Jeff's Letter to Himself

Tuesday, March 29th


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JC came. From our afternoon show and shared that's a letter that he wrote to himself JT produces with Jack's casting team on the afternoon here. And he right now wants on any 41 Atlanta and he can't share it with us it's a letter he wrote only to himself it was really meant to be private letter that works but both shows made him sharing its gap and and if he was willing to do that isn't so inspirational really was a motivational thing. And helped him get up and go everyday and we thought. What a great idea so we've taken on the challenge write letters to ourselves and Jeff. Europe first. Yes so this was. It didn't come as easy as I thought it would. For two reasons one it's really difficult to get the tents right when you write a letter to yourself OK hidden lake is your calling yourself you. I have asked that we got a writing I yeah so that's weird so that was funny and then I had to I just sometimes. Sometimes things just click the words that aren't writing stuff like thank you just kind of falls out this is Lamar challenge for I think it'd get. He's been a struggle a songwriter outcast musicians now is like some of the songs just me and I'm not expecting so the struggle is real. So this is my letter to myself I think it's a little bit longer than they and JP some by. It's reflective and it kind of lift some goals that wage KP did so some promises and to keep to myself so without further ado. Me. You're in the middle of the coolest eighteen month chunk of your life to date. It started last July when you asked the woman that is way out of your league to Mary and she actually said yes. Then you continued your adventures and stand up comedy and you took a once in a lifetime career opportunity. To move to your own radio show and work with what of your best friends. That's. Next month you get the decent comedy at the tabernacle with the jolt make L. And in less than seven months that out of your league girl. Who's actually going to marry. And hopefully. They'll have some ratings that you Pruitt did prove that you did indeed make a solid career decision. You took your own advice to keep moving forward and one little step at a time you made this life for yourself. Not only you can do it but you have done it. But don't be finished. Yes you're happier your healthier you are kinder but you are far from perfect. Is it kinder more kind. Act. More kind of like random word. Mark. Tying now but thank you letter paid and paid trolls cameraman and a few want to. Kagan do you care if it don't we finish happier and healthier and kinder but you're far from perfect keep going. Get healthy. Eat better and start running again you like running and you have the time. You just need to start the first days also out just like the first smile always out but just do it. You don't underneath that your wedding photos you regret that forever. And you're gonna be making tiny humans someday you owe it to them and to Cali to be healthy and live a long time in you owe that to yourself. Stop being lazy. Do it not tomorrow. Today. Remember tomorrow is always one day away today is right now. It to be confident. You've earned that seat you're sitting in in you deserve to have your name on the show. You have a contract you working for a great company with support of people stop asking yourself how you got here are questioning whether or not you deserve it. You do. You deserve. All. Number three remember to continue enjoying the obstacles. Every bombed in every bruise hurts but it's a learning experience. It's a growth moment embrace that. Don't let it around you live learn and move forward always. Number four stop with slow decision making. It's what bothers you the most about you in you can change it's so easily. Trust your god make that call stick with. Your paranoia about not being liked is holding you back professionally more than anything else news. You are qualified you're experienced you're Smart and you're well liked you are not anyone else you are you in you're awesome. Make it happen without hesitation. Pretty much be frank Underwood but less evil. And finally. You know you're gonna fill up on chips and cheese dip and be too stuffed to enjoy the entree suit don't order the entree right away. You make that mistake every single time fatty. It's about time you learn from that mistake. And while we're on the subject of delicious Mexican food at the plate is hot. He told you not to touch it for a reason why would he lie about that don't touch the play. And you don't need a Coke refill. Those giant plastic red cups or about a gallon each. You're eating melted cheese and deep fried chips you don't need to hydrate was another 14100 gal and a half of sugar and actor. No matter how great it tasted those two status. Love. Me. And that is my letter to myself wow. I've got somebody twice and it's. Can we begin this little bit further hurt yeah absolutely okay what are your question I've got a ton of questions for you really first of well it's a lot of change. And your life yeah I know when he listed out like that yeah I wanna ask you about your adaptability chain OK and there's. You're obviously taking the town of coaching yourself in this letter that the point it at eighty motivating okay. But I feel like you've got this question of whether you deserve it and I'd be out so that questions around that OK you're paranoia about being light to. I got to ask you about that all right well then we've yeah. You just yourself isn't what are. You telling yourself.