A New Segment Idea?

Wednesday, September 27th

Jeff's idea for a new segment definitely isn't our usual route, but should we do it anyway?


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Okay Terna Nande. And Justin Jan show all of now. I wanna Ryan that's an idea behind. Our past yeah it's imagining you who inherited is that why everybody's honest feedback because I think this could be really really really really you really. So rate rate yeah. I don't know if it goes against our. Positive any message. Well I don't mean trade of course gonna. Because it's not. Not necessarily about a bad thing and nobody would be on the radio without their permission. But I have an idea for something that I think can be cam as don't talk radio race. Okay the name of this segment is erratic honk. Dude I don't know. Break up way ham and go out with me. All right. So this yeah. It's OK hang right. Is a person or break up with her involvement so that segment is basically. If there are two people that are together and you think you would make a better couple with the person. That you call them and we put them on the air and then you basically sell yourself do damned if ands say I don't think you should be even better person you should be with me. OK so one hit and questions hair can't Latin. Because you can't tell this you turn that off would know. Iowa no Jack thank you what are your hopes in this segment ratings bonus. And I just feel like gives and I used and well. We'll have someone inside become the next Ryan Seacrest that's evidence and pray it absolutely bad break up with him or her anger I'll let me break up but then go out with me yeah it's like a bad crash site you don't wanna look at it but you still I do outside Diana though it was. Haven't we there. I mean I TO be greedy or selfish reasons because I just when it harks of those people and I hear they say I kind of just wanna hear why. They think the other relationship is networking events and things so let's say OK so so just mean. You have a huge crash. I'm JP because I mean c'mon let's not lovable about taping it right right OK so everything Teixeira had success who does ends everything from defeat of it's. Been JT. Just started going out with Kelly no we wouldn't do it. To people who are like engaged or married or anything like that but jade piece starts dating Kelley that maybe that's the thing it has to be a new relationship. Okay within X yeah walker will come up with a guideline. Right 21 I can't put a time on it well it wouldn't be I would never do a two genes to JP send break up with hiding all right. Right I think days I don't if your friend that you love referred to three years mandating though worst person ever virtue or three years. The new downtown look it's been years you've got to drop dispersing do with me okay stabbing and compelling and when you mess that Blackberry and escort so as long as friends. Now rings now. So there could be positive that we could be breaking up a couple that is NASA not like there's a laundry list of always you don't could dinner form me you don't make me feel good about myself the boom moment I could be that guy did make you feel that way that's upon. That that can be of some unease argument. You know this person that you're dating life and made it they don't kid taken care so JP and Jerry cheese are now boyfriend and girlfriend but she doesn't care about him I'm not worse she's awful I'm terrible you know she's out certainly the those guys in front of sounds like you're absolutely right shotgun I know you love me snow right isn't crap about his fashion style of you're another graphic T shirt I. And old are you if you stay with error. These are always things you know KP employees and tell you she's that girl is because. We can't sack machine she she's liked. How he deserves so much better and I am that better breakup with her and go out with reason Geneen calls it tries to sell him on it. JP I think you're T shirts are funny yeah this is so funny yeah so does the buck Kelly. Good. Yeah in my here's the thing you mega talent it's going to be an easy every time and finish. So pissed at the literally just out of the idea last. And I'm not even let them based on the go sign that we just did have a I'm not even actually gonna take credit for it I was tied texting with some items and suggested that they did confess your crash. And she's like I can do compression crash because the first night. And oppression has a girlfriend. Even though I said I would have to be break up there go out with me and I was like ha. Also an iPhone is like tuna. It's change you guys since against the lifetime class. Good ideas are coming through and everything. I mean I like yeah I do feel like if we did it I led them. I have to now. I would have to now arming them breakup with the spurs sending out new alert. As is is going to be consumer awkward. The question is. Does it made guys really really truly. Terrible people I don't terrible. World war 263094. Whining if you'd like to share. Your opinion. And young star ready for a one. I real quick the idea is a radio segment called breakout revenge and go out with me. Your friends and relationship have free you know is terrible but here she should be good. Have you. You know this Jiang in Atlantic great idea or in my most terrible human being alive only care about ratings and becoming famously cranky. Great idea yeah finding it early into Baghdad and metal woods and that and that that's not make regular. So it's easy it's a good on both sides. Yes exactly perfect thank you turn purging our behavior. Tonya and winder what's out there. Yeah and I like. I don't have anyone have better relationships are cool air and I'm a long history and it's better and now than ever thought I aired in a. Yeah peril again this is out there aid and I'm almost gets there I own my house has really should I. Let me have my agent. That's not insult things. Let me be out of grave and financing company and there's like no less then as low man Granger and the whole life you should you're trying to bounce out. All you need I relaxed now that's a. Last week. I know I'm guessing you do I came here and Indiana must thank him on my eyes seeing the dean and Lance had great idea are terrible idea. Great idea but I'm glad you're welcome yes Aaron welcome for coming up to this idea years ago so you can prematurely and each has been an aunt Alice. And he exactly appreciate it. Tracy indicator. I think at the top all Latvia one way or another break up a relationship heavily and broke her. Or print it. I'm sorry your phone cut out all I heard was it's a great idea. Oh well I it and are all while. So your front keeps fanatic industries say great idea great idea great idea siren. Sounds I. Literally everyone has encouraged us. Renton Jasper. I'd say they can't answer I'm tired of your son is working just fine. All learn and share that conversation. Continues league championship on FaceBook.