Monday, September 11th

Support childhood cancer research with these limited-edition #BLESSED shirts!


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Star in 941. We've got a great way for you to support child this cancer awareness month and it's a Great Lakes also so. Gratitude every day I'm DeVon gingerly so badly and hash tag blasts a lot. And how every single day you can always find something there's always always something even if it's a terrible day even if everything isn't going your way or you have a lot of things in front of you. No matter what you have the choice. To choose gratitude and you always can't you can always find something. Even even as small as it can be so how Chambliss has become a much for the show's so we put on a T shirt and we're selling those really cool awesome. Sums cozy comfy T shirts. And Al proceeds are going to benefit cancer research for kids. So if you want to grab yours they are actually flying off the shelf and glad to say. The we have personal to let up my mind right. And the reason is important to note that they're flying off the shelves because it's a limited edition and we didn't I see many Leyland will be left with too many extra T shirts yet so once they're gone they're gone. You can go up online to any of our social media pages or the radio series when they start and 41 Atlanta dot com click over and get to hash tag blessed T shirt. A gen designed it it's got reasons magic fund logo on it. And the money is going to go directly into the hands of people who are curing. Childhood cancer so there are a unit say seizures there are women's T shirts and they are kids sizes and if you. Enjoy your teacher it is idea. You know that that's soft lived in feel wine is on it yes is this he later it's going ego sue in the draw every time distance gonna be a tough for teacher. You had that nice soft feel and so. I'd go grab it inside online radar son and for one Atlanta and outcome is certain limited addition hash tag bless T shirt. To benefit childhood cancer research. How can hinge young star ready for a one.