What Have Creepy Old Dudes Said to You?

Friday, September 29th

It's like they just REALLY don't care about being innapropriate anymore...


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Okay Terna Nande. Yeah shell hole. All I can remember how this came out in studio break overwhelmingly. All of the women who were in the room. Said oh yeah that happens. Creepy old guy comments. So I thought it would be front. To open the phones 4042630941. And have women. Column. And alt and we answered the phone just tell us what they're creepy old guy say it here. But you have to do it while impersonating the reports. I cheese how often has this happened to you today. Well not yet today and I haven't seen a guy alone and you think you're always previously. I haven't seen in an older man yet today so it happens often. And are these strangers or are these sake leave you know she think of one time that particularly set out I was. And being a waitress a former bartender to there're so many times 01 in particular I was wearing Michael White Los Kynan genes and they were answered I weirdo like a USC fight night and the restaurant worked out. So I was here it gets to praise I knew like you know it's a deal like as a waitress left like. They were theirs not source air pants I don't think that out of it the owner of the restaurant while I was like you should Wear those pants everyday all starts hitting YouTube. I'll play. I'll left a all right I don't argue pretty good creepy old guy impersonation better. What I can tell I guess I hear general well there's enhanced MRI today. That is on the tip in you to our own citizens and Samantha. I don't like extra breathing like slow them gravy. On. Future battles cancer each Arnold stand against Dallas and. I borrow Schwartz he's 630941. We just wanna take up the throne and then. Here and they creepy old guy voice. Right. And you just tell us what they say except I I enjoy a game Douglas well. I enjoy what's. Hi so I ordered the whole process and education and who hadn't seen in awhile I'll tell me. Oh on the cited negative you're you're you're in front of the day. For now. Look. Our interns both had one who has to go first. Amanda. OK so when time these two men are talking to me and they relate. Yeah Alou can be placed bets on what could underage you were waiting and we did study was blues 2008. I don't know why are pleasing that's an obvious kind of inappropriate and they're like yeah oh it's probably because she's not wearing any underwear hey hey hey. Let me ask. Exactly how this. A lease in Atlanta. Amber on how long it take you receive those legs. It is now wounded. Made me keep my own gender. Island. A hostess and high school and commitment asked. We have a host appreciate on the desert venue in high school I was and I school already and continues a. Did you tell them that I did and I told us or wrangle over the server came over let me know and I was like. I could and they're great but again. I can be dating your grandson that's such a position of them when they were and scared that they would counsel the prototype. Nestled. 404 C 63094. Lines tell us what degree do you guys. Video guys since you impersonating. Creepy old guys this. I don't remember how it came out in the studio last week. Every woman president had a story. Of what they're creepy old guys say to its. So what we've done is over and our phone lines 404363094. War. Months. Since we pick up the phone here's why you did you'd be impersonating the creepy old guy with a line. He said he thought Q and Douglas now. OK if I can help you out dirt tease me. Carry it won't do it at the art. No love. This a total stranger. Yeah in or easy do you. I think yeah. Yeah yeah we heard a thing called. Seriously yeah. Yeah he would go to any in my senior. Eaten by a local brush. Is he so easily in your neighborhood. And as or. Jan NL's Brennan. Hey can I tried can you try that brought I pretty. We went where no one was the context where Lizzie. Aren't. Out of court. Should. Remind why did you let it. I've heard you. You looked comfortable there. You see. Eight. At 88. And I'm going home until that what do you think it is and who do you think it's chests the filter. Comes off of each in a certain age immunized I don't yelling past fifty there's a filter kind of thing or. Do you think. They think it's they're being cute late grandfather of the late. That's IQ that's curvy I think everybody knows that. 404263094. Y and that Rihanna and locust grove it creepy old guy sandy. Hey if you are low. I grab your tire compared to the budget come home city mileage very well. First off wonderful and fresh and second yeah those are anybody ever say that you this is also total stranger. Yeah really or at home. Don't like trying to hold it. What do you think it is about the guys when they reach that age filtered has gone or do they think they're being funny. I. Do think. I bet thank you. It. He's thinking right. Some of those cars he had a great impression can sometime. A teacher cousy. Need share. I know how do you follow the latter girl. She can't even now from the hole. I learned he had. Currently. President and walking out my hearing on an outlet every year little. Leave law. I am learning engendered laughing as hard as CNN JP is running as hard as he has got to feel that. Past fifty is six easy to can be man's. Now look what they're just funny is is. Played I don't think the guy realizes that the first cut part of the compliment is wishing harm on her. It was a little idea to wish she falls off a letter like gators being nine Euro zone treated me like I'd love to kiss you. OK about it. Pads and comfortable for both of us. Loans. Summon either and I Tiffany and that met Don I was out. I don't Hager on maybe what major job Terri water. Well yeah out. We'll. It. Said man and locust grove. Trivial matter impersonation when they say. Yeah I wanna brush your hand them off day. What was the context. Howard you know liquor store and he decided to turn the corner and it. I don't know where I don't have. Without know where does that get me out in the cool I wanna brush your hair a play. Let us know no need did woke up late this. Can we put this post some countries and out there you. Here the impersonation. Comments will be the all I like to share that conversation continues league championship on FaceBook.