Ghosthunting: Kendall and Jeremy

Wednesday, September 27th

Did his friend totally sabatoge their relationship? Cause it sure sounds like it...


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Okay Terna Nande. I'm Justin Jan shell all now. Tracking down that people who have goes Steve do you want. It's so you don't tell. Ghost hunting I'm convinced Jeff's engine showed Jan and say hello to. Can tell who is tracking down an old boyfriend's big but I. So who hasn't ghosts you can move and you need our help to find out. My whole bunch rendered I guess. Who knows what he has now Jeremy. How long his he man is missing in action. It went about three weeks. Now and how long did you guys date we played a month. I he's definitely acts so six months you guys were calling each other boyfriend and girlfriend. Wayne on the house here this was this read Japanese L mum some stuff like. Also the relationship. Not only patents that it will not stand that word yet but I felt that I was Bennett in proven wrong. Learn. Did you opt. Aren't you read this credit I all I kept him around 1 o'clock in my text them and. You know typically want to really good week and then he tomorrow and he said I think we need to talk tomorrow al-Qaeda and. Found that does not seeing out there not been. He totally chickened out of the breakup. What happens. That last weekend that may have made him go sideways can you think of anything at all. All I've been trying to do it no I think I will need to know what the quarterly weekend it was a great weekend. Believe it does nothing crazy we went to dinner we hung out. And apart. Let's do absolutely nothing. What was he doing that thing where he slowly gets more and more distant and tell you all of a sudden feel like. You don't know each other anymore. No I didn't and I knew. It seems a little bit weird to buy. He had a lot of stuff going on don't work and he kept saying that you really stressed about that so. I thought I would get but now I'm thinking you know on the net Hank and obviously when that. Is there something work related like maybe he. It is got a promotion are has the travel more. Which doesn't excuse him from being a shirt and has coasting you but as the possibilities is overwhelmed by life. And I hope. But I don't think he'd never been one to do not talk to me and and I know that you know he's he dare I can do with how I know there is his. August sparking in his cars in the drive way and he just welcomes the doors are not hot and make. Emergency you're traveling in order you know he's not at work like why Russia than here at home sometimes. And I owe any clues from mutual friends at all. Null or not and we don't have. A lot of mutual friend I. Everyone thought that we were great they are very surprised everyone I've talked to understand each. Very surprised that anything was on the eight Eric. That I was net and they they are happy together. Say you said you went over to his house and you've obviously tried to call nothing back on text messaging either. No it didn't called bandit. And changed our world is. In Japan. I don't condemn Internet don't you put me on Twitter. I've done everything I reached out and every way possible emails. I had a medical sense like a treatment messenger pigeon abdomen there. Hall and Britain's. And when is the last time you attempted to contact him. I guess we need to read data. While even okay. You're working hard at this for the past three weeks I mean more to you really you know. In the U wouldn't Politico that after a week six month. And it's not as so mean six months and then you say we need to talk in the new ghost mean. Yeah I would be persist now and I came in Europe on is that we need to talk and now you're not talking to me. Let her hold her legs Danny. You are more tenacious and I am. Avenues you are right I give us 24 hours we'll call him Steve Hill c'mon that's if the answer is yes. Then we will continue win this episode of ghosts running. At this time tomorrow all right. Oh cool and you I Kendall we'll talk to tomorrow here on the plane and show starring before one. And she I'll still are ready for our tracking down the people who live goes CD. Today we got on the jet engines Gerald Ford. All the who's going to yesterday to explain it is sad and yeah stands at her her I'm her boyfriend's sixty mile and Jeremy. Coast from there they they they send a weekend together and after that you think texting her saying hey we really need time tomorrow and then next. Nothing's. Silence. Told Olson. The last three weeks she's been trying to call tags even stumped my house and knew he was there anyone come to the OR. I mean Jeff. If I didn't talk to us. I am I mean he's coming out of it as he's agreed to answer the phone Kendra why I maintain is you should have let it go after like a week. How is passionately outvoted by the women yesterday that no way you deserve answers yeah. Calls you their girlfriends and then they disappear. Some is demented explains some yes exactly. I read try to get to those answers now Kendall can you hold on and listening to this conversation and then join us afterwards how sweet thank. I I'll put you on hold and we are calling. Jeremy. Hello hey Jeremy it's Jen and Jess. Oh yeah. Hey hurry and. Earlier period. I I just got to cut the chase here Jeremy workload because you completely and cosic girlfriend Kendall. With no explanation of what is gone unmanned. And from she told you go and lower Koreans. She's earned it. She is find some answers at what happened then why haven't you been able that actually have the break up conversation Y just run. Kruger Riordan's. Who goes 86 months in the two weeks ago. After I had mentioned. My dog was didn't let my ex new missions mean to. Which is weird. And I don't I