The VaJury: The Texting Ex

Monday, September 18th

His wife got angry because he was texting his ex, but it was to plan a surprise for her!...To visit the ex's hometown...


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Okay Terna Nande. And Justin Jan show all of now. We are getting pretty good. You need a series this is where a panel of women come together and help my main man beside the sea in the right or in the wrong. This situation with his a lot of. So she likes to be on the Gerri will ask for your call here into second the first we have to. Welcome to the show the man who needs us today it is threats from Johns creek right carrier for. Yeah yeah I don't think yeah man Edward so Brad why do you mean to the ornery today. While Campbell. Didn't bring my woman. Made media. Why don't watch my ex girlfriend lift because. She upon knowledge you revised your protection me like I'm Tom how it's chocolate and she could tell infuriate exploration. Don't look out loud but we need Roger Ebert which also. So the extra girlfriend would text you. You're Weiss found out about it how long have you been married. Well belligerent three years we'll wonder years. Why is found out about it and it made you block it they're all right and what about the components. Because it then then email the we have says that there are some sort of surprised with your wife that your acts how do you plan. A lot of my yeah actual item wired Argentines to my wife where H ripped to palm's share projection. Stand a bachelor mine ex girlfriend on the tracks. So much she knew that kind of like like whether Reggie periodically actually like and how it will not let us. But we've not been major and I can we have. It's not that we're going to average it's no air now. She you have. How to light. An outlet where we are getting it where you might actually regulatory or have a little emotional connection there so I have. Got it in you didn't tell your wife you're asking her. Now I did not come out legends like those actually here. I Brett hold on okay. 40426309. Shoreline and if you are alarming that we as an opinion. We need your help for a 4263094. Line to join. Vivid Jerry Chen. If you are formed an opinion. I've got a few clothes questions so we'll talk to Brad a little bit more but I wanna hear why women have to say about this for a 263941. We need your opinion. I wish I did describe Deloach and it's on her face pressures and Lleyton the I'm looking forward to the rest of this conversation you. And I definitely am I have to I just a lot more questions on it yeah person in for a 14630941. And she I'll still are. It's big case of good at staying acts. The jury has guest list we are ready to hear the case. Tracy Amanda Britney carry out listen to the rest of this interrogation with France and then you'll. Help us decide who's in the right. Wright's wife of three years who told them that he is no longer allowed to say thanks to win his taxes matter effective blocker number. Our gratitude doesn't think he did. Welcome to show a breath. Warfare a little out of ten. And we understand this correctly so far you've been married for about three years. And your ex girlfriend. Is saying you text messages. Pretty consistently on holidays in the can burn tame stuff like that and use it. Except those text messages for about eight thanks or whatever and you never told your wife about that. Yes I admit. That open line of communication leg you to reach out here acts. When you're planning a trip to San Francisco. Because she has ties there you wanted to take your wife. All right so with this trip for your wise and why San Francisco. Are mired guardian below the material read a little while I don't know that saturated fat wallet under go to California much to judge you get. Amid desolation liberty and virtue. And how long any member of you know for the sex like how long. We've Bosnian. How liberal governor currently serve and enter your before uncharted being my wife. And you knew I have been married for three years so. Time and yeah it's playing you as there are a lot of you consider that acts as silicon friends. Eventually it now. But not even matter really what message she intentional like. It should we like how migration a tummy happy birthday right near Christmas why it short which we type deal like satellite. Or are you still cool shot like worst run and like I don't like talk to like better and so. It's about why I am like is how white the jury a big deal. Positioning has a question for yeah. Did you X are they dating someone. Our bases and is it. Gloria issues. I think show appreciation to enjoy what I'm actually it's a problem. Yeah I'll did I wish you can see what's going on here because he and Terry like look what we are taking notice and here. Is dragging down your answers. I was wondering if it's and that I yelled broke you may your life a year later the other major three years and see sexy like oh. Why would you tell your life. My question but why is it you're not on the Missouri why not go why would you. Well I'm here I have a question. I can see him let it he answered it like all late we're not even that good of friends like she's just as I'd like to him if it's the same as any other guy friends. He wouldn't say that like a brand and Steve. From college and I'm right thank you gene. A stellar yeah. And three years she's actually emerge and a hall amazes ever come out like this is my friend is also Max and I really my friends and suck and they get a deal they don't same thing inspired sell the big deal news brings about an orange and like hey this is a big deal demand since texting me thank you can't sunsets is weird thank you. I don't think south how yeah how did she find out about it. I don't know much about not about about it actually yeah. They would there are duplicated or played in conversation after a bachelor mum. To a camera since July I would like I'm allowed shed light you know that. Nicole how I don't mean like current plan like where our destination port. And you know mention charted in would like to question you know like how like while much aren't your type deal you know I am actually the same thing I told you guys. Its view on take