Amber's Letters to Thank a Lineman

Friday, September 15th

Our Local Lineman and Women could use a thank you for all their hard work.


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So are in 941. Appears to help her from right here in Atlanta her name is amber Smith and she. Right is an email saying I'm an official and Clinton made the switch Solis Nadal in the mornings thanks for creating a show that's fun real and local. Amber says it's not just face proposed earlier this week about how many rude and disrespectful comments have been aimed at our linemen this week. I am the daughter of a Georgia power employee alignment insured so many of his emotions. She says she found herself kind of getting into Twitter wars with people over some of their nasty comments this week. And she said I just I need to find a way to channel all these feelings that I had. And she wants to be able to get a thank you letter in the hands of every man or woman who's been out in the field this week restoring power. Her goal is every one at Georgia power condi EMC Jackson EMC accent around. I seditious only negative voices out there right now and frankly they're quite loud. I wanna shut them down and give our guys and gals the positive attention they deserve amber has created a FaceBook page thank IG a lineman. And she has also created a PO box where if you want to write a handwritten thank you note to thank him for all of their hard work sometimes putting themselves. At great risk you can send a thank you know we've already started on all of our FaceBook pages and we have an up. At star 941 Atlanta dot com and Amber's on the us Hamburg. I today amber do you even do you know how many linemen in line women now are. Employed by news organizations. I'm 1101015. Cent and they're gonna there. And I extranet they came to dictate that we just protect our alone. Wow that's and crowd yeah so when you think of the fact that there's been an error over a million people without power. I think they're down to under 300000. Without power. And 7000. So what are they to travel and cruise like three or for our. So we do the math at that means 2000 crews restored power to nearly a million people. And I NE OK yeah I'll still be a grumpy and the Internet. Exactly and I'm getting over grumpy and I did change the conversation and I want to Eric. Hello how thankful eager re election into the power that I actually. And they don't end though that. An amber you said there's something about getting a hand written thank you know right. I don't need only look back at Atlantic. We try to go back and saying don't take email we got that important and it looked at that you know I only had to go back to you and it's time. To think big and. And we have the address chaired everywhere so we're gonna cross our fingers that you get a bunch of letters a moron and right are straight after the Shanda. I didn't know it sound like JPG and I love listening yeah examiner amber. Cool I like to share that conversation continues league championship on FaceBook.