didn't mean to first and let it close from mine and saw her. What you mean those are all on several different two separate occasions. And clarion. In the cart that. There was no matter when X so. Who saw rival who cite her being mean to the dodge and white. Specifically did they say. Only lose. Just a close friend of mine so broke and had probably ten plus years and now. She saw her. Like. Grab a bite of Scranton this American parents. Push their way unnecessary risks but the ball. On one continent and liked kick or not now did that. And you didn't approach her about this at all. You ask her erratic. No I didn't. Lose. And aren't sufficient. In the resource is coming from under. Rules so. If you had you seen any thing. Yeah you didn't see it. And you don't question how. There are reports of abuse and got back. I don't know. She is continuation of the dog. That was after you asked Ernie after she found out that I was listening you and your accent before that she is cool to dogs and men and just kind of changed. As she always been well. And honesty honestly she's very to Tucci none of them are gonna want to order they lose and it's is. I really do it more or I mean it's worth saying you know anything. I'm just surprised that you and you've heard explanation our time explain herself at all I would almost. Revel in the ability. At the right words and I would enjoy. The opportunity to tell. Someone that that's why I'm ballot and then. I mean the dogs. But wherever teach their own thing I mean I understand why he broke out and understands heard that looks greener than ghosting part of it but I understand way broke out. Well. We in this country the water wondered. And we'll thanks for taking our call we made it thanks Jeremy. I guess I won't come back and three minutes pick out. Series teasing me somebody I now. I can't dole was listening into that whole conversation and I get is this one song here won't take her back lemon here. Your response to play well then you're just coming into three minutes. Jeffrey Sanchez parody for one. Star in 941. OK so what does some things on the jet engines and you're just joining answer because I'm seeing and pay. I was stunned to hear me crew bailed on his girlfriend candles they already get six months and it's been really just completely. Then he explained to us it was because. She had treated his dogs and poorly teases abusing dogs but he didn't actually see it a friend of his told him the story and that's why he broke up there with no explanation. Ten they'll welcome back to the show. I think it's fun to go. Somewhere where you mean to the dog did an odd New Orleans. Oh my god no I'm so I'm so shocked by how desperate. I no backlog. I have never. Been around blocks so I need aid. Don't know how to really play at an hour or two whenever you're supposed to do attempt. I would love that stock. I'd never been mean to act on much. You've ever did you never. In the maybe not knowing what to do would dogs I. This cross and the next thing like that never happens maybe even accident. Oh. I'm in subscriber than that Google hard. We didn't even know. So you never kicked it out on the other accounts nothing and. Oh my god never I would never a member cash I've never. Heartened by the way I am just me anxious to gentler pet be changed it can of the Third World they don't like a big lake. I don't know about what oh god he didn't let go eat and nobody got a big hasn't allowed Christian here and and I don't try to do every once it that I am I you know are afraid that he's gonna get Matt and he never been batting but it's not urge. And. So Jeremy he's a longtime friend. May had those stories about you. Oh might. Show up and first of all she. Didn't touch we can she. Had always wanted and you don't wanna go and she wants to get him she gets two out of every girlfriend that her hat. And everybody like no can't except for him and children. Had written. Interfere with his relationships and this cute she knows how much you want that thought. I finally picked Ted greatest tool ever decay is if you can dump about about the dog and your out of the life. And that's what she planned she moved in the dark to get in the. Food act so why some. Hiding stuff right there so what you're saying is eight. She made out the allegations that you were abusive to a dog is Sheen news that that would hurt him so much the you'd be out. Leaving the door open for her to have another chance at. Absolutely. She'd done that. I don't never ever been and I thought I wouldn't ever you don't have only got. It outside to let them. She's such added to her I don't know what I can say on your radio but oh my god I'd options shale watching right now. All now I feel bad because I. Feel like you're got this phony baloney and I've been a morning like that girl at all in the UI. Yeah. You just know if I had known and taking care if so well but. Even though people believe me between she and in so deep in my hand. My isn't that seat trust ready and she's great she went on forever and. He settled and will always be in there he said this is my friends for ten years and I trust this person completely this isn't the woman broke up examine our bond and the dog and and they broke operate this is a different woman. No it isn't a different woman. She'd been there. General who's been in the friend zone for ten years and she's ready to get out and Haiti six. Deanna Brown. I'm so sorry Kendall. My carrot and now I probably won't talk to you people cherish so much. Now there's no reason like. Yeah. You can now just accept this in you have closure and you're not. Only art that I. After her own guess they had three and and I hired to track her down and approached her. I well if you do that we certainly would like to know about it