Do Dramatic People Know They're Dramatic?

Wednesday, September 13th

Our very own Kelly Cheese seems to attract drama, but could it just be her? Do you know someone like that too? 


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Okay Terna Nande. And Justin Jan show all of now. Did your people actually know the tears come. Argued they didn't diet. If you got some expertise in this area. Or an opinion on it we need to hear from you 4042630941. Too many people actually know doesn't. The S subject to the reason this whole thing came out Kelly she's will be our. What are our first experts on that's because she's in she's the reason I thought of this site. Hey Olivea cone from but I do dramatic you know that there germanic. I'm actually there's no dramatic something we look at some economic stimulus act right wild. And react to that only military. So you are the dramatic on. Stanley and I can't tell. Yeah I can act like about it. A little electorate it's anonymous on the eighteenth tired and wetlands and can barely take its arch I hadn't seen and we know it. Alicea to shock her. Yeah I says I. So. A situation. That waited too typical person just behind. That was crappy you. As well new escalade that into the worst day of your life. I think I don't Wear their right to do that. Sent a wake known can't lurch and I. Now it bat yeah. I'm Kelly she's just the reason that I thought of this subject matter for this. My zap hits you. Have a lot of drama in your existing C used to say back Obama unless you find that. I'm just saying well that's why we have that are yet you just have a lot of drowning in your existence and I am wondering if you know that you're the dramatic course so I can. Really really easy Mac and now because. I am not and germanic person. I'm on good storyteller. And I don't think. That I from the track one I think that dramatic things happen. Around the main. Okay that I absorb them like us funds and then I just you know he squeezed. Behind the appellate you'd like a brilliant story. In fact. So you don't think they your behavior in any way attracts dramatic behavior. As she hesitates do you think because you who. Have have have that energy rate because you have that. Dramatic. Energy in the flair for storytelling do you think situations where maybe somebody else would go out and this is a crappy experience. You might. Ask escalates. Elevate these claimants say. Either. Paul pulled back again vastly mazes sound like I'm making it worse. But elevate I think that is actually what he meant there. No because in your eye on them bad car I know my own man I just have a speed bump harm upon on the entire towns. That's me as I used him so much better. Like I slammed into a pothole and post there as I tire you know I elevated in the Sar made it better. Now this isn't techniques. Yesterday have you ever calling to us a very bad uber right I'll know half super oh hey can you voice talking about this you were right reselling sir I appreciate your good story telling thinking abilities. But isn't a situation in the midst of the very bad ride. I'm feeling you made it worse. While you were in it. I know you could just ask her to pull over and said I'm. The one seed that is so dramatic. You told us very well yeah any day drama I was practicing patience by seeing him as a Bloomberg who has gone forty miles and Barlow play on today. I do to your phone. Out and started filming her does that Kenny is so I told the story to show my friend the. I don't really remember that's out of the out of me work for Sanchez shows miles per hour lecture on. And so does ways I think LA's a screen shot ways I can text of the people to an angry message in daylight. You wouldn't believe I'm going there right now. As opposed to you think that's less dramatic than saying hey let me outrage here pop out and then requesting a different Hoover driver who would elements and and that's ridiculous you. And almost. Before. 26309. Marlins a simple question. Do dramatic people like Kelley. Know that they are dramatic. I'm magellanic C I think that you don't know it because you just are this little tornado just Galen through your own life. Not having a clue that you're actually the tornado. I let me and naming a tornado. But I'm not dramatic. That's. Our own words Houston we don't I borrow we'll see if anybody can stand in allegiance with drama Kennelly. NHL all star. Did you actually know that they're German. Jamie in Duluth has an answers the question if you've got one for a 42630941. Hey Jamie. I won't come nice. Oh yes we know or dramatic they did differently. My health and exaggerate or Michael Kelly she's talking about and that seemed like he elevated story. Call the adoration and make it more entertaining. But every single situation that carried it talked about it some drama queens. Total drama. We're having picked LAU and then again. Musical elephant takes on an okay PP yeah. I already said it isn't for example where all hang out in NCAA SJ dart around a common business associates. And somebody asked a question about this person and you were on the F. And then on the planet I can say that day. Our. Arab well if you're trained to do anything with them you might as well have a conversation with them or. I'm an awfully dramatic right now there's. It's good to get a gist impersonation okay. I'm comments coming in on Twitter Seawright telling some AM my favorite comic cons on twelve Terrelle Weatherford. Kelly alone. There's a huge difference between germanic and passionate. I well a second sea island to elevate you cause dramatic I call you dragging you say your passionate. Maybe I'm passionate. If you're you're passionate you would be advocating for good you are you are advocating for drama premiums are evil. They blogger. That he welcomed the ship. It really don't mortgage. Yeah drama queens. And none of McQueen is. Out there and I want the apathetic. You. If I'm good at all and Al okay. Well Mikey. That's on top. This times can you complain about the crazy things well I'm I'm not old old old. I won't get it I'm I don't look at it that they may as. He's not being called evil I'm told I can't. I. Mean nobody want the written may own. Connections. Can't go up to this. Love is not it. I've been using guns today television and argued it would have been on the radio show is so terrible that's like big news. Things are gone fashion thanks draconian fashion and making I shouldn't come out and we love about just got to look alerted. Come and gone on. Weigh in on FaceBook ads in the polls everybody's saying you're more dramatic than me Jaffe. Pays drug isn't okay that's the spot to find accurate in Seattle eight while you start a whole grains and drama. It nicely and all I like to share that conversation continues league championship on FaceBook.