta pressure. Oh. You know I'm I'm excel. Obviously. This wall impact regardless of how this guy as good friend group dynamic. Yeah but it could spur I have to go now. Right as we always like to say you got her status they can't have been a scant sense I got the really glad you're willing sinking faster grass on the jet engines show and I assume you know her to be single because you are frenzy have mutual friend says she's not. Yeah it is could now you know and others are trying to learn. I Kyle well here's how it works you hang on and in three minutes we're gonna college Jesse let her know somebody's gonna crash on parent. I'll explain all these amazing things that you said about her why no pressure on her. And we'll see if she wants to find out who is. Terms good yeah lead up continues artifacts. Okay yeah. And go away from when she does say that that she wants to know because everybody wants an outstanding. In all falls back and you because. Live on the radio. You'll tell Jesse. That you have a clue. Good friend from high compression pressure continues in three minutes on the Japanese game show. James Young still are ready for a one. And that's your crush on the jet engines show today. Is featured in paranoid. They just come into feminists know that he's got a big low pressure on his friends Jesse. He just blow. Own terms gorgeous brown highs are positive attitude and most of all he says she's super funny and she doesn't get him. At Kyle as long as you're good ghost since we are gonna come Jessie here and they. But I. We're gonna put you wanna hold Kyle and before we do called Jesse. Kelly she is I have two quick questions for you and thank Y and it's as a person who keeps love. And a person who loves friend groups. Is Kyle making a huge mistake I don't things all I've seen. Have a crush on friend I Kennedy that it's all right I'm all for an a number to. So we don't have an awkward interaction thing are you gonna do that damn thing where you make her gas and make it awkward for everybody can't. And that's our fifth. And I count my and a tank that's okay anxiety that is not the best part for Kyle hasn't been as hard for everybody else and come through a hi all it wants to confess. His crush to. Jesse calling Jesse right now. KJ a CAA it's the jacksons and show Colin Harry you know. I'm good carried out there and. Hey Jesse we aired first question and I are you currently dating anyone. It's. Well I'm I'd actually I hear open and available today it's. I know I am a single. I'm wolf suggesting you got some good these Korea we think so. Some OK somebody in your life has a huge crash on you girl. I can't secretly shares. It is or how about. Lags and just see this person thinks you are so funny that you got the best sense of humor in the world that you just get him. I. You are super positive person and and he just loves being around you. And needless to say he thinks you're gorgeous. Yard brown eyes are just amazing and the US last year is really remarkable. So are you my god. Only are you sure. I cannot he's. Look at the. As again any idea that the to add my name being that has a crash on you. Oh my god knows I'm Lindsay I've been really really pressure on lately. And it's. Easy. Gosh I cannot imagine I'd I'd I'd just not so I don't I don't know maybe I. Can't eat at. I loads yeah I laid out Caylee she's gonna foresee making gas now and I'm. It's been out a couple of names here. But it. Actually. A guide network. Says. Didn't talking here says. Should it Diego. Too lazy or. Or where or where my body Brian's. And Diego all our Brian both co workers so no trial. Lemon Aladdin and did tenure and quit their tanks. It's crazy it's. All they've they've worked a total opposite end of the building trying to I had no idea what's gone on. Callais her files season. Isn't it it's okay. Any other thoughts of that might be sure and yeah. Sharon and spoon and I don't give a she's only in her work circle open your mind Jesse open your mind is okay. They can't not a word. Oh my gosh I don't know last look at my brother's plans like crazy there are yes I may need. Mom my brother had a good buddy Chad and he just taking this thing I've ever seen in my life so how. I would love it if it's bad. Where did oh my god yes. Oh you haven't and Chad's gonna have anger issues. Yeah size is one I. CN chads are mad on a little hard to imagine into its. Second because they met at a Chad. Not from the trash is you can't raise some civilian. Having an original snoring and now it's yeah. Our laps and yeah I every guy and guys running down like some sort of classroom roster and. As long as you're out until you wanna find out who your crash is yeah. I am so excited. Bible says he will come back in three minutes and then that guy has a crush on you. Will. I'm