Confess Your Crush: The Barista Boy

Thursday, September 7th

She met him once, found him on Facebook, and now she's bearing it all. 


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Okay Terna Nande. And Justin Jan show all the net. Your grass is this change to make beloved and extend live on the radio. Show Sarah and welcome to confess your crush on at the jet engine jumped. I'm saying yeah I say. How are you and we are excited talk to you today. On my passionate excited about him because. You. Very brave. This goes back to you you know middle school we are passing and no to someone and he. But it you can guarantee that the teacher's gonna intercepted and read in front of the whole. Boy. Yeah. I'd say tell us about his dream boat Mandy stature die down. I'm Lila Diana had a very checked and we kept us at this time that the tide turned and attacked. And Simon didn't think it really didn't like him and have no clue who I am now this petition diet and and I am that. Bloomington worm hole on blatant and making it essentially is advocating it looked on the tarmac and local faith but I any different and certainly there. And see how him. And it said he had no clue I am bank. I guess he's like as I. You had bad Trevor Rees stuff. Code name I don't agree. How much total time have you stands. In his presence in your entire life. What I meant. Really and how much time have you spent and the Internet researching this man look. So. We need excitement and salary. There's just something about him. Oh yeah. I'm I'm guessing that base and the social media scene he appears to be single. It seemed that way and one half. What else about him is just so lovely. Yeah exactly boy made mischief. So shining sea. Immediate danger of being consistently even narrated and help tell that something you just didn't secrecy that's different. What about physical attributes that you liked. I mean quite Dead Sea god you know. Really content can get married and you get to and it didn't work out like not too much. Yeah technically can't let it it's a different like you know he's just naturally thinking like let's think about this. Offense it's on arms Ray Allen and I hated it you know. That was what was there's something in particular online as you. Tracked him down that you looked at over and over or watched over and over critically alone in house. And I did. Yeah I didn't think you may create bad nineteen good thank you had a lot senate and by evening until they tell. I didn't actually losing to the security front. It would reach out my accent my friend our class or follow on unlike every stock is insanity sin any. Truly an intriguing that they can help. Does that toll more sane way to do it now. Yeah I think I and you said this happened on a road trip so how far away from Atlanta is this guy is this guy physically located. Actually in Atlanta and know exactly what did you get. OK. Perfect okay. Yeah I Jen is there anything else he needed edited your gender but the guy up. Yeah. He's just not gonna have a clue. In no way is there anything you guys talked about if he says he wants to know who you are and you say who you are is there any way he would remember. I don't. Did that sentiment has only need help Alex opens you to commit to weaken. Tag I'm Gerry visited both and alana why you haven't just gone back to that star about tonight. And alert unknowns. To Paris it is it yeah. And done guys are playing. Hey Jack is that this got in your pocket error he does that. Yeah it. Yeah it. I'm. I'm well you do and attacks since. Truly silence from the rest them pencil so uncomfortable putts. I'm just excited. Ever gonna bring you I hold welcome back here in in three minutes and made the phone call T Jack okay for. And lesser crash continues in three minutes in the Jesse James you know learn anything wrong. And she I'll still are. You can put your crash on the jet and Jen and so so we've just been talking with Sarah. Who has got a huge crash kinda Jack. Her super high injuries. Who she met a couple of weeks ago. And as she actually social media stocks. Attractive downturn found his name and wants us to column since she can can best perk fresh upon him and see where again. If parties have offer to simply go back do that Starbucks and I don't know talk to him in person. Too easy or more fun or sliding used DM signings a grammar Twitter semi down but hit on some audio learn I can see I issuing an act that would hit on somebody alert. Now even on somebody anywhere oh. Yeah yeah yeah. Can't answer hey dad what's going on and that green apron and I are you ready to do as Sarah. Yeah let's do it right in the Reinhold and that we will call Jack safe even buying. A little paycheck what sentence just from the jet's engine show Harriet. Hey good guys are you good thanks and I take into minister Kamal where this today. Yes sure sure I I cut rates in the chase casino only to waste anybody's time are you currently dating anyone. I now renowned single well. Tackle we know somebody that's got a crush on him. Where yeah like major crash on Yale and she says that. The wind we asked like what was the thing about you her first thing was your voice. Which I think is such a cool compliment gaffe. My earliest ESC. Said that your voice is awesome here really nice and charming and that your gore says and says I'm really thoughtful towards other people. And she really says it isolate you work out. Com I. I think Bob Hope that Austin. Do you wanna know who has a crush on you. You ask. I so what we'll do is come back howl. It's at. Every time. OK Sendak I questioned him. And yeah do you know who remind me. I mean I eat. I think maybe I you know in my girl Iran are good and then you know we. Yeah charter college you know how I went back and not to like being wise. No and our ally. Students I say we can't go back in touch then. And that sort person I've been really kind of chatting with three so we need so maybe maybe her. So do you have any other gases. I mean. I mean down. B. No none of them together or an you know we need work absolutely together and I can't. You know we essentially haven't spoke to while. And so. And I understand really. Parents