Where'd You Accidentally Forget Your Kid

Tuesday, September 19th

Producer Jeannine's parents accidentally left her at Sam's Club as a kid, did you or your parents ever forget somone?


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Thanks for making this wedge. Today Jeff congestion. One start now before one and. Help I'm pretty entertaining feel a little bit better yeah. Her place as I often tell. She is the third daughter in their family and. I've forgotten a few times so if you've ever been forgotten every you're dead. We wanna hear from you for a 14630941. Producer Jane how Longoria Sam's Club before the family realized well. They all got in the car loaded up the car and where a couple miles down the right before long. You saw that it was a little bit more quiet than usual I'm not a couple link. Notice and what did you do plain initiatives that they have yet to catch here. I I've written about the play in the shed their member going that account and being like. I don't think my parents are here anymore and needed the whole loudspeaker all of and a whole idea nobody comes in nobody claimed they go figure nobody claims he had. So mad men I remember them asking like who do you want us to close late mom and then on what's your name of that mom. It is it is and I need to add India in Kennesaw. And I do not my kid got what I results. You got to see and I. My brother actually liked anyway Tony technically don't eat and nobody realized luckily I have to order needles. Home. If you don't playing his campaign and told him out of power ultimately ultimately that everybody loves in the car isn't forgotten how to. With more children as these becomes easier and easier to get there we're gonna have to have Kelly can name and a few minutes and tell from her Thanksgiving Day story because that's really sad to do. Oh yeah. Efficacy got a lot of Brothers ratio in Fayetteville. Am looking though a diet what I am my dad left a little bit there. At church home on Mac and the guy in that he had left her there Blake. Actually realize the need for church called the court. And I'm impressed I'm. Should I can get her after I had my say let's. Did he. Indeed he acts like key man to leave her there is again Sheila more forgiveness as well. And then we. Got. A little. Great lake it was totally normal things you look I don't why I didn't let you know what I figured out like an event. Daddy left eleven men. My overlay it. There's worst phases shoes with god. God god god is her baby sitter think that I had patty what's out. Well I went in my Enron infected Africa admin and got a hard buried right Becky Joerg. Common thread when my children that. And we have generally better lead actor and didn't want to since. And it. So. Leave will and Marietta welcome to the sham. Hate that it will support our problem our public art when you can't eat scrambled sidewalk. So they were they were low not a whole family. And your little brother just got laughed and the grounds. Underground you tactic they didn't get. All the way down the player. Does panic insulate. How would combine and men like oh here's a kid comes and everything it's got to constantly able. Police are days I am fairly quiet because I thank you they. I doubt we'll come back here in three minutes and I. Feeling that there's anything. Oh lead and then I'll keep taking calls but here Kelly Jesus Jerry Manuel here at home alone as whose story are now. The next. Upton and young star ready for a one. He just started as we try and see an increase in spending bill a little bit better because her yeah. Harry is plus or at Sam's Club us. Went like almost all the way home as so if you. And forgotten or forgot your kid we want to hear your stories for a floor do you think they are owed nine for a one needs good relief. Seems like a common thinking oh Andre and I name Swanee. Is found. I was injured I didn't necessity when we're on vacation. We're walking around and you can work and I am like you were to occur or something which recreation locked up to them accountable and we toured Italy and Italy and realize all of their their daughter's on there and an optical packet finally. What did you do think there to kill time in Venice Italy at how brilliant. So I did you know what I do. Played with the birds couldn't elaborate and and we have walkie talkies skated so. On my guy at third child syndrome I think. Yeah you walking around same artist and her little. Luke without home alone styles story. RA Erie had so I would actually lead at my entire family to order a hole. Basically as a child we have always stretch where my lower and middle pack your order and quiet version of our current stock. Though I'd which is now home doing nothing and then nine. Really say I generally Nigerian. Now they know they weren't in order today. And I called them up. How they make that got your park and turned out there are actually already very and they didn't realize that I had. I would and their. I'm saying little and Claudette as the 567 hour drive. It's actually a Fort Myers, Florida and like South Florida is like a twelve hour drive I can't. Riveting climb on call and live how every year at the time. A time I was like eight or nine. I mean did they did they do they come back to engage you I mean that's 24 hours your home alone actually have a cousin come over and anybody. Any neighbors know my my own gold you know where and how are they end. I gotta say they. Are there were down quiche are you miss the whole vacation. I. I didn't hear mom and apple. Is Hillary. Her topic. And may be the end. Mary and the bar is set mightily at times for one more column good luck out and Alan. Marianne was either got to be earnings. Add though that we are on their third child a totally built and I'm so excited and it hero my family and my mom my dad how mean I got my mom taught me I did down at Amish ilk. I got battered and gone. And I got a lot six point eight minute it is shut entire park down nobody could leave nobody and entered. The volley bound in the mouth. And that finding Eli cowering in the corner. I could stand with him until my parents finally incoming. That's not worth trying Hollywood parents abandon you and then you'd cowering in the corner and a giant mouth shadow appears in read. A brazen web site you might be able to top league. So arm or my for birthdays. So friendly we'll go to Dave and buster's and though birthday party. What happened that everybody out birthday kid would get everybody's taken so much and they would go to Dave and buster's. Everybody play games and then we sit down eat and it wasn't until we sat down to eat that they realize that if the person whose birth there was wasn't there. You've got left in the long. Mind your own birthday dinner night. Yes my whole family out and played in the world and until they give her credit incurred in their body explain per hour in the and they sat down to eat and they're likely Wear skirts. Held by Geneen and it's great. Star in 941. Siblings you now. I'm more likely you're gonna be left behind. Item on the totem pole cius I'm not the baby but on the second time to be in the baby's so I imagine it's changed engine the only girl and the only girl formal ways. He's good wanna ask silly things like telling you I'm feeling and. And asking avoided at flags and disaster relief. I tell us about the Thanksgiving dinners that you completely messed because you're sent out an Aries two years. Two years thereafter so idealism Rome Georgia and I'm twenty minutes away from the nearest gas station are really anywhere. And not my dad one year ran for dinner is like taking you go and I'm a bag of ice not just like yeah for sure so are any gas staging a couple bags of ice and I come back and and and her in just like practically finished eating solid. So they're late they're gonna second banana mashed potatoes and a man got four Brothers and twentieth I'd Neeson and you know I mean there's like usually about thirty people on the house for Thanksgiving so. I'm like. Literally in minutes after you left the guys there might take it and. Along yet thankfully. And then why would you go get this again next year I didn't go get ice thanks airman that was likely diagram I geez I was like of course I don't think that's my girl out of they have Nazis. And Susan Evans loses about Tony famine right. I don't know I. And some kind of get my girl I cannot see is and I get there and knock on the door and nobody's there called out on my younger and I she's isn't here moms like. Shirt years and Nancy. I'm like I climb on my way back. I drive back and Airese Nana darted down loopholes like oh okay yeah I know like. Hold how does sorry if his two year old. And maybe he do you wanna come as Thanksgiving with Kelly can happen. Exe and just gonna die now Seattle last year is on the once a chef so lighten up bump you guys playing I'm a friend I don't forgive me. And its friends giving forever I have burglary on yeah we're all like to share that conversation continues lead jet engine on FaceBook.