on the radio. Identify themselves to you three minutes from right now piano and I don't they don't. Professor crush wraps up next and the jet's engines now. Star in 941. That's your crush on her chest pain injection so we've just been talking with Jesse I explain in Paris that somebody's gonna they ultrasound. She made a few guesses and she won no news is is. Some of the things they said about. Yes she's got a great laugh. Remarkable laugh great sense of humor and shootaround some names a couple of coworkers and whenever Brothers facts here she's at Diego this sounds pricey. Brian and man Chad. If you are ready Jesse it is now time for us to you. Reconnect. Your pressure and allow him to confess is crashed you are you ready Jesse. It's just reading the radio station now belongs to you crusher Oswego. He. Show. That. Kyle. I. Do you agree crush on her there. Yeah. I. He can. And I didn't really aggressive and my high. Yeah I I just an intrusion on the end and I'm execute know. It's kind of warm though few true true in my name might have been she's got 20. My god Kyle. Are you are still need your. Instead of them just like united and interior put me right now. Carolina hello usually pass out. And I'm not mean a sinker has shattered dilution. Didn't this is the well you know begin though you are load it. A title com or aren't. Completely devastated I'm actually I'm David Morris. The turnaround and people's minds right now I who put their title. Oh my son Kyle your sense I mean I'm Phyllis and you have like I. I see so crazy now I see Sara Connell yeah. Kyle now. Load. Up my. My best friend would that in love with him first five years in. And. Motivation is not all of kinda own reasons so severely. Now. You like do you find him physically attractive. Allen right away I mean it's just a I I never thought I'd I'd never stopped them. And eating habits and a friend because of you know my loyalty to my best friend in terms that is huge. Gerlach wrote thing and I just can you. So it's true when a guy is like your best friends. It's like Alison just it's so high also territory now I'll take it tiles back and that's because sometimes. Right like eight. The guy is not aware. It's learning that might be going on from a woman. It's got I'm one of those guys I'd actually banned naked with women and wondered if they were intimate. Films a it is though her best friend is John Daly contestant I'll hold it's sad. But I can dismiss. It's did you you know. He had a fast it was Indian. Yeah I'm really I mean it's tough but I'm not interest it's about yet that that all the matters in my opinion my I don't. I'm managers to have her how much I appreciate it much we don't want our shared name and embarrass her to do it and she listens to and from this point which I. She's product and talk radio costs at this point I would gas. But I must have. About anyone else in the front group under start emergency I don't understand why adults can't say where this is how I Q how do you feel an exclusive blue light. That's is that you know it's about us you know and another on anyone else and our friends and they're gonna understand that bright and that she's really your best friend. And and you know. I don't know. No leg I would say year it into your interest and all you wouldn't decide an excuse so maybe it's our guests are needed now. He did my best friend. I mean that it's forever and until they had actually my best friend I just can't how I don't want very appealing to blow your mind frame and we're still gonna go as planned restored and hang out you know glad. It'll totally be the same is it wise I don't know thirty minutes ago. Listen aren't there seems set other than those 300 sorry. So here's the question is before we get before we may you guys down. It's. And this is for you Jesse OK if you were best friends was not in Iraq sitting tiles and this happens it's what we your answer me. Oh my god you see. And having that at your hesitation answer forests. Okay hand my gut reaction coming my summit inside. My heart pounding my stomach hurts I just can't believe they are are any other cars are affected by this. No. No cigar and have some drinks and talk through this and a six and costs down. Does that mean and I don't look at never being friends again or a little bit and just leave the rest of the friends group so that I knew that kind of I thank you guys in the sacrifice on our behalf us. Sorry I. OK and yes I think you're seeing are any good friends and your grades as these I just keeps back. My count thanks for the brain re doing guys aren't. And none no apology necessary there was really really beautiful that you need to get her one on one Kyle one on one no friends draw. When solution happens friends a little. I got my chest. Did the friend at a. Of