Helping with Hypnosis: Letting Go of Wobbie

Tuesday, September 12th

Jessica is 26, and she still just can't let go of her Woobie. Can we help her?


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Okay Terna Nande. And yeah yeah shell hole. I easily on the show producers shared with us that she had a habit she really wanted to break it's where she pulls her hair out and what's the clinical terms foraging kind. It's called trick too little Armenia OK and so I'm she has sought out the help of our friends Tom Wheeler whose hip detest. To help her style hair pulling and it's only working trio it doesn't really working parents there they get tiny little relapse that her day by an I agents. Remembered everything that he said to me and that was my biggest worry was that it would go away when I was done and I fell right back into that feeling that I didn't have to worry about it anymore so all content you and I have both gone Z Shawn for different reasons there yet yours has tried most are the reason no smoking. Yeah you know besides smoking years and years ago but I'll. He was on this are telling us about June means journey and and made the offer. Then if we can find somebody waved a really unique story. That we would want to follow along with he would also treat them. And so we want to introduce you to Jessica in Logan bills she is on with us right now because neither story. Really connected with terror. And full and have them. Understand it can't leg her bag and eaten. Really complicated. What is your habit the you need help with. Okay alone and feeling very thing that I have something that I car you were being. And I've had a talent there. It really married thing to see. A grown woman now which it's at their own and came in and around. And without it can't. I walk around town at the time I shouldered it I don't attribute their. How old are you now gesture. I am when and how old are your kids. That territory. When it's rude what are you doing there when it's around you the what's the what's the point of having you nearby. Don't touch and it. And we meet different wind and certain spot and I just revving and revving and play with Matt yeah I think Eric and read in the red and and then I put into my age and nationality and I read the whole bottom iMac basically a bit actually it was a. And it initially your. And it out out. Have you ever misplaced it. And I haven't met freak out and I had to try to take delayed. I'm excited you know me and said hi I'm an out straight out to our attention like the Euro combined. Wow what are your kids think of this. Actually my limit at thirty year old actually technically didn't manage and decay around this thing to do the things. And relate I can't. Really see helped him I can't help myself the kid. I had a little tricky and it's an okay thing I'd still have occasionally like to let him admit it and you can. Do you have a job outside of the home. Or when you did work but maybe Torre hey kids did you have to take it to work we do. I am actually. Moon channel and the are taking in my car and every break and it hadn't come out of the air around me and I don't want. I don't have any slick and they can create a particular act. But outfit and I had it another cup quarter at the door and look around and around it and panic. Can't dance and everything and then to collect inside. And then how long road trip I don't have a and the friends I hadn't had it in the bag eager in the trunk Quintana had literally pour over patent. Yeah right next to. What is the longest amount of time the U Ben away from it. I say I've actually Chad did travel. Oh my mom is in the best expressed to our Italy. And so I would go probably a little and without it. And none OK this is great is that sign and it simply common and it. They're inseparable I can't. While it's part of you a little panic at the thought of not needing the levee. Right now actually am and say skiing and that I can and I believe I letting them shaking in an area that I'm just. Tiny single currency appreciate it happened. So he should Sebring the will be with her. News John's office I don't know all last shot about that if that's something that would help him help her. He'll probably want it with their for the first appointment and guess I would think so yeah maybe. But it's simply not hippie issued feels like it like a regular therapist office just a regular children live comfy chair in a barbecue grill out and Greek and burn on the way behind. All owners Larry and LA yeah yeah. Yeah. Don't worry he's not getting it back. We were told the arena never quit right now I can largely be brave you can give says hey you. A story. As it progresses so you can let go that would. Strengthen us what it's just congestion. On star now before want to.