will die and yes I know I'm that would be that would actually the first week that we. Are weddings are. No doubt but I have no other anatomy and then as we all of that but I think more and more on the court. I well what we'll do is I come back to you in three minutes. And let the person who has a crush and you can fast that Pierre line on the radio. The segment confession crush. Vengeance sanity for one thing I wanted to do this well. And young star ready for a one. Okay is it. At the moment. Truth therefore confess your crash out please explain to Jack and somebody's got a big crush on him and he wants to find out who did his. We told ended the crash early. Think he has a really awesome voice he's charming super sweet and thoughtful. Gorgeous it's really fit and she's dig in your biceps dude. I doesn't always ran out that although Lewis and her first part of me says that's great yeah fat test. Iowa now rejected make a couple of guesses on who it could be Greg Kelly Debbie says Amanda some guy he's a recently connected with or maybe dying and siamese hang out with and work out list so we shall saying. I Jack. I know are absolutely absolutely right the crusher his rejoined the shadow and it is time for you. To confess your trash. I. Laying there. I really don't I mean I lose. Lose and you're had access to pollute your dad and and they have any Little League and it's helping with fifteen can you help turnout and the greens really look Katrina on. The Christian tradition. I didn't actually talent for it if I can only help. You have no idea who I am yeah. Didn't. Know who I am. I'm I'm I'm sorry I'm I'm terrible about this side talks. So yeah. You're at. I even one day you don't Wear it and I would turn bad if you know there's. But he. Wasn't. Asked to attract and I find New Orleans. In just. Chatted for a totally different feel bad happened if only Egypt isn't feed. If you remember did you do it in I didn't have to reach its own. Have any need. I am. Very healthy and little lady. Asked just. I mean yeah I mean we we did a lot of little government ought walked so. We have a lot of who lot of young lady who we are a lot of people digital not a lot I mean I eat. I don't mind looted assets down keep track of who's got the news comes out of work everything saudis heal the blind date. I mean as. I paid and then added I'm I'm all for it I think it probably. We need to feel I got pictures some ten before before I kind of you know. In my assumptions and not been easy not to be I had zero well I don't remember for sure I'm very good facial recognition. So like he can't corroborate that. As it did cover it there. I. I think that's not necessarily a blind date but he. This is my. And I know I don't then what is decreed that I now sort of want is going to completely without any you know remember each. But I think it's fair because. I Serra told us. It after meeting you for just five minutes she dove deep on your social media. She tracked you down and phase where she tracked you down on aims to Graham and I can kill you looked at pictures. Videos that he died she has. Does it again yeah and I just want to know how easy to figure out his name it was out of the bag now. You're gonna efforts are renowned Jeff Burton knew this is what I am doing is I'm explaining night. How Newton anonymous number again I'm explaining how we have to examine it and guys wanna know how in Sudan live. Early is that he's sometimes man explains things like over the top so I. Anything from my reminding yourself Tom Locke a little warm. Now and it's all. I'm I'm Thelma Amal group you know on the C are declared ally or recruit well. I'd I'd love to meet you again I guess. What. If you get all over my social backlash and I think it's only dragon a picture reminds me about who you are so. OK all I can thank you so OK okay. You consider what Juanita sent a massive money just follow him I can see Graham instead it just looked and it sounds. Yeah I guess that's what I got it in late to. Do that you gain. Cole are. It shouldn't if you guys actually connect and hang out and make a slight panic all of backup of the smallest now. Of course and sure per share. Behind me I. They're checking messages and and the grams but last question what do Jack you like her voice as much as she likes years. I could. I don't I the issue she's got a nice side and I choose their words that source old out of some heat. And. You're on the radio talent. And how techtag. So does fast food chains. Appreciated there are guys thanks and I say yeah I think Jack the problem is myself. 08 I think she's probably distracted jacket she's looking at your life journal from sixteen years ago I thought. Ruined my mild MySpace you know calm Obama. Nearly 900. Hold so. Numbers I jag letters it is good guys thanks for lives there there. Well my favorite things to do as the confess your crush plays out as much Jean who is observing in the other room. What is your assessment of the relationship between San Jack. Yeah. Okay and you know and I'm said he doesn't remember. Do you play you're totally don't know and you are just like guess she did business big business you know we were trying to save her like I. Hiding data Obama will win. A person wanna know how much behind the scenes research. Enough potential that. Don't know Jack I don't usually. It's so tell me a guy really spend three hours trying to find me and like I can't. At school like if you did add a school a decides on tell me they. As creepy to me. I mean of that. And dating a millionaire and now you Miller made thirty. And then. Hey Jenny I think you're cute and I also. When and a field trip to the State Capitol on the tenth grade. And that same exact picture. This site so she. Justin yeah. I'll read you some are them to work out because people are not going to be great and had to do this anymore. If you would like to be a part of compassion crash resent their stich and how believe when he got to give me love M at lunch earlier this month cheerleader that the love. Think TJ. He said okay Jan and Simon Portland Atlanta and Akram. Cool I like to share that conversation. Continues league championship on FaceBook.