Best Proposal Ever? Or Worst?

Thursday, September 14th

Did he totally ruin his engagement with this move? Or was it the most romantic idea EVER?


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For goodness let's. Yeah yeah. On star now before want to attack. As the story but I have to tell you first that I think my radar is off your romance raiders' terrible I really its radar is not so that's. Terror tallied because I'm a bit of a control freak black. Not my romance radar is terrible I ruined my own engagement and I. I told Jeff that bringing puppies sued the bridal party for Cali on their wedding day was a bad idea. Are you mean the idea that ended up going viral yeah covered nationally. He beat. Right away these close when. I'm big surprise there. Puppies are. Perhaps yeah we got. James laying down Derek yeah. Her and they address as I was like why is one of the puppies tingles down the front of Kelly's wedding gown Jane is a romantic webpart. Well how is it that video have announced in any idea I don't know it was just go back and let down a sound. Pulled out from a year ago on cat I was looking at Kelly's it's Graham but anyway. So my at my romantic radar completely terrible so I need to know from you guys following this story best idea ever or worst idea ever 4042630941. If you can share your opinion honest OK and one British woman was going on a family trip there are able to take a standing order tricked okay. It was an amazing family trip because her boyfriend. Proposed on that trip how cute her whole family was there they were on the Greek island of Santorum lean mean this gorgeous setting for popping the question. So every. Everybody was her brother her sister her father kids from a previous relationship all on the vacation with a couple. And then as the woman says yes her fiance. He reveals. That he has planned the entire wedding and the wedding is tomorrow. So they get engaged she's so thrilled and then the very next day. They get Mary he had ordered. Bridesmaids. Dresses like pink perfectly altered he had organized the venue. The flowers. Hair and makeup people he even bought her wedding dress that he knew she'll light. And another shorter dress for her to Wear at the reception. She never suspected anything was completely shocked and surprised by the entire thing. 44042630941. I'll just take calls from the ladies. A cash is advanced super romantic. Or is that awful. I would question you. Could go. I don't count it's pretty thoughtful romantic or. He did and why it now I think. Only cheese you don't wanna get married him I have a strong desire announced that kind of like planning a wedding or anything in my hand isn't it a secret interest in the finally this is some day they met last week and events I. Yeah yeah. I run into any financing and carrying me yeah. I was still are now on grass on us do as I examine CEOs he rails and he had a row port bodies and imagine. You only have only. I think I would love it actually I know I would have person anyway you want right now let's ask about a normal woman. If you did this for high eighty. What would happen. Just I mean seriously take axle last year jingle jam yeah he's onstage Strom an acute his song ever propose society and then you tell her. The whole thing down merger as has already been plans. She's real freaked out she'd be happy but it. How did you get my size right how she wins out. He freaked out she wouldn't eat it she's a planner it's what she guys. And just like surprises yeah but I mean it's beyond the surprise they pick the planning of the wedding for women is as much. They have lived their relationship as. Then the the marriage ceremony I mean there's much that process is the man. I would love it Kelly comes from wind sir how I. He I think that I would be clarified it might be unsafe plane are higher waiting without any enclave. Zero and that she had no idea even the proposal was happy you. Hi Elizabeth what are nine. Bad idea. And I think only then should he could say no need Irish red all of that money. Harlow. I can't snap the point the point is women like plan a wedding that of Kelly. I mean it is so thoughtful and so I'm like planning some things on my friends and got married and have helped them plan a wedding I just think it's so hot it's a lot to take and it ended that wait let left. But at the same time your whole family is there this is happen and then when you're married I think that this is just like the most romantic thing where I. I could I think I think you and I would actually see sadness on Kelly's face if I did that there. It's stealing all of that away or did you even think in amounts and page six. Jessica and announcements out. I so I think I had amazingly opt out and I have all of this deal from that story me and I really wish that something like how it happened. Now about the plan and eight days. So you wouldn't know art if you wouldn't feel like he stole some choices that you always wanted to make yourself like he ripped away that chance for you to plan your perfect dream wedding. He kind of places. With you and I. Yeah I think Fred this being a leader like relationships are her. And that more special beach hey I only see the big wedding but it. Hope to drive slower and take this without them I couldn't conduct. Almost romantic idea of our calls are pouring in and I have to say I'm shocked at how they're going. There's more Kelly's in the world then there are normal women so yeah this may Murtaza Manx. Czar not before one that. And. It ended today who didn't show this morning and we are any. Most romantic idea you. Heard or no worse idea. I have burns told you about a bride who is on vacation with her family her boyfriend. No idea that he would get down on one knee and popped the question the Greek island of Santo dreamy beautiful and he reveals to her. If he's playing to the entire wedding and they are getting married. Very next day he picked her dress you pick fights may stresses he picked a venue the floral that everything. Every decision was made for her. And they got married that very next day. Rachel and them Madonna how can you say. This is a great idea and I'm he ended up. I don't know if idea you obviously demands they don't know anything about being a woman. O'Connor. That you don't know anything about being a woman was polite I would. Not a member of my fiance hit this green I would beats. That's absolutely ecstatic not only didn't attention enough to meet you know. I in my life weeks. Address I want and claim that all of them a final beat out. Yeah. This. These. Choices away from your eye on your pain certainly and it. You know. All of this and I'm so. Brady in Dallas a nine. OK this all important I'm. I don't I don't age want some. Of our best I can tell us about it. I'm not the best play it straight out now or edit the department sat there until about labor not a record. The Biden did a thirty minute they cut it. It hasn't been a very good and bad and she cried out as well as compliance she. Lucked out. Ginny now it's Chris. No matter if you meet a boy a real world boy now a World of Warcraft boy and we can. I'm clown he. Wants to hand wants to plan your entire wedding. Worst idea ranked. If you're listening future mr. Riley because you're taking my name. You. Can just playmate okay. Because you bring the vision boards you can say I think this is great I have all these vendors think you can do all the work that's fine. If you take the planning away for me I I'm a pretty surgeries and let me out but he knew only love. That I what you want firm Luntz sling making it that I'm really excited to I want the chicken sandwich I mean they're easier on the avocados rabbit and all these decisions. And then let them. Questions also perhaps not like ABBA I'll think about the chicken and I don't think about the deep and I'll think about it like yeah you need your. It's just over that lunch is boring and then it's over and then it's like luncheon meeting. It like all the flowers and gorgeous flowered decision I don't mind I wanna go to the garden in touch all the flowers and then spend a day meditating about the flower yeah. And then I'm now calling the shot and trying on all the different way. Down option that you ever dreamed about like the big ball down good spirits and and more slender mermaid styles and that all of you could try on all of those and then decide what's your favorite nope he's sick. We've music and surely aim at locust grove it's that. Got a wonderful idea. I was. Jay-Z and Mary Anna you do you think it's terrible riots. I mean being it's very proud of the younger rather say. Curry. Do you love this. I love I would not. Play. Sure doctor injured or channel. It. We are. It's just gives you don't think. He's so amazing to know one and all the thought that went into that but then anti also locked into a venue and and fans rainy night. Yes and then Greek island he's done. Aren't they scenery scattered everywhere. Anyway it doesn't matter even if it was a beautiful venue here in the Atlanta area and you walk in and it is just stunning and all your friends are there and just like what I mean ever on and so happy to have. Surprise you some things so wonderful and so big and so all thoughtful. It's like I would be floor. I learned today that much I. Yeah Atlanta what's out. Well idea I'd heard saying to you last all right take your throat times ten times. It's electro college camp and I thank you can appreciate it. Mercy. At all like to share that conversation continues league championship on FaceBook.