Asking Dad's Permission

Wednesday, October 4th

A boy went old-school to ask Barbara's daughter to Homecoming, but she thinks it's sexist. 


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Okay Terna Nande. And Justin Jan show all of now. This mom is really upset because her daughter was cast out by a boy for the boys emails dad's first. To ask for information. She thinks it's really sexist we're gonna tell us forever here inches back. Tea and Barbara. Welcome to reject suggestions for. Memorial Oreo where good how are you momma your own fight. I. Real huh. Don't understand it so doing he did he like went capital. It's pleasing at a parrot started the beginning and I will ask questions on the way. I can't get so. And I get an email at work. This play acting out our daughter a homecoming. And he attacks means that either got that email on or pick I mean he's like into that sweeter so she notes. You talk like this marks our daughter's fifteen she can make decisions on her own app skirt she wants to cut homecoming party talks and her father. Did you know why would last well about. Why so we'll just have to be her father and you're asking. So where's the emails saying may I take your daughter or was it may I ask your daughter because those are two very. Different questions and I think the latter some assurance that slate. Like old school feels very southern prop. Oh. No we asked her daughter. Yeah I may ask your daughter may I ask your daughter had a homecoming that's really sweet do you guys know this always and he met him before. I'm not okay. Has. Yeah her. Husband. Not my knowledge you know OK. So it isn't says he because. He didn't send it to both of you. Well. I heard first she's sixteen she can pick up her own mind whether pollution want to go on a date whether or not you know what I mean. I hit that means they even after that work and the post shield. You know calling not to get there or asking her and then asking may be that might be a little bit different bank. I mean. Why would be your final say like what is that I think he could teach you really out of commission the great allow. He's not the final say when he's saying may I ask your daughter that he's trying to be. It's an attempted chivalry. I don't understand in 2017. Want somebody have to ask their parents critique even ask permission to ask your daughter. Would you be if her. We ran your daughter is old enough to. Get married would you be upset that her boyfriends coming to her father and telling him his intention. I'm. I don't know let's not let not go there yet. It's. I can't think of yeah well the way things are now. I shall never date anyone ever so. It's. Issued an Andre but orbit and things that they asked her I just don't understand why you have to ask permission to harm. And then you have to ask about how they're not well I mean we're all partners and the marriage and family why you acting upon our only. And keep them. I yeah I think we've got some some holes and some on this cumin and 4042630941. Of Barbara are you open says getting some feedback. Let me all right we got to do I give this a thousand dollar word out ands. Organize these phone calls his every line is lit operate now and then warm welcome back you might be. Right leg I can't see well one caller says you're very romp but there are people who might be underside so we'll come back argues is second to get these are guys and we'll have people talk with you. If your husband available to because I think we should us to talk to him just getting. NHL all star. Didn't your feedback on farmer brown who is joining the contention this morning because she's a sad that a boy he emailed her husband to do. Ask for permission to ask their daughter to homecoming. She says ask our daughter and by the way why did you email just my husband shouldn't both of us. So we're gonna take your calls here coming up and a second for a 4630941. Welcome back to the show Barbara. You've got you've got folks fired up including our producer Janine so I'll. She walked in studio instead in just a few minutes everyone is going to hate me so limited and look. He's phone dollars and then Morgan talked to urging him to sign a camera. I think in camp. Lawrence now. Yeah need to be thankful that there is somebody that settlement and asked to take your daughter out and not just jerk off the street. Isn't really rich he's trying to be respectful. Right. It's turning to be kind in show Boris which I don't think we'll have teenagers do and I any mare who well intentioned and I don't think. I don't think it says its show and mr. sexist move. It's not mean but he's not excluding. Mom. Into my dad he's just following late the program the old school protocol and yes times may be different but it. Now I'm and a protocol so. K Kelly industry said he would Seattle. Barbara. About Iraq I'm. Doing this or that you about it either you're about action. I would be thrilled and a boy can Eric. How much. Pull at Purdue and. How. Thrilled. At my daughter. Over there it. That's about it I am right it's I can't I them. I can't I've. The game and a million basic yeah. I think it's his eyes he's respectful kid. And that's what you've got to be about is the nugget of it is that he's trying to move forward with respect not only for your daughter. But for you guys as parents Jen fast forward. A decade. Like us I would be it's so charmed by if you wait like then you. You wouldn't be heard if a young man. Said I would like to take out your daughter Lauren Noah reached out to grant not at all I would question Barbara before we alleged namely Sonja. Tissues geez Beijing yeah. This is really rocking in her shared can't wait to dock I'm. Barbara. How is your husband's email address he said he contacted him at work publicly available. Is your email address publicly they'll. Even. Harder to find mind that it has is easier to find. A class or could just be that he's sitting you know my top news transit passes for a homecoming. And I wanna be in Orlando really trade away and I'm thinking about doing man's dog and then they look up. Debt. And email address is easy as I possible I had pretty surgeon dean Wyatt way is your take. I me but the highlight all of our listeners are gonna hate me because apparently no I Barbara. But light. Comes PO and so if you. Okay now. Yes OK until I added a fifteen year old boy I'll go with that he'd probably ask his pants of a thing to do and they're all southern and you all have manners and politeness and they just trying to. Isn't there and me about like one don't have time for that she's about she's a couple of years away from being an adult and like. I feel like respect comes to respecting an individual person and then being light against her parents