Wednesday, October 4th

When should Jenn start asking her daughters for permission to post on social media? 

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Okay turn it up. And Jesse James Jones all now. Asking your kids. Permission before you post their pictures on yours social media that's a question I. Ask Anna yeah. This is saying it's called Sherry and king and we're gonna get your take on it coming up here and just a minute. So this is a yeah. Called Sharon king when you share your kids on your social media and sometimes you over share and there's a big debate going on about this right now is. Is it up to you to post your pictures of your kids I had this thought the other day my kids are little. They're four and two so I think they're so Cusick shareholders on social media. Still feel a little bit conflicted about it trying to depose embarrassing pictures of them right but I had this. Die on me as I know what I gonna well what age do I have to start asking for their permission to post them. Because Lorraine. Will shooting kindergarten next year yes okay so I think kindergarten and first grade. Is like way and her as I make a totally making this up because I don't know undoubtedly. Kids ages and he isn't what they are there I think can earn my number six what they're capable of and set I feel like okay. Kindergarten and first grade is where some kids might be saying it would would talk to other kids about. What piece on social media like it if you're scrolling through your phone rang in use on your one of Lawrence friends. Doing something silly. Like that their mom posted you showed it to Lauren. For right now I feel like that would just be funny in the moment and we just disappear or write a million yeah let me finish and Bradford in the next year to. Then she would go aim and value fell down and then ride. Right right I think at that point. Once other people are able to interact I don't know on Tara I have dogs. I would love your opinion on this 404263094. Alignment. When you have to start asking for their commit our mission is a certain age do you never have to do we post on FaceBook yesterday and that response were all over the board I was shocked at some of their responses to be totally honest I was shocked I thought for sure parents would say like I respect. My town not wanting to post a picture because the Internet is forever. You know like even if his or lead and yeah you're creating their. Digital footprint before they even know what that it is right Indian and 89 seconds and hours of them being born their everywhere yeah. And anyone can screen shot anything in you can be in Neiman 2.5 seconds I mean. It's just crazy about them a lot of the comments I. I'm like actually Bennett said I never asked my child I'd birthday and I raise my children it's my right to post any picture I want without permission. More parents saying the same as Hanna Atkins I made them I compose or whatever pictures or whenever I want to. Saxony is shocking. The visitor respect thing now ma. What do you mean respecting a respect for the parent now for the cave and that's what I'm saying is. Yeah but so many people think you're the parent you don't need information they ask you not to do that you can consider but ultimately it's up to you know. I'm a sec can't it's their picture hey Amanda listening and tennis are your thoughts. Should add that to your old and he entered grade territory near the Sawyer all Ali. Care about yeah I could but I wanted to hear all that are greater heat Kathleen Hanna. Now want to get going on there he added about eight sacks we have one. Don't think that date. But it looked like it and yet I want to thank exists. And hate him but that. But he's well aware of being able to approve or disapprove of you posting something and if he said don't miss it on what would you limit. I mean I relate to our attention and development moms it. Created a I think that's important and I think you know I respect my kid you know I can respect yeah. I'm not in a person pensioners and how much. Yeah Leslie an Alpharetta. You share until they actually look. Tina. You get out until you get it. Well really it's. And they really get mad and what. I imagine all the way in in her senior letter that I rhetoric that in he had by the way I'll tell you architecture. So. So it's an inside joke for you guys. I mean there's certain ones you don't rare night you know the accelerate and other check out keep doing it again. I got a text message now makes sense of dignity sounds and I gotta be you posted this question yesterday I know as a yeah. He texted me and say to make sure parents understand that they can't share everything. Because then they don't have anything embarrassing to whip out when. That kids getting ready for prom. And notoriety Romney sitting downstairs and you ought to be able to say hey did Lauren average hanging about the time that she played in the mud may gated age yeah. And come when he if you Sharon all the you've got no ammo for later and I did Collins or outpour names. Still ahead this morning when Jeffords and I think he'd taken for a 4263094. Winds swing you have to start asking your kids permission imposed them on social media if ever so thank you know you'd have to ask permission and your kids you agree or disagree with them to hear Kanye smarter college scene five minutes. Sorry for on. Star in 941. It's called Sherry and seeing. Sherri pictures of your kids on social media and when you have to start asking for their permission to post there pictures. I struggle with his little. My kids are young. Pose the question yesterday I. It's okay creating a digital footprint. Man you guys are pinning all of them forward on this 140426309. For a lot. Hey jail and now Brad welcome to the show. I did SA IE and it's going to ask is our way if you didn't have the fast forward. A couple here's your talent your jet that outing. There you need every. A went well and you know are to be begging them I think she Ali yeah yeah. It's not a very good point so every embarrassing picture you post of Lauren over the next few years. You and her into beach together when she's 150. Yeah consume any way better it's sneaky picking me but. Right and she's going to be out of social media networks that you don't even know about lack any slam I. And yet sandals Matt says. Now I noted he's date delta. And went in my right in jail and the way Jan handles. High technology she doesn't understand what I don't even I don't even go back and that's. I don't even understand it doesn't matter thinks that's a Briton Ian de LA is. I think I'm your golden. I'll have you know same amount accomplished via. He she ever what's the most embarrassing picture on your mom's. Faced a Grand Slam. Do you rate every single Christmas with no make it and legitimate IR girl he. Saying well man I know I did you ever do like a quick Christmas morning like they checked marrow fast 00 yeah pictures everywhere. I'm seeing anti Hannity have are mom snapping pictures I. I greasy hair omelet guy like on Messi and and then I Italy's instantly got notifications my gun and mom was some on FaceBook I have her password. Sang go in there and delete when the that picture momma she is now. Oh man you tell you why would you just say that on the racing its CE OJ she's gonna change her past where enough figured countless. It runs circles around them. Israeli agent can't we can't wait till you amounts in Savannah Christmas so yeah you can see how it is and brittney woke up like this yeah. The Jorge welcome to the shallow. Hey guys like this. When they start. You know my boo boos and not being a model we will act and my bills. At all think. About starting that mission of the road in all seriousness. Apparently not a democracy gentle compared backed it came in your head about asking something you know burst. Permission Randy pink illustrate about the fact if there's something wrong here and I'm not in the Dutch listed as a parent you got to show low which are origin mentally teaching them to have a skin and the number one way you do that is by eight. Can't ever seriously but my daughter had no I had no change if you would never have back. Well it only can but now. Was right across you girls are already teaching us that it be great to babble ever give pretty importance. Of that any pictures. And acting like it but they're part of. I think. I. Tough love from harm him right there I think you'll learn he had been on mental and the head light it's a it's it could be a democracy that you can allow everyone to vote. But it's like the Electoral College you're California. So I think there's some instances where that's the case they're creating their digital footprint is. Is Al just for car yet and there's another lessons we learned to disrespect and putting other people's images. Online says they get older and don't respect the fact that came my friend doesn't on this Pixar or my mom doesn't on this picture I've said they had the same imprint that you get that same respect you gave them. When it comes to what do I post and went on pedestals think about it a little more. You can just put your passwords in your well and just tell your kids hey when I'm dead good do we. I have it's. Cool I like to share that conversation continues league championship on FaceBook.