Trashed or Toddler

Monday, September 11th

Are these descriptions of drunk adults, or your typical three-year-old? 


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Okay Terna Nande. And Justin Jan show all of now. Show. Welcome to the show Tyler. Good okay Perry and good player. And today we got apparently is the CI am Lanny united play at Mercedes-Benz stadium on Wednesday. We have to do is get more answers right that your opponent proof on the show would you like to play against JP Kelly. Me or Jan. ET outright JJ. At Everest eight CIC Tyler. We'll look at. I. Number one can turn around for Desmond number line is and Lee in Atlanta. She went to ask him and tell you that's him and realize it's those who was so down Peta everywhere including on her friend's foot. I LE NE Atlanta had time there's that being is that person describing a trash adults or a terrible time. Those tracks adult. Eric I'm gonna agree and say contrast notes new I trash for both its. And really could be either one are right round two. UNG in Atlanta. He had the eighth time yeah it's pretty Vinny has kind of my dogs and I'll how many pets. I Tyler trash adult or have a toddler. Toddler toddler JJ that's a fun game trying to pull the dog's tail until it doesn't wanna do that anymore. I trash trash announced drastic are hanging around three. He comes to us from Emily indicator. She had cried when I was holding her she cried because I wouldn't have her head and she pitched a fit because we didn't order cookies. Trash. I'm sink insisted on going trashed again. It is a trash for all of them all three of them. I around for missy in Atlanta. She men around naked at my house and my husband found her for being in my bathroom floor and. It's OK that's rose anyway. Tyler we then tag other trashed. Toddler KJ being. Feel that's gonna be toddlers well I. OK last round comes from Amanda and a sock. He told me that he did not feel that he said he need to throw up so I told him he Larry's set off to science and he proceeded to continuously walk and turn up on himself. They're using brands and 0:0 am afraid there. Tyler as France and only go dresses while it piazza says trashed. We'll come right back and count the score out of programs compared to an associate at any united at the very beautiful Mercedes grand stadium. It's Tyler aim Kennesaw. Vs JT in studio. This week's episode of trash or toddler does the results are next to read my voice John. The convention yeah. Star in 941. I still. The difference between any time. I took all three girls I Tyler is taking on JP. For a really gets to Atlanta united. I mean Taylor Wednesday night Emerson he's been stadium which is Almonte are supported. I. Let's find out who they grand champion that will be. Said he was round one Alley in Atlanta says this. She went past him and tighter left him and realize it took you so down. Pete everywhere including on her friend's foot. Tyler and JP both against trashed she was trashes my friend and foe was much in those. Oh and a you guys are playing for bones that you god that's right guys who never go to the bathroom with each other did. A rite of passage and and GAA in Atlanta said this he had eight Italian yeah it's pretty and they need. I Tyler said that was a toddler JP said there was trash and I'll be entrails. My neck yeah OK. I nicer side. Tyler Tyler I around three came from and only indicator. She cried when I wasn't holding her she cried because I wouldn't Tucker and and she get pitched a fit because we didn't order cookies. Now Tyler and JP both just trashed on this and I would've guessed toddler that was my guess as I was playing along. Answer is it is a drug Earl. Recognize our influence regional. I used to determine the boar year. I'm missy in inland town. Seamen around naked at my house and my husband found it. After being in my bedroom floor. Both Tyler and the jade piece and toddler. This is my daughter she is a toddler her straight to our eyes. I kind Tyler get this last and right here to go five for five and be the champion. Okay that's LeBron comes from Amanda in Kennesaw. Scene told me that he did not feel that he said he needs to throw up so I told him he wanted to be sent off to science and he proceeded to continuously walk and turn up on himself. And visual. And it's. Both Tyler and JP said trashed. Does it for ensuring and he was trash. And enable. New. I swear it'll do experience. I didn't waistline and kids are being down. Let's just say drunk. I did obviously had a respectable four out of five men and have to be Tyler I he'll be going to Mercedes-Benz stadium Wednesday night. Turns radio and a united game. And see somebody very special is the first goalie. Yes they have a lot of in Greece coming out to do the first kick. So excited and then am I doing a big month campaign to honor childhood cancer awareness and to have. Haven't I just went anything I'm excited so call our congratulations Tyler we'll play trashed or toddler again next Monday yeah I'm Jeff. Thanks for making this wedge. Today Jesse James got one star not before one and it.