heard any of the places you in your accent on together any chance. Well city's government California if I yeah that's right that's right yeah insurgents in and you never know guys my my rights action so. Here's another question for you Fred does your wife had any reason and see you not trust you. Let acts. Oh absolutely yeah Hillary and not just you know. So you think that she went a little over the top asking you to block this ax and cut her out of purer life. Yes I mean I like I'm like I doubt I'm obviously right. And had blocked her shot toddler like but yeah I think it's ridiculous I don't think that I that it shouldn't have to do that recruit him. That is the question did the jury has to answer correct. Would it be too much is she just asked you to tell her whenever she did text her when I meet as did keeping contact your wife was you know in the loop with that. Without also be too much in your opinion. I'm with my overload at the same time we actually don't understand why it lurched. She had looked like distrust toward being really relish an actual I got you know. Jim I have to tell their original timeline. I have to make a move early on I looked on the side topped it doesn't make any sense should endeavor given that any reasonable. So Natasha. I keep coming back to the point that you are being made which had that was excellent if there was a guy named Dave that he went to college with it's not exciting news this ugly I. Discern a completely different category you know I have Wednesday's who has knowledge of his experiment and test. That's why. That's unknown just on the planet element that. Engagement really treat these are easier to do. Our idea anymore questions and oh no I've got my opinion of our eyes. Brad hang out and floor in three minutes. We will come back Kerry if Britney Amanda and Tracy alana hauled. Gene Kelly and Jen in the studio and they will render at their opinions. Verdict we'll have a Laveranues. Star in 941. Stacy McCain Sam the man who'd dumped text too much defense. You must you live in touch with his ex. A friend to clinic surprise trip for his wife do you think convinced though it's quite he found out about some homes. Really how much would this ex girlfriend and Brad explained to her that they had been intense. On holidays randomly. My wife says you got to block tackle and he wants and that she ever really acts or was it warranted Hambrecht and surge completely honestly. In his way past confessed. Noted adding us we know that you learn not qualified to be on the attorney says you don't know anything about my. Else. It's weird turn me. Just. I think we've heard read story now we need to hear the opinions from the women who've gathered together. Carrey and will burn you are me jurist in one. Of your vote is. Even on. Why. One vote for the wife so what do you think you should have done differently carry. Number one and went into overreacting or not he needs respected why and change and Carol. I want them to block this woman candidate might get respect back. And by doing and what are you going to go to entered go to city and then blew. Think. A lot of places to go to shut it down Jeff. You're not on arbitrary and I allowed to say they carry scares me a little. I. I feel like I'm in this. Precision Nina thought. I'll actually you know what I am on carries sighing as much as I think he's honest and this may be his I shouldn't be angry about it from this point forward you know. It's kind of too much contact for an ax you know does blocker and be dumb of that Britney Amy Carter's well are you voting team lifer team brat. Guys. The white absolutely. Here puppy and I think general knee or otherwise they are not object of their. Syndicate at a. I played I mean there why is just a terrible that you got to respect your right yeah so now you know we're emotional. You know. Anytime I come not playing me now. How that could go to law I mean you have the same Carolina showed respect to hurt her by trucks and at this point I'm. And I mean that sends you know. Hurry then. Think there's some sort of broken thing raises its ugly head in to making errors I think we just all know that girls are really Smart conniving and Brett might not realize this whole tax thing. Maybe a bigger deal and is this just not worth the risk may be it's not a threat but it is not a threat he shouldn't care about is a threat he had here girl. Amanda any games earlier juror number four your thoughts. I'm I'm I'm really into guilty. I think today we do more about the relationship what why I think the I think something we don't know. Then we'd all on her eighteenth. This is terrible and I hey Ed Kelly cheese. At the roles were reversed and she run ends in a town on his ex and her ex boyfriend land and he Buick. Why he was so why would you do that is this going to be seriously and I am telling her side I think he should have some then my auntie reticence on the get a avoided the whole thing is scary unanimous Tracy and Larry branch. All. But why is it me. Or eat it. And yeah. It. It all on but. I'll. Thank you Tracy and Tracy because it is national flowery branch day her vote costs and patent. Notes that one vote on the very. I Jen you can it last wrote I believe exes are a different category than anybody else and someone that you have been intimate with you shared intimate feelings when you have intimate thoughts with memories led and I just think they're in a completely different categories so. When it comes axes Brett she's in the right he's. Kind of how. Last bride here why is his apparently graves and gassed to keep your eyes blocks past tests. Yeah also I. San Francisco I'm consistent. Dad and I will I will agree with the Carnegie and really think it drill bit. It's taken care of wife zoo host yeah axis hometown. I know what Italians like yes or no hang on wherever wherever we mag Flexilis. Well would you say. Arnie and trusting in patient and kind time. I wouldn't really you have PSC friendly every holiday. I've never told you about it this is not about me I'm now I don't friendly you don't have a match and we didn't show. Hang out on May. Cool I like to share that conversation continues league championship on FaceBook.