Kelly Can't Kickball

Friday, September 29th

One of those stories that's only hilarious because it's NOT about you


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Okay Terna Nande. And Justin Jan show all of now. Couple weeks ago Kelly Jesus honored. To be asked to be a hard and fast about kicked vol least. She's forty shipmates to meet people she's varies so show. It's walking distance from my howl is in town you gotta love that chance is in Piedmont park it's awesome and I'm never Ben on to get our team before. A sense like males off the Allentown marine or really remember so V. The cake while team may be taken are off now. I messed up so bad yesterday JP. Get your bag he says there intense group they take their take us seriously a lot of those people just didn't do well in high school sports. And now this is there this is their outlet yet this is their outlet where they events and take the intensity from a two woods will kick off should be. To a 35 so this isn't like kick ball where I am second base is a cooler beer. And you can kind of run by Graham drain can giants. You are basically you ever. Larry went I'm glad we're elected pitcher. Is at home. During nine game he's practicing his spin throw yes. So well. Is he the guy in fact they've bombed us so there's different levels so you know ideally your intermediate levels and I feel like the lower skill and a series levels come blindly going in ninth and asked by somebody who works here at the station. And you that would run double of all the guys are a little competitive but it's coming out drinking or beforehand and afterwards I'm like oh. So that matters came JP comes as me and tennis are low more competitive. And them send tents yet so yes there's a second game and I didn't know some of the rules today and this is well why didn't kick up some means not having ill NL he sees you wanted to not favor say this our home our way yeah I do I am had to cancel as soon as I get there I went right. There's an agreement high school a gag Kelly magic hand sees. So I. Get out there I Al Wynn I have I'm rock paper scissors the guy out on my we wanted to go home teams that would lead that glass yeah. And kick last. And that the guy that uncle that we are ran for whatever and he goes. So they're down a player to you wanna use the penalty rule. And I hear the word penalty and I'm like robbery earlier Blake hit bombs and no I want to penalize the energy the same show you pour. That's unfortunate. What's the penalty were also argued it would be disqualified for only added no penalty rural Indiana organ into that okay so we're on the field. And they start kick and a lot of land and lets out there mower and I. So you you made a decision and something you didn't understands. If idol he's at a penalty girls like I don't think I was unaware. You know with the pounding on the same thing tries about a lower penalties so harsh when you're playing kick off a fall guy. You know so early out on the field and rock again and then Kabul people are like bridge on the turn up there now player two outs he did get off field. And then there restless Armenia's snow season it's okay and points right at me. I'm saying now I. Is he declined the penalty rules of the penalty the other what does that what does that mean a Marilyn wore them down a player you automatically have an out when you go to bat 1000 did not realize. If the team owner planned last night. Where much of people from like 300 spartans arrow like that's so good they both. We did that's. We need him back so they have to rousing you know we're up one run and where I mean. You play kick ball against guys and guys who. Can only play I nine. Yeah and when he met it match days because they play soccer exact. Actually he does it look around and land cavs their bill like they cut their shirts to show the last I notice now when I said an under the penalty bang. They're putting some powder on their feats the way LeBron puts in his hands. Big. He didn't know yeah yeah. Well wounded. So everybody's eyes look and I hit it pointing out and I like completing me. I bet it was OJ since he's in talent the rule was I just I didn't want penalized on the US millionaire as Kelly. Though DSL. Eating and I just felt really bad for them and little. And they started smashing him all the Crosby mom Oregon in the early in the front row and only that Xstrata and that would cap and so. I'm gonna go on a limb here are Kelly insane that you lost yeah how well twelve decides. Well we have five. In you know somebody on your team kept track of how many third out runs they scored I can't turn. Don't know the score band heads and that had that are out there and event I would have been significantly closer and let events Minnesota beat us. But as soon as they're I realize that it was me and island me like fiercely competitive imagine like it's okay cheese is okay. It's not a big deal you you didn't know. And there are also looking at me I'd already seen the film he liked lied or urged an art scene look what you did you little jerk. But in the pitcher is so and I he's he's just like it's all right guys ever stop asking like she didn't know. My stand and second base until they're. They move you can do about field. Agrees to go a Little League and such terrible and I you're playing deep right what do you mean serious and scope behind it is. If you didn't think this serheo worthless and a lot of OK listen to us so I or two outs we we on the last about. And that act can't whenever I'm. Where Al we have two outs bases loaded into a season to kick phone has sued you can save the game so everybody let his kicking and they all look at life. It's our. It's the penalty case so this amaze barrel for the other team how unmoved and and since then the match started so I'm Nicky you're right her. I'll winds arrive at CNN. Her face I just came right out and I'm in the Armageddon on track. Again this summer and fiscal. Well princess of a girl. Terrible twist arms out and catches. My perfect case it was first things to get that good salad didn't you know that are. And they keep on Macy get it just race I felt it in my leg and. Right I mean ally and drag their right to your face and sees several arm that terrifies. Gathered being nice to give this year than you get on the clock I know I know who's got to really get in the grief. The president's nominee out there in your heart pain as are now there's an invite you be and the team that's our sales yet. He wasn't hearing now. Eight wife why agent huh. You know there whispering to and is back don't ever location on this roster and he's he does. I'd feel better now thank you welcome. I think amenities that come Thursday. Thanks for making this wedge. In the chest congestion. One star not before one and it.