Potato Glenn UPDATE

Wednesday, September 20th

It just keeps getting better!


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About a month ago. Our executive producer Kelly she's kids and emails from a guy named Atlantic and he says look I know this is gonna sound weird but if you will. It's film yourself appealing potato. On the Internet. Time goes and I'll send you fifty dollars cash. And she did it doesn't or classmates gave. That's the weird thing that slammed hybrid Brady keep your potatoes and it. They sync cable. In who says she doesn't she get fifty but she sends another request he goes I want you to make a sandwich for me and put a lot of Muster and it spills some of the Muster up the side of the sandwich play. While Kelly she's did bad and wall find out here in about thirty seconds. If she is heard back from. Potato mustard potato. And right after we get the update from Kelly sees weak answer Niall Horan Netscape kids they don't you go on sale till Friday but now Lauren is coming to Atlanta and we have gotten yours tickets. Well given weights college when he planet just after chili cheese gives us this update. I the first sign that you shows why you're appealing the tea potato was this I'm. Exxon. I thought it was appropriate to the only the only thing alarming about it was the your feelings it towards you which made everyone there has Harold. I never I was telling me that anyone how to peel potatoes and also again and you potato peeler. And send out. An old school yes hello this is a met literally a week after you posted it you get I'm a letter in the mail with fifty dollars cash and a second request is. And he asked me to I. Make a sandwich and didn't specify what type of same ones but I asked me to put mustard on the challenge on that than meets side of the sandwich is the only way you don't economy and trade and the bread I yea you do the. He needs to go. Now do you still. Kind and it's going that meets say you England now have something in common is we have we have a lot of things in common that you worry about it but I. But that date time and it's always go on the meets you now. The bronze or human area and you just end up with soggy sponge Brad yeah you're weird no way how to spread it on me if I'm the man. Tony Campos you ask them play here you don't loan spend Manning is on my sandwich and that really show at a club said he has made into satellites publicly. Out about it. Runs ever hit you JP. Yeah and now all of oh I'll get it try and then I put packets on the me. Sorry we may graduated from here update our differences is what makes this nation great mr. It's so weird you know. Yes and then I had the is Sony is she on film that in this in the background. It is. They saw no good that wit. The thickness of the envelope. Think there's money in here and Anthony and that is the odds. And me aren't they by the way doesn't radio seasoning and you. Where a 1000% convinced that it's somebody in the building. Or one of her friends or whatever her friend's position that coming in the mail you know end chickens she didn't have 5 in the morning and it's sitting in the front right. Him we're gonna fingerprint next time. Maintain a little white bass Iberia. To think France mustard potato and get it right I'm sorry to inform. Newsom letter opening music for ramps up its sale. He's planning to back. There are no well yes sir as it is saying what does this say. I'm trying to raise their facial expressions I guess how many. She's smiling. They say is now making our western music in the background and that is what I am trying to says. Kelly and thank you us so well much. Another big dollars plays two dollars and 51 sentence and changed. And Brenda season no more than seven quarters. Into another person's hand and then have them and give it back team. Country music playing in the background love Nolan. I'll I'll. So every little insane. He does he normally. Sinus misery loves hunting sanitation plasma via some things last time. It's weird you're getting close as we become more intimate oh my password or boyfriend girlfriend. You may have been his girlfriend whom much well yeah. In her hey dad can Jeff and I think potentially son. Oh yeah lastly get had thing Q yeah yes and KC and do it. Yeah a gimme another issue that's an honor to do about three weeks but here's the thing you did somebody. A hill societies. It's somebody in the building or somebody you know they're still spending cash yeah. They hundreds of dollars and we're now at a 150 dollars. Blends so well what do you mean I mean she's already got over the weirdness and Eddie are suing the Democrats. Somebody just feel like funny like hey this is funny like jokes are jokes and now when you start and end at three bills you know I mean I mean rich friends. I mean my. I think that's to be like at whatever price change now. How many friends that do that friend money next set of hands in the video and then had to split the money was actually had a hands and he negotiate without us out of timeouts. Good hands you have married her hands. Oh birdie and I just got a place two dollars and 51 cents and change no more than seven quarters. On this and necessary changes are significant cement our country's 51. I don't know maybe him yeah any. Man she had put in another person's hand and then have them get back to me. All change fascinating few times so dreaming. This is an alternate reality isn't it it's Kelly religious Japan. You can jump star ready for a one.