I Still Don't Know Their Real Nam

Friday, September 15th

Ever have a friend for years before you learn their real name? You're not alone!


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Thanks for making this wedge. It's indigestion Shenzhen one start now before one and. You'll have friends whose nicknames just take them rather than their. Actual name. I really know. Actual many Kelly she's at the cabinet where we wanna know how. You've known somebody without actually ever knowing they're real thing 4042630941. And I can't wait to me everything. There and doing good company and I prayed yes I'm Emily an accurate way. Clay I think somebody for six years she's our. We're all time. And there sometimes and Colorado City and certainly it's a little older. Teachers college who I'd never do and I am. Still don't invest in a week and I think we easy isn't that Louise. I think is how I think Chandler I don't know what color we eat and Chandler. They don't sneer dark like that it was weird. Holes and maybe should have intransigence and we may may have the nickname for around. I hate Sheila. Tie. It especially not help that my best friend from our golden not real out of Atlanta and went sixteen to eight. Or 27. Year old how NC and she came and Cabrera the working in a legal name is Sheila. My grandmother in Maine they came and went out to wake held. And when she came into worse situation and tiger are you wearing effect is mine she said now you're saying yes and actually I'm sure you look. Thank you mean a whole new person. Yet. I knocked her over Elizabeth and I style. Yeah how picking your bank account they. Is that. My husband Brandon Lee lab I can get her out here today that. OK gentlemen I am and I let Erlich right so. Does your husband know his real name. Or bad I don't know if you've ever since maybe ever since here husband what what's his nickname of what you column. I had the nickname at Cadillac. So that you don't really know his real. Well I don't think Atlanta had to say because you don't a lot longer than I have. Let Danny I really I don't like that I don't brag. Hi it's funny. Rate is our friend Cadillac has and is running I can tell her fear it. Is Iranian anyway. I. Pockets Cadillac that radio DJ his real person is Alan says that I'm not insured. Adriana and Riverdale what's up. Yes well my little bit worse because I can have been. There will be an entire day in my mom or obliterate projects I didn't tell her real name for 28. It may I think by attitude she litany of trigger quick on FaceBook and I would like mom look. Patricia. Issued by EO. Yeah. Well I was happy and you name ward made eight. That's because. They have a very big and you name is Jana. Chelsea and Thompson. That's how threatening talk that. You're political together we actually EE. Strictly to meet at happy tequila cap or out. And I never questioned we actually had a class act and dirty church shallow. And once you reach a point you can't pass. An ideal ideal thing count every on. And that's. I think he's going to be capped forever I well. Here is the best call we're gonna take it rate after Cole by Maroon 5 and Smith shall aim at Brookhaven. Who is actually. Dating a man. Now whose real name she does not now. And she I'll still are. I'm re Dane Woodstock. Did you know her are okay I thought it was your father Arenas this still pretty bad and I'm at bat. Now that that's that's just my boyfriend's there now see our CNN and he went right so many different nicknames and. You know I think baby is. My my denies his wife would come and the lack. I did everything that you really would say any I don't think they mean about a year ago or actually knew that and you know him well where his name's. Not a lot of different than being. Yeah it Carolina oh. And so and what is UConn and outages count poppy. Right. If I say I don't boy and telling him hey I'm with. Hey yeah I'm. Only do you then use. A jury can I get you a lot of hay but hey yeah. I'm all right. We're gonna time to Michelle and brook haven here once again she's actually dating a guy whose name GS now. Joy in what sack. I got so I was growing up and there are those guiding them my appearance aren't. And it wasn't so I was getting Mary and I are selling out imitations I'm an engine that on there and my can't look at you know like. Not not a yeah I had no idea. So. We did our kids who. Ran well this is actually losing Jane is you saying that. You're like mind blown. And amber and I am here is so yeah I I am glad my whole I don't. As the night last I'll be Michelle in Brookhaven because this will be a tough when the top ten Michelle. Hey. I'm what's yeah what's what are you what's the name of this got we're you know him have this. Elena I am sure glad I didn't job so to everybody I'll the next. But I've known him for forty years Blake we judge and like good friend and my crew wherever and he got a couple. Pat I tried to come and that we are looking up about a month ago and then. I hit a pretty well and like and then turn. Now that but I don't know at first yeah. Having his moment where I'd like now in the middle and I don't partly or whatever at all. Like I kind of want to get rapidly go look at you they do about that would be that you know. You can't wake up in the middle and I MB looking through his wallet. Ideas that you had her interviews they'll put a have you ever stayed in his house because you can duck out of the bedroom light to go get some water or whatever and look for male. He's not a. We generally that might play at how he had Q remains south. You know I'm out at famous on the lights terribly weird and they are never downloaded and the same has come. And he's trying to weary knowing Gary he spells are named GUERR. Wily and weary. Only lighting guy that I met all the making out south CNN your I go and I don't really know a seven year old weird and raise five million. And I think your dad's name we. I'm Kelly do you have any tips on finding out the name of a guy the year span that is housed we don't know I was and I can't remember when he told yes I. Hours ago. Eyewitnesses saying. Definitely mail all the mails a great idea. Honestly I twinkling asked outages that look at this money are we. We're getting to a point where I'm hockey my parents are coming in next weekend. And that I. And I think. Like our own so there is usually and notice how you say hey how do you want me introduce you to my parents by Everett's role in the let's droves laid out of I tell you I generals like this I think I'm playing the role of match and you went out Michelle go out and hang on him had some apparent serenity and like five minutes and check do CU has like your nickname or your real name. May just fine. OK go lick my dad asks like is LA where does it come from a whenever I left when he is an. Is that asking them private Leo and mentions my life lessons Mitchell's and just Mitch. And about what's your first thing. Well let me. Good luck that Michelle. At a time in the I hope everything goes well an instant Ed's blog not obviously a mrs. Mench and out. This makes me itself and there's a hold on showtime images from around. For so it couldn't daughters and some suns may just have. Call that says. All learn and share that conversation. Continues with jet engine on FaceBook.