A Ghosthunting Request: Kendall and Jeremy

Tuesday, September 26th

They were dating for six months before he completely ghosted out of the blue. What's up with that!?


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Okay Terna Nande. And Justin Jan shell all now. Tracking down the people who have goes Steve do you want. It's so you don't tell. Ghost hunting I'm at they Jeffrey James showed Jan and say hello to. Can tell who is tracking down an old boyfriend's big. Time. So who hasn't ghosts you can move and you need our help to find out. My days when Sanders I guess. Who knows what he has not Jeremy. How long his he man missing in action. It went about three weeks now and how long did you guys date we played a month. Are you he's definitely acts so six months you guys were calling each other boyfriend and girlfriend. On the house here this was this read Japanese L moms and stuff like. Also the relationship. Not only patents that it would not send that word yet but I felt that I was then met in proven wrong. Were. You very serious I'd probably where. And he tests. The need to stop until we need a credit I all I kept him around 1 o'clock in my accident and. You know authentic women aren't really that week and then he tomorrow and he said I think we need to talk tomorrow al-Qaeda and. Found that does not seeing out there not been. He totally chickened out of the breakup. What happens. That last weekend that may have made him go sideways can you think of anything at all. All I've been trying to do it no I think I will need to know what the quarterly weekend it was a great weekend leave it. There's nothing crazy we went to diner we hung out. And apart. Let's do absolutely nothing. What was he doing that thing where he slowly gets more and more dissent and tell you all of a sudden feel like. You don't know each other anymore. No I didn't and I knew. It seems a little bit weird to buy. He had a lot of stuff going on network and agent saying that you really stressed about that so. I thought I was at but now I'm thinking you know on the net Hank and obviously when that. Is there something work related like maybe he. Is got a promotion are hasn't traveled more. Which doesn't excuse him from being a jerk and is coasting you but as the possibilities is overwhelmed by life. I don't I hope. But I don't think he'd never been one to do not talk to me and and I know this you know he's he dare I can do with how I know there is his. Doggett barking and it cars in the drive way and he just welcomes the doors are not hot and make. Emergency you're traveling order you know he's not at work like why Russia than here at home sometimes. And I owe any clues from mutual friends at all. Null or not and we don't have. A lot of mutual friends I. Everyone thought that we were great they are very surprised everyone I've talked to understand each. Very surprised that anything was on the eight Eric. That I was net and they they are happy together. Say you said you went over to his house and you've obviously tried to call nothing back on text messaging either. No it didn't called bandit. And change our world is. And no. I don't I don't care yet thought he'd put me on Twitter. I've done everything I reached out and every way possible emails. I had a medical sense like a treatment messenger pigeon abdomen after. Hall and Britain's. And when is the last time you attempted to contact him. I guess we need to read data. While even a cat. You're working hard at this for the past three weeks I mean more to you really you know. In the U wouldn't Politico that after a week. Six months is not as so mean six months and then you say we need to talk in the new ghost mean. Yeah I would be persist now and I came in Europe on is that we need to talk and now you're not talking to me. Well and help hold legs Danny. You are more tenacious and I am. MB elected and it avenues you are right I give us 24 hours won't call him Steve Hill c'mon that's if the answer is yes. Then we will continue waited this episode of co signing. At this time tomorrow all right. All you Ike and we'll talk to tomorrow here on the airplane and show starring before one. For making us less. It's just it's out on star not before one.