If Your Phone Survived The End Of The World

Wednesday, September 20th

What would aliens think of humans if all they had was YOUR phone to study?


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Okay turn enough. And Justin Jan show all of now. The world is coming to an end up on Saturday apparently. See now is not coincidentally that's purely Jesus birthday. I'm Marie and Avalon. In the world down listening. High seas and Blaine why the world is ending and we wanna know from neo was the first future's gonna learn about these times. If only your iPhone survived. So what's with the world ending with this theory. OK so conspiracy theory. So it's very -- fear as some believe that planet X is due to smashed into the -- on September 23 this Saturday destroying all life and signaling the end of the world they believe they mysterious planet already hidden in the solar system will collide with the earth killing everyone and devastating the plant sometime this Saturday comments tied to a disaster and a number of like biblical prophecies and passages that people are referring back to. And because of all the hurricanes and earthquakes before like all these natural disasters are preparing us for the Vegas and national does that. It's a volatile is this really gaining traction like people are I think given their bunkers. Fathers I was going to be some conspiracy theory ratsiraka's. They felt like are the doomsday rappers go and hand but there's no what senator Fred for a look at the earth is gone faster and he had an underground bunkers Afghanistan good points. The question that I started they get about yesterday's gives this truly happens. And if the world really does and I am Saturday. Why if Mani iPhone was the only thing to survive. And some other being. In some point in the future finds my iPhone and they have to learn. Everything the can be learned about this human race from my iPhone what lessons when they take. They've made it as terrifying and I made a few notes that can hit OK and what they would get if you would like to confess what people would learn from. Europe on I want you guys on the big about a team because they will go around their iron and I am OK and can unite so I'm I have. Three things. Mad that they would learn just from my iPhone. While humans deleted their history a lot. And than a minute period romance. Eat. Eat that's the whole point in you know now. I'm just saying like a regular basis like what do you what do you constantly deleting your search history or your text messages or wax and the home carpal tunnel thing you son Conner yeah. It videos and so simple fact. On number two. I. The human race according to my iPhone. May still lots of lists about random things that make no sense. So they were doing in my notepad in they would see things like this is an actual list from my notepad it says eggs. Allman meld oil change. Pro tractor question mark felt the hot cop with a Geneen. On the milk again I have no idea why since since the cold brew question is this so they would get them that they knew decipher that led to some sort of code. And then the third thing that they would learn from my iPhone. Is that it's totally acceptable. To text message the people that are closest to you literally from the next. Yes I don't and I am I have been lying on my bed while Kelly sits in the living room and watches TV and I might. That he wanted to make that spicy chicken pasta thing for dinner tonight I'd look literally could have just said that out. Hey thanks to that and what is it like I wonder humans like sometimes and legs just don't work. I had to exacerbate. RE 40 lord she's 630941. We want here wasn't. The future would think about human life if they only could reference your eyes are. Zandi said our job here in the room to think about it soon. Star in 941. Apparently the world is gonna end on Saturday so we you know it's the only thing that serve I gave the apocalypse is yours Smartphone. What would future life. Learn about life on earth for a 14630941. You scared because a couple of and examples of things that the world will learn about life on her. Or. If they only found it did anything to survive the apocalypse is my. They would learn that of may and people in that world through their history a lot. I've really learned why how they've made a lot of lists about things that don't even make sense. I'm not the only news or use open I do know pat got I can't forget in the you know type something in that. As it went down just over an eleven time people's names. Of just saying they're like. Brand with the taxi. But four hours later and no idea what that. Especially when you're out drinking and the third thing that they would learn is that it's perfectly acceptable to send text message from the bedroom to be living room and say hey. Now what's out. What's for dinner and I. Only ten feet away from me and that's totally normal behavior Soros or 2630941. If you wanna share on these last. JP showed director woody got. I have three. If they were a look at my iPhone. Aliens or whoever's looking at it would think that YMCA is a popular song. Strangely I think is the most frequently played song on my phone. The great. That's all that weird the second one is that dogs only eat their food by a human throwing it up in the air intensity. Oh doggie fits in dogs aren't so motion dogs on you got a ball move films that yeah. And the third thing I have is that. Humans need nine alarms a day for basic stuff like yeah. Brush your teeth for 45 AM phone mum at 9 AM and it just goes from there. It then they wouldn't think that we know how to remember anything yes humans have really bad memories and so yeah and. Why would people know hey let's hear from god. They did my thing 'cause there's a lot of people the last name bumble that's weird how. And no legs and bumble and Jeff -- home night on the bumble. Lots of pictures llamas like a lot of and comments here lately everything that you had allowed alumna peppers sure analog and and that life is a llama fine because I got pictures from night. According festivals and those with that word contortions answers or just LA and soccer games so. They have a pretty tongue onto my. I Jane what I have found a man future life would think that life fun hers was very normal. And the way that married couples exchanged their affection for one another was untrained pictures of their children's group who. And that's how he showed how much you love someone. Is by texting picture of what you can't do that until they met with the yesterday that was your first interaction there has been grants so many days. And our first interaction with one another I'm just gonna sands doctor Graham Rivera picture of my group. Doubt if you all think it's only normal and good odds just loves me. I am pretty surgeon dean if people went through your found what we Baylor it's basically and. That between the ancient Egypt and now we have not stopped worshiping cats and talking in pictures. Okay even though that's the last couple and. I look good luck to everybody on Saturday when the world is. I wanna go out when that's on if the world's ending. Cool I like to share that conversation continues league championship on FaceBook.