IKEA or Cheese

Wednesday, September 6th

Restaurateur friends Mitchell from MetroFresh and Souper Jenny join the show for some fun!


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Okay Terna Nande. Yeah shell Ole. Well we have got some friend and CMA so Anderson. And it Jenny elevenths and I hear they're both successful restaurant tour is an Atlanta Mitchell wins. I've met her fresh in midtown and super Janney. With lots of locations around Atlanta but before you are they were successful restaurant where they are famous actors Jenny for so programme is Mick jolt from party of five DE Hauser lots of movies so welcome to this Jeff and show and thank you so much for breakfast. The reason you guys are here though is to focus on your performing life is you have a show coming out and you have asked us to promote that Florio and we will gladly do that he can. You're so kind but there had cats. Cal I guess. You mean. Has prepared a challenge. And if you can get to four out of five of her puzzles correct. Then you can promote your shot. Holy zimbalist fast. Are you have far corner and I. Being the name of this challenge is what I key word cheese. And we got him. Traditional like. No. It hasn't missed pronounces his. Five puzzles and years after correctly identified. Whether or not it's a piece of IKEA furniture. Or Jesus Jesus. Round line Jane we do let's go. Winds now. Around one. Bjork snobs. Yeah. America if you. Use. You're on a Bjork yeah that's a key thing in Virginia if you. Plan to prison. It debuted New York's knots. It's a back bench with the pack and bridge so good is it extra material could permanent now why don't I plow. Round soon I Kia or she sees its. Version costs. If it urgently ask me there's more consonants and IKEA. Yeah what accounts and virgin lost those who chiefs Heath. Now unknown. Cheap entertainment kind she's. I'm very competitive. I'm actually made them spell these. That they really I would go down. In. The worst color world. What kind of cheesy that diversion house is eight triple cream or regions style butter cheese semi soft cheese with them my real smooth flavor any subtle hint of our next I would look. I had three more ago. Let's say your bravery their combat in three minutes and wrap up. I Kia or cheese if our friends Jenny may show. It feels the next three rights. They get to promote their upcoming. Theater is continues. Star in 941. We have a challenging game. I he has forged she used to and I are friends of missile engineer in studio with us this morning it may have a big show going on that they would like to summer. And they can promoted if they win this challenge. Is it. She's of course is that if he's an idea furniture Janine is done the research. Or to be able. Read more items. He's found that. FM. And OK KE LO ST he. I'm there's two K two back decades to back to back movements are key he had been a good angle lost. I think it's she's lost his bet that's sounds like she's communities mechanically Mitchell last. ST she's. There's a Swedish she's called blue dogs to. Which sounds like to have them. Heck I that I didn't pick element you know ground floor. Nick LB and that's definitely hear him. You wind. They should then we should Rahm expanded it and said. I can't furniture she's our weird anime character. After this will probably get jobs whole foods chic she's kind of what's the piece of furniture you just explained. Yeah Kilby. Every amid Kilby cable is you click burying grain pattern and natural color shift that could harm of the would. I just for primacy to hasn't run the table was the last one snip priest. You freaks and tried to settle an hasn't let and it's a little monsters so IKEA. It's increased and nude she's she's. She. I am sad. Display night host and now we don't have an IKEA and cheese party. January Meserve that she's on IKEA fresh yeah. We do a good piece of snoop frost and Alabama medical leave for. I want you guys did it's a joke about the show we love. Starters she's mongers this Sunday yards Sunday yes I said this is a first in a series. Broadway shows and concerts they were doing in as the Atlanta History Center and they are all on fundraisers for our nonprofits here in Atlanta konduz eighty projects. Where we I'm cook grad grow cook and and make food for our kids and title one schools so they have any constant air mailed to take come after a while. And I just say this I think you're kind of thing about my best friends who burgeoning yeah is that she has four restaurants a guy and whenever one day she'll wake up and she say well I. I think your seven nonprofit and then she makes it happened. It's so irritating and then she calls me and says hey I'm doing false those in concert no lower than this show is. It is it's a beautiful show about family and how Sam Lee. Can go through difficult times. And be at each other's throats but at the end of the day it's what it's love that Brooke keeps them together that sounds so cliche but it's true and despite the journeys don't always measure up that's sitting around the mood it's not hey. Hey it's like hey. Enjoy that's a great score and I have not song in a show you literally twenty years since I played lieutenant cable with sandy Duncan had fun not oh I'm. South Pacific in Long Beach I'd been working. And I've been driving rich European no absolutely. Not saying that south singing. Nonstop for hours a day. I'm so how can everybody get tickets to go to this out and Diaz on the easiest way is C can either go to DC for Jenny website secret any ATL dot com under shopping and get tickets we also have an event sprite page which we can give you and people can pull up there was. They're all that from our social media and from the website for the first shows this Sunday and it's three consecutive sending is yes and the seventeen and. That's funny for instance at 3 o'clock show we do a lovely desserts. Party at intermission. And common CS permits well thank you guys are gonna yeah. All these teases. Irving hit. You guys congratulations on the show it's great work and announcements. He's for making this wedge. In the chest congestion. One star not before one and.