Trashed or Toddler

Monday, September 18th

Our favorite guessing game is back! Can you tell the difference between a drunk adult and a typical toddler?


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Can't you tell the difference between age fashion doll and it's typical toddler and it's actually harder than you might think. I shouldn't have trashed a hard time. And the jazz and can show our contestant today. Jennifer and tennis log does show. Hate Jennifer Ernie your job is to play against one of us here in the studio anybody mentioning down species went through places came together if you beat as you're going to see. The brand you sort of silly show happening at Atlantic station lose. It's all right so if Jennifer who do you feel most comfortable competing against the. I'm go to theater Jennifer Hudson. Oh okay honey let's do this Jennifer Jen iron you're a mom. I am not a lot and Jane by the way I you love thirty year back after. Play another part of they have been trash a couple of times like they. I did lose them. And makes you an expert here on a scale of one to ten how competitive would he consider yourself as Jenn hobby extremely can affect a hello I'm proud. Lead. A little bit more than jet. I'm okay I'm please follow certain things out where the road back get in Marietta. I describing a person. Merely get. Retailers went songs. Jennifer is a law Rebecca talking about a toddler or a trash adults. I'm totally trashed adults. And Jenn hobby and I'm going toddler. Round two Kennedy and thousands Al. Pulling out and every thirty minutes in. I'm rich. There's always a first. Are you thanks for Purdue is hysterical and it's a backyard barbecues picturing like okay is mental. Outlook. Could go either way Janet firm what do you think it is. Yeah I'm an academic trashing and. She trashed her Jennifer and Joseph and Tommy. I am gonna go listener on the chest and I round three is Tierra and Bainbridge. Following that vomiting and whining about heard feeds is that a toddler Horry trash to melt. Marriage and how mean I don't trashed because every time. I've never been trash had been complaining about I thought Lance took offense seemed an Alpharetta and just running into the book shelves and tables. Had a meltdown. In their shoes. Another thought where really needs trashed her toddler who do you think Steve is trying to attack other trash adults Jennifer. And I think toddler. The part of the game where she's an account it is harder than me says that there. I gen Richard yes. Well I think your own more time they go brilliant and running into the book shelves and tables had a meltdown. In their shoes. He says he's at a bar but I am gonna go toddler I think this is this your music midtown addition I. Yeah all these people are that music they have when they are recorded sound and I toddler for both of you guys and the last line is Amanda in Woodstock. Like leaving everything. Passion it's I had no passion that theory eight nappy burrito consumption until now her toddler. Grads. It generated this wages match. He's friends out right yes because I'm not sure I'm gonna go to our. I Tyler welcome back gain in three minutes. Yeah the answers and storm out Jennifer vs Jenn hobby for extra time on star. And young star already forewarned. Amy is trashed her toddler can you tell the difference between a trash adult and a typical toddler Jennifer antennas. In the middle of a my dad always Jenn hobby. Sitting across. Jennifer you have been a formidable opponent this is a tough game is that this Israeli. Good and yeah that's was little tacky and I came in this event things. I Jennifer if you beat Jenn hobby we've got a pair event to get CUC's circus so lay. Hide and I am amazing show that can torturous twelve you can get past. I'm very cool anyway yeah. Brown line it was Rebecca and Marietta who said there is. Merely get her. And songs. Jennifer says that Taylor Swift karaoke star was trashed. Jenn hobby says that was a toddler reminds me of my four year old hear the answers. Because usually it's. And. Actual round was induced did you learn how to. Q there was Taylor Swift all little kids of Taylor here's Greg Kennedy and Johnson that was describing how. And Alan and I and every thirty minutes in. I'm rich. I mean are you both say they're bad person was trashed Kennedy says. Ollie does got Tehran. Rounds three Sierra and Bainbridge file. Falling vomiting and why raining. Because the cheese Kurds Jennifer. In Kennesaw said toddler James said at the feet clue. No guarantees this person. It's traction. So yeah. You always think those heels are going to be a great idea to begin tonight by the end your somehow yourself paying them a twenty minute senior Matt had to ask her. Stephen Alpharetta around form just running into the book shelves and tables. Had a meltdown. Their shoes. You guys both said that was a toddler Steve says he knows my best friend's son as a I am friendly round finds Amanda in Woodstock described this person. Leaving other things. I'm happy cheering yeah we burrito yeah. Jennifer says that it has to be a trashed adults Jenn hobby says that was definitely a toddler. Yeah I had isn't he. Even Su Jen hobby who wins this round and ranchers out there. Jennifer deserved freedom finds us in our homes. What did you say dinner. Paper all thirteen is your favorite well then you should have kids who drink more and study out there. I am general science Hamas and prayer thank you yeah you're welcome. To freedom are searching. Did you take off. Thanks for making this wedge. Today Jesse James got one star not before one and it.