Adulting is Hard

Thursday, October 5th

Risky moves there, Kyle... He's about to confess to someone in the friend group! 


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Okay Terna Nande. And Justin Jan show all of now. I'm saying can be a low. Actually going to be a lot of difficult so we're asking are you know. Helping out just admit. That you can. 4042630941. If you can admit there is some thing and it's very adult that you cannot do it right you're an adult who can't tell. Right we have this conversation came up yesterday. When we talked about people who. Our kids. Who would going to kindergarten they now know how to peel and orange leaders and parents and RD down afford them they would say that the teacher I can't openness and somebody made a joke about. And there's kids who go to a lot of goat like leave for college and don't even know how to. Use a washing machine and our intern I let went she drizzly RAZR handset mouth I have friends. She's a junior in college junior and now. Our junior college and her friends did not know how to actually do a load of laundry. Tests in locust grove is the first great person to admit it's you can't adults hey guess. I. Am not. Present inter Rao is is that how old are you. I am thirty years old or thirty years old I've got. I don't think freshman in college I did not know how to cut by ill suited out because my step toward me. What. We see him out. How important that they're not a liberal talk show about how it's just a all right Chad in all right I'll work there while he can't can't think. Stay and and quite and we go out if there's something. I did not know how to do it because it was already in Eritrea needs are and we were. Whenever we would go out my parent is that for me. So your age twenty or whatever you're sitting in front of him play a plate of food for the for the first time I'm guessing on your own. Well yes and and win. It. What I look I hit it let Alan and I wait the waiter or waitress to actually term has I have to. Looks in the back to Canada or. And as they did look at you got to work around things. On us now you're aged thirty to your twelve years after that are you good to go everything good now. Here at home they're still think that I cannot. Unless it had to have chocolate is bad I had them. What do form gladly. But it and see at least you know how to write exactly knowing how to put this the other Lar and Marietta. I cannot wish he never learn what does that even mean. I would even now I mean it. You are okay now we're getting into a different problem says so. All right you cannot do them or you pretends that you can't beat them so you don't have to. I don't know that's just genius well whole other topic the I really don't know had a lot of distrust her and that just really loading dishwasher is subjective. By if you can wipe your but you can clean up play yes. I use it isn't it's a different place absolutely neck in Atlanta cannot adults. I do you address it. You crave and that's. And into many birdie machine or gotten. You know how to do it. I'm. Moving out but it will come with a little bit I ate into. Oh my god so here I think we might need to change the whole direct. This might now have to become. So what do you pretend. You can't do to get out of it. That could be Ed but look at number one I love the number one this is Mohammed listening in Kennesaw the morning. Say good morning so I fail on all handle your hunger even though their slogan that urge to go. I'm used to I played maybe trying to. Oh man Mohamed your mommy always did it for you. I think they're right so my wife or make food from here and sounds like eaten and I'm like mountains. Into the spectrum. You got a YCO resigning as we get lives for a now slated both video camera back in Lawrenceville. I need air and might hire. You can't or you pretends not to know high. Clearly cannot catch it's I went and picture Clinton today because I. Aren't they let my rounds and I just they're looking befuddled and so I'm thinking that there just aren't. Did you say you that your husband it. At that time in the east right so you have made love before. Please let him out it's pretty much the same sanction. I. Careful thought to do it many things. Arianna and Keaton can't do laundry. You can't her wounds. And this. It's its ability RL lack of knowledge but an edit he wanted to do it is yeah. I think we flipped the whole thing Jean Pierre obtained clear all these phone lines we're gonna change we're gonna gonna completely and a similar direction and people who will confess. That they pretend. Not to know how to do something in order to get others to do it for. Of this is going to be home run 40426309. Or on college now. I don't know it just made and you did yeah. Yeah. And young star ready for a one. Maybe just start instead and didn't show on sun April on this morning you know we are sunk in what. Pretended that you don't know how to do so that someone else have a little feeling of euphoria checked out we're starting out Janet realize. I just bet. G and hates hates hates having to throw aways like leftovers you know from some garbage disposal and horse great remains in the back into. And like last week's lasagna that still in the spread gangs. Nick roses crowd. So she aged she I think exaggerated. How much it bugs that are. So I'll come home Sundays and just fine start for a containers of old food and they've. Saint which is the message to me like. You know just certain dump it out. This is pretends exits at Bonnie and alana why do you pretend you don't know how to reduce or somebody else is Karen. Helene wouldn't slaughtered. Yeah you know when it got on via. Cynthia how lousy dormant they're done a certain way I do and Iowa and might dilated record oil so nice is some other cleaner. And I just kinda kept tornado potentially Miley and I just don't understand it so I am sure now. And I got here it later and later you spoke out of course. As this are never it's funny it's the same exact process we've just with a different clean you have to I don't understand why. Sure how to why do you says I always forget I just default then Murphy's goodness me. 404263. And I'm far Lion King Nino and Lawrence now. I don't I'd do not like you cut the you know I purchased and I had no idea how to talk a good start so. Badly and that. Slow clap pretty girl. Genius. Gene Davis you're. The kind of ignores is that grant my hasn't ruled Erekat and so. He really likes clean cars out and Soto why but he does a much better job cleaning man who really don't like doing that you know we go any to the quarters in the back yeah. I have arranged just you know I was real little kids in Cheerios and every little crevice of the cars grow surely there's a threes facing all. Do their a preserved in year McDonald's French fry it or goldfish crackers here are some yogurt raisin that's been in there since may bill I can. He led a chicken nugget from the last proud. I was changing as I have seen one of those is so foul anyway I like doing it's I just pretend I don't notice how dirty the cars are until he can't they can't. A good in my family. It is a system. Close range as the DC. And on senior night. I actually know a couple who did that is that guy was like a fanatic about having it in neat and tidy car. She would make up reasons that she needed his car. And that means he would drive hers every. I may god dirty. Each ceaseless hurt that's like a Ph.D. in that says she had like. You know like as you see or whatever labor the car seat in the back. And he had this advantage and she's a cop. I'm taking the girls out to lunch today and I don't wanna have to mask in the car seat and out have been squeezed can just take your car there is no girls there's no lunch. She just wanted him to clean. Some Smart next well thinking family. I I ever need I don't know whether or that it is my husband and. Okay down that's okay does anybody really know how to properly for some people can do really well I kind of wrestling it and then just like I just want. This is market fun night. Why some money trying to do it's torture has had a high quality and how do you get it in the trash day in Gainsville. Early in the I don't know. And I oh. Your mom how older units at 1030. No. Do you. Dries your clues over her place. Insanity. And armed gangs and now I might uniform and another theory. Particular about it and he won't cut or are you. Yeah who wants to do with all this pleats and we TO since March. Sure I'll. I will last all I can we're gonna switch this up for tomorrow's so guys you'll have a chance. To respond and we'll explain his insanity Cassie Carrollton mascot. I am I and I don't think that's. Because I am. The fifth which was the worse. I've tried but I did it. I. And affect your husband fought if you can cut something you can find anything. He's using the wrong night that he had a perforated knife you notice any kind of sandwich you can kind of pages may deal is like vegetables on the towners who lets them. Looks at that time as it that aren't my job I mrs. I'd JP's idea so we're gonna do this Marty give guys a chance to respond but whites. Do you intentionally. Do quarterly. Says that somebody else does safari continent Todd. Isn't it Anaheim zone I'm sorry did I exactly Raj here red sweater with a all of your wife's aunt who's already sending you back. Hey you should do that next time. All I like to share that conversation continues league championship on FaceBook.