The VaJury: Mom's Money

Monday, September 25th

He borrowed money from his fiance's mom to upgrade her engagement ring, and she is NOT happy. 


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Okay Terna Nande. Justin Jan shell hole. It's called it the jury we're about to convene. The jury to help out scam. Tim has a dilemma regarding his new fiance. Relationships earning at swimmingly if I'm right. Eyes and and I at this time tomorrow Jenn hobby is here we is. The latest update our latest segment she calls what the Florida WT have them. Beautiful these stories out of the great state of Florida her home state what deplored this and I Kelley explained what Tim's dilemma is and child. I don't Timmons to left. Proposed. Are he has prepares for us is and met his fiancee has found doubts that he borrowed money from. Her mom. So by her engagement ring and her dad is the one and who still would be. The doubts him I admit that the money you are from her mom. Was not the entire value of the engagement right. No it would not so how did it come about that you upgraded with a loan from future mom. Well she at all. I was telling her about old marine that I wanted to you have. And I told her that I really wanted to obviously depending really special. And that I didn't necessarily. You know. Mind spending a little bit more money yearlong that I had an. And true. Of course and you know. My brother my future mother in law also would just like wool you. If you. Let me give you an extra money you won't have to worry about having on credit card debt or any any and you can call that. Order a better learning year. And the ring you wanna get per hour and I was like our own okay you do that you could pay me back as well party eight campaign expects to. From the money Jerry Barton let me Barroso. I'm in your fiance has a huge problem with. Osu is pretty mad yeah. You are. And what it what is she want you to do. She want to meet you. Give the money back debt are ringing at. Four bit I can afford it and she sighed it doesn't have to be clean. Many big huge and she thinks that it it something. They just had its you know love. I did and it continued I pres thought and effort into it even this small bit over time we get asked to it and make it bigger some wanted to. What is he says this UNC to essentially return that rain and as. File you can afford what did you say back to that. What was that unep and I was just regular jigs or that when when she brought up the ring he says Obama called the radio station and then let them in Tampa. I was dead the dead yeah it is but it's. Explainer about your mom actually offered this I didn't necessarily go to her. I I did I did explain that to work and cedar. I think. From what I gather would rather it be something that you where work and on the winning candidate to come to the rain and not another family member and. And I'm pretty surge mean has a question I am questioning each dish she value financial independence a lot and what is her relationship with her parents like is like is the problem the fact that she's in and now have to deal with its relationship with her mom. In a way that she's not I want to. I mean if she could do but I don't think that that would be something did she would have a big hang up on I don't feel like. Her mom would hate like you know order head there she gave me money that I borrowed money from her. OK so they don't only treat that relationship. No they don't know a thing. All right so you're question man is I should view. And the jury is going to decide this on your behalf should you return the ring that you bought. So the you can immediately repay your future mother lie and get a smaller line. Or. Should you continue to try to talk year wife to be off the way Jameel like. I'm gonna pare back you never have that the weather has now won unanimous view I can be set in your email you said which of those three suite that was the motivation. The most beautiful ring possible and most beautiful woman and yeah. And so I. Just wanted and so he's just wanted to do so that's so nice and what they do a back. Why did her dad's Howell are being answered questions why would her dad bring that up to her. Wolf we were all we were just kind of all dinner and watching how. And like their schedule and he he blew. We were talking about it. Around you know doing one heartbeat and then all the federal bothered to kind of partisan panel at the table and we were kind of laughing at. And then Matt when we come world war liberal. Approach after that. That is heard like you a question does he like you. Oh yeah it wasn't a liquor they want and I think it. It gets or I don't think you think the big deal at all about the tally when he took credit at least we thought everyone would argue that there. Sometimes guys don't think through things before AC. Doesn't happen often and toys and history. And and I ain't never gonna put Jenna holt arena convene the jury if you have a strong opinion about this for a 4263094. Wine. Your votes determine whether or not he