have an issue with him after the fact insured talk about a bad. It just just bringing back this one time that I talked to my dad when I was younger and I asked him and it was a senate Miller Alice is curious now that penny you know still I like I want whoever proposes to mitigate your busing and he's just looked at me use confusing his leg. Why it matters if you love than it does not matter if I love that what is there about me and it just made me. Feel closer to him because he respected me as an individual enough to realize that if he had a problem with that he would come to me after the fact and they know. It's a recently it's not about you being allowed to make your own decision this boy he didn't ask dad if he could take daughter to homecoming. And the guy is not gonna come to your dad and say can I have your daughter. He's saying it may I ask your daughter it's their respects. Watch a show of respect it's. OK I want. And disrespecting my daughter in mid to go it's not hard first. I am I don't know why you need apparent suspect like it she. Says I'd I'd just I'd doesn't. I don't know I really grew up with this kind of so so I hit the church insignia respectful you feel like he's disrespected the daughter's ability to make her own decision unless they expect my. Kind of raised me to be like yeah if you have a policy of a problem with. Like I get respect and I like hit Imus on a part of it but another part of it just. It gets to the part of me that was raised to be a strong independent woman Ramones like you got to make your decisions you've got to care about yourself you got to know what a good boy is in line. Crappy boy is only a mom and Barbara maybe address the emails both parents. How hard is. Our. We. And I can't go let's go. Yeah okay. Now we've guy Kelly cheese fired out and then. You saw. Barbara you've driven a wage usually and so we're. You go but we're gonna keep taking the calls OK see you welcome to keep listening. All right and guys sues we got the phone with you I'm gonna get your husband a call and see if it's cool. And say yeah how many. And we'll take that three or email at email and Alberta environment Ide I've reached out to be for you and came out of the summation it was a lesson. I. Of and I read out we'll take its three most passionate phone calls Max metal wrapped this up and if Kelly she's these and that is where she X. I do for a Ford 263094. Airliners. And talking that sometimes. Star in 941. Has nothing to show this morning when Intel and with Barbara who is very upset that a young again. Ask her husband's permission to ask their daughter's homecoming. She thought she should pass. Our first and it was disrespectful not to include her as the mom even. And we've got a house divided here Janine agree with Eric and we are taking your phone calls the most passionate ones are coming happier and just uncheck. Yeah Kelly she's do you want to have the last word or Yousef fired idea to get out of your system I. I can to see if I am I gonna get a. Who's I think this woman is insane I think Janine in saying that I love did you mean but like I just I grow the house of boys and in any of my Brothers would have done as I would have thought wow awesome. Always remain my and my Brothers like step up and ask for permission and it's not a thing unlike. Sexes on more he's plotting some like master plan Harold what every fifteen mentality he's he is Allan Dowd wrote he's like I will treat you three cows and an acre of land free an hour you think well this and a bag of her three year old boy thought I am like this girl and I wanna ask her on a date. Maybe he assumed based on his parents and their respect that they have for one another and their relationship and this is what he's exiting to the person that he wants to take Jones coming and so he finds her dad's email he takes the time to send it with this week's sell. Nervous yeah I'll play is like I can turn on his hand he had send. Hey what's this song. Where the guy's leg I'm gonna go over to dads has asked his hand and dad says no rude. He's playing of these so it was any. A free for. I mean that that's Sunni I just think there is some ice time it ends soon anyway. And it really think about that I think it's really sweet red back guy is the mom of four sons just so you just like in your family Kelly she's an aura. Four boys what do you think Iraq. I see it being absolutely ridiculous and they get over it I would be so proud of my sons are good that. That's old school classic meaner than some some never get out of out. I hang around. I'm Victor seeing that all will learn welcome to the shall. I think she's gonna react in America and the lieutenant. Specials are stacked you can see it now isn't she's reacting completely. They tell how old radio ansari of ads he sounded young I wanted to. If you do it sir resale and new men. I look at I think XAEG. Ridiculous place it on the green having a conversation. Let's volley to anchor arm for a recession trying to understand and everybody different when you. We're gonna straight out ever at zero can't. Taking the time to ask permission. After her daughter out on a day personally. If someone get that one of my daughter I would not be remotely and then. I would be impressed that they or not she and her to have a conversation. My dad if my error of talking. Rules are kids parents exactly and this can stand to have ended it's it's a reflection of his character and he's strong enough for respectful enough like that's exactly. The boy and you want your daughter to go out win comes and picks her up and shakes your hand and says like thank you so much for that is letting me take your daughter is just as active show parlor celery that it's killing me that he lightning and sexist or learn a it's his arm around this weekend that looks you in the ninth. As a teenager that's us yeah all that's like FitzGerald. And teachers in high school coaches are our coaching kids every day look people in the I I'm just impressed. Does that your phone shaky and can have a good handshake all of those things can start. I'm just impressed that they count all that the kid is actually going to homecoming with just one other person and it's not a group a good day here. This matches in big group of people all right well I JT found the sun every hour. JP's ability to find just the perfect song so it's from rude by magic and we'll dedicate it to Barbara. They got barbs this isn't this is your song because we don't care if you guys say no you're not gonna deny fifteen year old love. And this conversation continue on FaceBook Tre Kelley Emmett Arianna I think we'll get some comments oh we are we have I. All learn and share that conversation. Continues with jet engine on FaceBook.