Confess Your Crush: Mark and Sarabeth

Thursday, September 21st

Strap in y'all, this one's a real rollercoaster of emotion. #Awkwardddd


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Okay Terna Nande. And Justin Jan show all of now. And fashion crushing his one dollar and telling and other adult than they ever crush on them. Why is on the radio flight testing and no back in middle school but it happens in front of dozens of people. Them listeners we know how does this show mark for confess your crash. Particularly get it and so how are you will be great we're excited to talk to you today. Co. Either Russia hard. I guess I'm ready to contest the crush of. Her own blood takes it very brave soul to do this so thank you first of all yes for being brave and asked you this live on the radio. And now that thing you know it's all political poll and now let's get right into it tell us about the person you have a crush on. Okay. I you'd met. Chaired passed through my friend DJ yeah Adam birthday party. And armed. Received this who really. Cloning and that dark sort of playing like. One of those you know kind of like and probably plaza I and parts of Iraq where it's just sort of liked. While. No one else did. Really get away with saying that they would like saying to your polling an option should change mirrored the end it now likes to say what years things that I like H and I he I'd probably just really did not at his party and he shall hard tore hurt and and I haven't even told DJ yeah and so I. Yeah she's she's cute but. She's still. Steps and did you emerged just. Did yeah if. So when you met her and you guys had a connection why didn't you ask her out right there. I think it was a little intimidated by Shia how. Slimy incompetent. He was where. I. Think didn't go well I didn't want to be you need butt of the joke. At the party. Because I was having such a good time sorry I figured I richness kind of wait until afterwards. Tank. And do you think if she wants and knows who has the crash or she finds out that you will she remember you. Did you guys have remarkable enough of a conversation that still know who you are. Can get a pretty good connection you know. I know a lot of people had read like. Y the last man Tom actually a hum you know most people who read outlooks we should prepare us and that you know. Encrypt it you know. Another day another that's another sign romance that's. I'm there the question I have for you is I just wanna make sure our she's just a friend of DJ is it's not like his sister or anything I know. There are no account necessary. And it's there's no chance that your best friend DJ and this girl says about ever dated right. No no I don't think so I know him well enough to know the people that he's made it. How well the way it works is we call Sarah bath now and jam the tells are all the wonderful things that you just said about her and if she is saying at all. And she wants to know after hearing on this complements you come on the radio and you marked contrast your crash tests aromatic. While we are listening. It's. Some good and I also like perhaps that's I will be back into three minutes and we'll check in with Sarah back. Mark hang on the line for this confession crash as well continues in three minutes from Affenpinscher. Star in 941. You're fresh on the jet intentionally didn't more progress we just heard from Martin's got a big. Sarah best she is no friend of his best friends. And he's battled back because she says it's really awesome since of humor in all this very fast so mark if you are ready goats. The shoe on hold here and volunteer at his money you know something's gonna crush on her. Up I. Hey is this Sarah bad. Ed and. Hey it's jabs from the German Jan shallow ands. Quick question before we get too far down there in the conversation we're gonna have really are you dating anyone. No I'm not. OK perfect and we can proceed you're are you open to dating right now. I think. They have. Perfect Alley judiciary and hands be my concern over reject its case they're masked. It's high. So we are gone with some good news this morning that somebody has vehicle crash on you. Well yeah. Really idea. This somebody thinks that. You are so cute that your sense of humor is just the best because you have that dark kind of funny. This person thinks that you are the best kind of nerdy and that loves all the obscure same things that he does. And since has has been talk Sunnyvale so. As critical. Look at as well and I put so flattering but I don't mean it's a permanent anchor and I think any declaration to battle it. Well this person is all about yearly do you wanna know who this person miss. Yeah I definitely. Didn't I. Yeah I think a wonder brand like murdered but yeah. I what we'll do is come back here in three minutes. Ands played well he pay you back out. Wait long it is you try him. Sarah I have a question since then yeah him and do you have any idea who it might have a crush on you. I mean I. I don't think I'm like I didn't want me and I don't. Kind of want her attention include this as Alex. Makes them but