Helping With Hypnosis: Letting Go Of Woobie UPDATE

Tuesday, September 12th

Jessica is 26, and she still just can't let go of her Woobie. Can we help her?


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Okay Terna Nande. And Justin Jan show all of now. Knows this is a ways that you can. Can break really really bad habits and if it's an unconventional methods but some of us here on the Jeffords and show has had some luck with that and and we are trying to. Help our listener just a tough break free from meaning he will be as an adult stuff and I'm Jessica called us after she heard from pretty surgeon Nina on the air route you talked about that habit that you wanted to break it. Yeah I had pretty nasty hair pulling have been aware as just you know an anxiety that I had free ten years or so it was really bad in high school didn't have eyelashes at bald spots. Thumb so that was something that I really didn't think I'd be able to break or get away from its early years of trying where you always wanted to stop gas. And you went to see Jeff nice friend Sam Wheeler and do hypnosis and he helped you. Figure out a way to stuff he really did he had a lot. Techniques and a lot of great words of advice and a lot of ways for me to continue on with my own health even after I stopped seeing him after a couple of weeks and this is months ago and has a working it's working really well I didn't have a backsliding moment and I just went right back to the recordings and it felt like I could just. Completely lock placement against so called his Sean records the sessions with you and you listen to him over and over here. Afterwards so call Erin and he helped me get outside smoking years and years and years ago and I just I really believe in this have no say this huge. We have a woman named I just kind of thrown witness she joined us a couple weeks ago because she won a chance held. Getting over her addiction Friday November 2 home will be. A little piece of fabric that she is and since she was a child. And she would rub it against her fame. As you said even in a new her new job she would go out of the car and take breaks so that she loves you would be. And it was I believe her Simon and then. Who was starting to get really attached to his Whoopi and she's like I can't tell him not to be attached if I'm still attached so I really wanna break this hat. She spent some time to shine and is down with a straight now so Jessica the question we all have our use successfully weaned off. You or would be. I really don't. All of my house so reminds us again how many years you carry this thing around. On an island very early in any area. Wow and so you have no anxiety as it's that we view you're not constantly wondering where it is like you are tremendous. I'm in your eye and say. I admit sometimes I think getting it and I are looking for a family wait a minute reminder. So well is it in sons had no says that really stands out here or there a couple sentences or phrases that. Really broke through for you. Actually. Don't really remember where I know part of the attention at the big inning with a mad thinking I didn't eat a rare. Hourly or hour finale and victory. Bet I remembered the number carry. But you don't remember what he said that leg. It's triggered your cure. A. On that it hasn't something that I signed that check and it. Community and my son and her eight and something about my son and I think that maybe they back. And I remember when you got you when you told us how Shawn help you quit smoking. And one of the things he did was connect to the bad habit we is important children an airline yeah. I remember here I am I was visualizing my god daughter at the time I didn't have children but I I had to this child that I loved was really closer when my best friend's little girls. And he was like now imagine her with a cigarette in her hand would you give her cigarette and I was like oh god no never. And then he related back select will you really are essentially that little girl. He plays giving her cigarette and so. It was if those scenes just really impacted me in a different way and I just thought about the habit habit completely differently than I had before. Yeah he did the same thing for me I. That it was younger me is that you whenever I get so now every time I'm stressed that it has imagine liking that little ten year old Indian mound like our best is you keep your hair your guy. Yeah and Jessica you mentioned you're worried about years sun picking up the same habits I bet that it's like a lot to do with why your son helps so much. And senate and even I'm actually planning to clean him off but we're going to keep that hat and a parent I can't welcome him and the latest. Wow well well congratulations. Jessica how relieved as your husband's. So you felt relieved easily and they're hard I looked very nice if we can't actually had it. In my trunk in the act back but I have has turn three I built it and eat it attracts wow. Census yeah I can't. Even out that really were. I feel OK I I feel playing the games I take get the same thing but for ice cream but the thought of being discussed the guy's been horrified Nissan now. But that's how we dance I bet you be the first for ice cream hypnosis. It's not only. Jessica congratulations. Even in that actually. The center and other means that I don't care adding more and help burn hazard battery and I can't I'm gonna banish. And I thought about it not add to our people on the ground but we gonna. Well clean made sure the U fellow man and share that with this canyon. Yeah do you have a a burning of the would be. Schedules and well. Traveling this week and on and on my car get really tired. That is a video of view burning was being we will share it time that our social media congratulations. They say he has no legs physically. For us for making this wedge to the chest congestion. One start now before one and.