returned that ring. Or whether he tells news future wife it is come down and enjoy the beautiful rock and her things. Secretary convenes after Maroon 5 and starve. Star in 941. It's the case of the engagement ring on loan from mom. His future mother in law loaned him 2000. Dollars. To upgrade the engagement ring that he was gonna give her daughter her daughter found out about it. Hands is not happy with him as a matter of fact once they returned that ring immediately payback moms alone and get something. If he can afford to eat just want to miss beautiful rain possible. And his stance it finger. I she wants something more representative of what they can. I got an acute case in point. Amanda and noon in it does he return the ring or is his fiancee just being overly passion. I don't turn the daughter Terri just held fiance to come. Yeah can you want the most peeled oral LSU or let him adequately agreement that. Rates are one vote for keeps the ring thank you Amanda. Yeah Cynthia and wind or does he returned the ring or does he keep the rank. I think he should definitely returned the ring legally can't pick and not that she wants. The kids are just doesn't look great if you can't afford a ringing what else can you not afford when you're married editor look at. But if he's borrowing money for the ring from mama no interest and he's he's he's an. Has no problem paying mom back. I love the beautiful but no I mean it was beautiful for him to eight that that it used I can kind of mental condition than it's like. But we can't apparent they end even though they don't tell us what they're thinking about are the significant other than thinking and we care I mean it's like. What else are you an accomplice or what do you hear in any situation and my he car broke down you don't yank your car boat and you don't have an extra 500. Island either I want you without that so I committed going to be acting now is just it is slippery I can't. It's the press and and it's sent by even asking the mom he was talking about being he's hearing and the mom offer. But white Cynthia is saying is they'll continue to all of our need. Why is that a bad thing is it Jolie. And it's not a bad Darlene is not a bad thing wouldn't what is it it's our guards you have someone I live. The lifespan or her mother lives best. Coming from your par there and probably you're not listening to meet your new partner you're not listening to what is important and you didn't need indignant ring in the telling me. There is more important how you look at it was. And that's going to present need to the world and you. If you say you say we want to rock you say accidentally return during. Not only not only should he return the ring that he really needs to talk to his lady. And get better understanding of which should mean something like that which it says is it something that we can afford that that didn't. And his response did not want something beautiful Kirby archer at that into her destination beautiful. You are crazy with this talk each other. Amber and Madonna keep the ring or return the ring. Hearing me dollar and my. If you're on credit card didn't hurt credit are you need at our art re not. From the attic I don't know and you actually saw it. And I wanted to go to law didn't agree and I'm. Kelly cheese keep during a return the ring I mean. I say keep it I think that if my mom and out of line help and you're gonna pay them back. So I can get our ring now I've only really dream about something that I would probably point out because I knew mind stretch just a little bit. But MI mom or dad says Mike. I wanna help you I think this is a great day I support all I say keep it. Casey in Peachtree City keep during a return the ring. I don't think they did anything wrong. I don't I mean we keep hearing. Keep the rain I think I. I mean here's a return during the are all ahead our happy. Can ask you this spring has tarnished her mother or part of it and return their time that. Means Janine. Really a jury it all comes down zero. To them as those of us so it's possible have a hundred jury now. We always have a high number of jurists. Engineers and all that the main is going to be is gonna I'm hang the match. As we could have loved the idea I honestly think he's returning. She seems like she's in a really loves something that they do together and that it's gonna bring them closer to that seems like an issue on hand and I'd keep up but she doesn't wanna keep this at all. Don't put bad juju on her rank. Listen here Slammin' Sammy got to return the ring. Okay loony. All pennies now I know you had the best intentions did. I did I did let it all makes and what your political. And I. Appreciated Sam thank you good luck at that. Okay thank you so much. I covered up and I remember we keep this camera station going always I'm FaceBook. So FaceBook dot com Jeff's engine jail if you would like to weigh in and you're able to get through win your vote for the military. Cool I like to share that conversation. Continues league championship on FaceBook.