yes did you make them mad men yeah. Yeah and well I don't know if you could. You know talk about what happened but it. Yeah we won't record it and put a lot of beads in their candidate yeah. YouTube recount the polarization. I call her because that is mean to say terrible accusation. That she cut that she made on neo do you have a way to get in touch with her. Will you reach out terror I mean I'm we're not gonna say it's new but if you do reach out to her will you please let us know what could what comes as fast. Well absolutely fine. Thanks scandals I. Think you know. They're always whining that. Friend of a guy who's too much in the business coaches. I mean net. There is always a girl like lingers and the shadows and stirs trouble up like that there's always that are all. 404 Q 63 phone 904 wide net. Is our phone number so basically. Jeremy. Was told by his best girlfriend think Kendall was mean to his dog. Kendall's responses. I'm shocked that girl who told them that claims to be his best friend but she's in love with him and has everything she came to break came up. We have guys I guess the question to Arab with girls the question then to ask is how do you poll do you befriend her. Oh that's a dangerous game of flat idea how do you overcome. Them meddling girl in the shadows. So soon. If you live band there. And you can offer advice stick and they'll we will take your calls after Sean mandates for 04. 2630941. And he scandal have judicial run for her life at this point. Because he's got a medal in French words there are some things she can do. To work around the world war and juicy story of the night for when. Just stuff. Different coasts heading forward Jeremy on behalf. And bill and he explains that can go. What does that mean to his god that was according to his best girlfriend who witnessed her being mean news out a couple of times yeah I Kendall says that is not true. I'm not mean to use the dog. The girl who reported me for being. And not doubt whoever is actually in love with Jeremy. Which is why she said. Yes she's the best friend that's been in the friend zone and has always been behind the scenes like Manson messing with stuff. Coco in Atlanta welcome to the shelf. Phoenix the very well. I have economy and I here in Atlanta he's capable planned. Let them play and and may elect and he will maintain. How hard on a good idea of their loved seeing and notes is not mandate food regulation. Now Coco but if the frame is determined. That she is meant to be rid Jeremy. Then befriending her isn't gonna do any good right. Think Tampa make their way deferring and smile and think yeah I mean a lot of soccer. It played late he acts that make you alert he loved the guy they'd on a week in tech but that may elect MB try had to go ahead. Chris are not going away. Not regularly and and legal Lambert. I did like at Saratoga but would you wanna do that after he'd issue before even Toscanini just. Immediately believed his best friend before talking about that yeah. I think it made that I think the whole I think Kendall and Jeremy had done yeah I thank my guy to get it it is anybody else's and similar situation to get. Feedback. Might be helpful Morgan and Carrollton. In fewer and fewer candles best friend what would you tell her to do. Samaritan and ask and I would tell her to go and brought it back up. At mandating that I did. You include. I had a cast and tell her back later that situation and and I about it. So you call her on the lies about the dog. It all he had. And like opted to let you let it spring. I think it dating a girl so I called her out on the right. They're going to be the rest of the couple I don't pattern at I picked up her act. Routing Covington welcomed addition. I agree I. Don't had their bad cop. Everyone else knows how bad. Press it into our lives just as there are trying to put in there. The word but I. Don't know that. Jeremy we're all here because we love you very much we need to know the year's best friends. Staff. Tracy she's loving you she's ruining everything let them let them play so I only moments or memories that all my gosh I think Kelleher to. Seeing could just totally bomb on you and many Carter's though says we shouldn't do I immediately believe Kendall and Mac. I don't really think Kendall would be in on SD card I am a girl who lives of our end pork and it seemed like a girl who played the always tell her arch. She wouldn't talk again is the best friend with a guy. I honestly think the was jealous of the girl who were the French. And I think. Journeyman and that she would Sharon reluctantly animal in the nation and a completely different and like an adult on the brand. Jeremy agreed that she didn't like the dog in the beginning. You guys I'm so happy I'm indeed. Like there's something layers and complications to what the email that says citing. One guy say to guys always say dad are that other guys have intentions thank you can't girlfriend with guy friends like that guy says it's up to. Exactly as telling her and the shadows like that but this girl I definitely think is making an up. Ken Miller there a friend a friend I definitely thing out there we've had two callers back to back and look after their friends of war. Kim and Lauren. So you can be the final out and that's when he got. And it may get our. Number one bad luck in the yeah actually I had it doesn't look at a ball actually do you. You. Really begin to beat the Donald. We let. Down. I think them isn't it is oh you are under a Red Sox I think it's a neutered man and he's been neutered I'll now. Debate. Yeah. Yeah. Thank you came down well. You know. Who you. The conversation continued FaceBook dot com slash Stefan. All learn and share that conversation. Continues league championship on FaceBook.