couldn't tell. An intense primary need to really take their part about the Doctor Who waited. Now I have I knew how can I can't oh yeah. I'm definitely a good thing that we op. I get that you are they about ever save as they had in the exit of death and yet. Highlight here many a thing that. Anybody else. I don't really want to reflect how well it's it. And that can charge that in that I work it and that and now I'm like Alex made. I'm entered Georgia okay. Does the only guest this. Doctor well I can tell them would George big. It turns out it. About why do you guys that work. And that maybe that's not a good group. Nonsensical out I its aircraft I'm. We're we're gonna throw you on hold and then in three events Al we come back and the person who has a crush on you actually me. Says I and reveals themselves to you and everybody. Hello daddy confession crash continues in three minutes and tell venture out ready for a one. And NHL all star. Didn't ask your crack shot and Jeff Jeff Jeff. It's about to go to the remote Richard Reid just told they're mad at somebody's got to do compress diner. They love her humor and how hard it is man and business says knock them off things. This person thinks he's super cute and dirty in the best way possible. And she wants it. After hearing all those great things said about heard she had a couple of gases CS Alexander who has heard Jim Manny is seeing is hope that. And Georgia's co worker and that's Huntington says my power. Fat cat sized aircraft are you ready. I think a lot of good right yeah I dare rejoining. The pressure. Demands. The floor is yours pressure it is time for you take confess your current us. It's their membership. Wishes Alex from lieutenant Chris yeah. Had told me I wouldn't you think you weren't able. Well I'm I'm just playing actually. This is march and days touch screens. And hopefully. Barry until. You take my arterial at. It this is mark did he do birthday. We are talking about comic books. And we needed slim. Oh yeah. Blond guy peered. Armed. And trained to Bob's burgers future. You want a court is yeah. Yeah yeah he complimented my teacher and we just stereotype about TV shows and comic books and I told you that they grew up with TJ and some. You may know. Your mission like a really dark jokes and I talked about you remind videos. Our deposit continued thought that was really cool and come. I. It. Narrow and so I hate when little confidence and Alex you can't have our. That's a bold move aren't. Yeah. How long ago was DJ's birthday party. Last. How. Old I know exactly what it is is there's four weeks ago. So it's past months and they're bad you don't remember him at all younger anybody. From DJ's birthday party at all like. You'll never sold me a little matter I didn't iPod so a lot of people. The names. You know I. I don't. It just sorry can't totally remember that just went into a month ago it I don't know a lot of young people they are patient and sound Arnie and having a hard time plume of god this. Is gonna go to crucial part of kids com. Or would you be opened to a blind date. Are you. I'm. I mean like short and Bob Bernard shine so what I am I mean. I. You know we had similar they didn't like movies and stuff like it to a movie. And you know. It's not a weirdo you know we have mutual friends oh you're pretty. Just let him finish that up or if it. I tell lives of the saints mark let me say with this unnecessary it was buried and I just. I feel like there that's about as we're gonna. And you look marks number and in Europe for the blind date thing you can Texan cool and it's not no precedent. OK I got it. I feel like we need our ROKR music. Include hey I'm mark we're gonna let you go okay will make sure this error message you're number ten. If they see everybody but. I UK. Yeah I'm a hooker. OK. I. But I. I saw it that way. You did good ceremony you honestly have zero recollection. Of talking to this guy. Okay I'm sure they have there's nobody thought that the puck it could happen. I am I know that I'm channel beltway I think it's a month ago and honestly that's hard they're. Lee and they a hundred people online and had a few cocktails like I don't. Remember earth. Apple's hold. Why do you think I wouldn't I don't mind hearing behind it. When it's really tired. So does my charity day. Really bad you know my name please don't let your mind and it isn't that possibility exists that she could actually have a good time. I could I mean he found it funny it. Really sweet things to do and really brave you know I mean he couldn't come back here. Little. Bit something about man look wouldn't you didn't like them. Guys a chance error I late day you're good so it's not a charity date Kelly it's. Columns ingredient for email and it could be kind and I. About appreciate it thank you thank thank you just can't make me. I'd serve out the regions you appreciate it coming out of this. Think yeah I. I'll certainly awkward. And it. All the fear that bonds traders to Asia and it's so good for. Those things. That all local share that conversation continues lead jet engine on FaceBook.