her zone. You're zone for certain it I count. Right. It's the stick your car. Hobbies. That is such a violation of girl broad I've got forty cars and I know that. Yeah lab and his best friend is a group of Canada to be really good this event. Personally experience this I know a girl. Always did did it she'd like later clubs and label and the coolest guy in the playing group and take. I will love him so nobody else will go out with them and you know these women. Are out there you know what yeah. Arsenal one that always use like I'm gonna call dibs dead stands and tonight. Crazy enough to tell everybody in the group. And then nobody can go out with a great guy that's what Jesse's best friend did this guy exists. You can't call dibs on human being thwarted this your. You can he's not into. It 404263094. Line. Back me up lady is tough tough tough. Then just committed a major error. Levels came girl code violation. By encouraging a relationship between this guy ends. He is generally likes who happens to be best friends in the know like Sam. I'm telling you what it's not cool like Jesse best friend and. I need but you can't violate our good girl go by Dan where afford these are Austrian and for once and. NHL all star. I just believe that I violated girl goes and he is from. And I am gonna explain why it's fine confess your crass morning on the jet engine shafts Laura welcome to the show. Hey yeah how and I thought I had it for example he is wrong you add their own forecast but Laura. Have you ever had a woman like Jesse's best friend in your friend great they called kids on every catch. How hot experience I had a lie and you had to reach out my hand we're scratching and yet that is truly I think rocker actually believe you do exactly what if your. You're going to hurt you don't you don't. You know take it to the next level very shortly aren't. I agree with her cruiser you're if you can't dig some of these X. Connell never had anything to really Jesse's. Numbers I. I can't I love it he doesn't like her back in the broader relationship it's not an axe just get called dibs on a human being and it could be a great catch Jessie and her. Actually Carly and that mad Donna. Tommy Thompson's sense and agenda obviously is a terrible woman fifty. I just could not terrible and then I totally gonna turn. Around and it here quite a bit you know into her obvious when he. I personally have never had had enough and did not and I have my brain drain back. But they don't like that out what our I like or whatever it is personally taking what are bad right now. Integrated. They had never happened due mainly been bad brand but I like twelve years. Now seen and I don't know what nobody cares about where we're yeah but it. I am one of your best friend swooped in and was like I. I laid him but he actually likes her mandating that says it's chess game Jones Arabs these toxins and into. Kelly and. Are definitely the right. Or should explode into the girl alcohol addiction I would you but I do like I believe about that. Hats. Off. Now at. After actually implement right back in fact we had a group as it did. It granite any married my I told. Everybody out so they they. Comfortable everybody's hopes that its territory export and yeah. Mean she's out there shallow to tackle it now that definitely definitely knocked out tapes it. There's you know wide I've learned that there are no. Good women listening. Except for no just you have a look at it leg Jesse's best friend. Is peeing on the fire hydrant and the fire hydrant as Kyle and he never wanted to get peed on the first play exactly I mean she's the ultimate block. And as a man you should not like his best friend and now he's. More DNA noon and very quickly just how Jen how wrong she is. On the Internet and it is totally right because he. I'm sorry you Reid's las. Obviously are in a tunnel. You have to know the mindset of these women because they won't do it just piled they'll do it every cute guy that walks in your playing group every cute guy you are ruining it for everybody. Sam and Athens stand wins me as a proud woman of Georgia. It. Sorry didn't is a window of opportunity. To limit it with no outside influences. And I years. Rupert Murdoch the pot. Think I. I hear a lot of but also this is her violating girl could too. They that your girl has a chance and a good guy who has no interest in you and me and years still block NN you're violating like a best friend. I don't have I. Complicated it is there are levels of girl code you just can't understand. Out talking about all this love between Kyle and Jesse and that gives vision that now exists. And they show. Is only one thing that can heal and that is Rick Springfield. Cool I like to share that conversation. And continues league championship on FaceBook.