Rhyme Time

Tuesday, September 12th

How quick are you with your words? Play along with listeners and find out!


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Okay Terna Nande. And Justin Jan show all of now. Easiest game on the radio jazz age is an advantage reduced. How many children's book she reads any given week. It's just tougher in the moment and think it's going. Basically Jeff takes a word. And all of the answers Ryan aware of and you have to go into them rapid fire. Up for grabs today isn't it Lenny united tickets for tomorrow night's game at Mercedes-Benz stadium. Phase in Atlanta and as soon and right. Try. 85 he's welcome to this trend despite light haired pharmaceutical can't hindsight that's why Zach. Feisty you buy is that she's and so I asked. Memoranda and Carol and hello. Can. I had. Sounds like you're on the ready okay. I animate in that area can be careful. I Miranda who would you like to plan your we have JP GA mean Kelly cheese are Jenn hobby. And what could and I and I got you and why he's now. Do you and your rehab Janine JP or Convergys. On 88 all right I do and Ted how. Did out of the room OK I am leaving. Levy. Deadlocks. Didn't semi demented but it I appreciate it I do think Jen has an advantage I pulled out of her channeled a camera and a and just. Just so you know. I say JP is standing up he's cracked and is now goals east. Stretching. He's in advance. I Janice now in the soundproof room. JP in honor of the prize yeah okay which is take this is CE. Atlanta is a new US sporting team yes and any united. I you have to identify these sense that Ryan width. Team kind are you ready sixty seconds on the clock the most she gave are you get as many Asian Canon sixty as the number jennies debate. The clock starts the minute I read the first clue words that rhyme with team. Jay Payton. I. Tiny river. Streaming. Am I scary com pops up you're gonna aspirin. Boiling water made scheme that. And artists are always creating a new scheme that I'd show you picture on the Internet. Name. Too many smacks we'll have to bust in this. It your waist band I'll pass. Cash rules everything around yeah. Cash rules everything around me little tang. Nice pass look like everything now my pizza. The White. House Dottie gets you out there Scotty gives you up. So naive. At best. What happens like your sleep time and trying the 500 sheets of paper. I'm past if you party with Kelly she's joked they get when. And GQ and. Dream the. You have. Yeah. Terminates the I five is Jane. Does in game 1234567. Agendas and kick a gaffe it's 66. In the second. I was like. For too long speeding and they're cheating you're not allowed to me either because we're still talking about inside give out low key and I. I can wedge and an idea oh yeah okay well don't say anything tries about the word because you don't have to have an advantage I don't. I did look at it I love it. I I'll we'll come right back here after an argument okay. And chain gets a chance not to BJP. Prime time and I'm Dan from Iran inheritance. And. Young star already forewarned. Hogan and it. Even more competitive when I've got somebody I'm trying to win all our Montgomery and Doug Palmer and if I girl. And Jane gives more than once in 34567. Correct oh did. Well yeah you did. If she gets more than seven dragged brandy you're gonna see alienate tomorrow night. Knee or an apple and the lying there. I jammed with. Hey as a slain CJP I picked this word in honor of Atlanta's newest sporting event chair Atlanta united. Playing a brand new and beautiful Mercedes and stadium. And he Jeter identified these words. Their crime wave. Team team and a team sixty seconds on the clock will start rain after I read the first clue OK you've got to get more then seven. Clear number one. A tiny river. Strange yeah it was scary clown comes out it'll make you scream. Boiling water makes. Steam. Con artists always creating a new scheme. And show you picture ID Internet scheme and too many snacks as you must impasse at the scenes. Cash rules everything around me and national and everything around me on the Adams that just went and ever run an hour. Everything up mud season. How Scottie gets you out. The queen. Of FEMA FEMA. I'll wash your sleep maintenance. This three year. Unlikely yeah I. 500 sheets of paper. Rima. Out partying grave. We were fine. And do you mind. And urged him. And Miranda. Regulations are gonna and the united tomorrow night. I can't change your yeah. Oh look see at Emory and there honoring raised by letting her. Heard you the first kicks. And then size there were gonna drums on the gold trio from Plano I'm sorry Jay Bigelow around 4 AM. Thank you so much here. I'm initiates what was the what was supposed to be here and how they'll gradually getting attacked him stay disciplined enough. You obviously news brain wasn't tired right. I tell you river is a stream a clue scary compound and out. Make you scream oil wanna make steam iron Arizona's grainy schema jerky picture and the units is mean to face that says you busting the scene cash rules everything around me boot tank. Cream cash rules everything around the one that raised. Sorry. But everything Ahmadinejad may sit out assumed dream. I think. I mean im. Senate and house caddie gets you out beam while you're sleeping dream finally sheets of paper rained out parting with Kelly she's means you'll take it. BX to ring. Thanks for making this wedge to the chest congestion. One star not before one and.