#ParentingForReal: Kids Break Everything

Wednesday, September 6th

Kids can make some seriously expensive messes sometimes


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Okay Terna Nande. I'm Justin Jan shell all now. I'm here. Jeff engine show is where we take dead beautiful social media filled her. The parenting experience because parenting is messy. It's beautifully messy. Discussing hot mess most of the time but yeah it's really funny. So we tried to shares enjoyed and I have one from a friend of mine I can't wait it. Tell you guys. I'm mistaken jams that picture that I don't we show off of reuse. Where we their hairs allspice she's she's in the tub and I think our babysit her many today that. That's an answer adorable picture yet print that put it on a walk. In my opinion. But wasn't that dumb post blog to a yet okay shoes in the bath it's in the afternoon now you know is she just wanted to reluctant to show was ending its five day. Because there's not that many whites and on the planet it's okay when winner winner Tommy respond to that at some point in just need to back. So yeah that's hash tag parent and for real this so yeah the most adorable picture of james' daughter. It's posted on NC Graham went doesn't get posted his thirty minutes before where she's rendered meaningless their own poop. And they're like scrubbing. Every little nook and cranny of the crib and all the laps because. Yeah yeah it's been spray paint and got a nice. An insane well. Our story and I'm comes from a new friend of mine her name is actually she is telling me. About what her four year old recently did so. Actually was I getting ready to. Get dinner ready for McKinley so she preheat the oven. And and is like it generate any kids around and around. And opens up the other end to put in you know whenever she's made me casserole or whatever she was making that night and all the sudden it just. Hopes of black smoke just start pouring out of her of Nintendo. Fire alarm you know the smoke detectors start going off house alarmist sensing an. Now that you know dogs going crazy in the kids are like running around like what's happening since she has no idea. And then realizes that her four year old was slaying kitchen all. Build the oven with all of her party plates. And her plastic pots and hands on a cell work and now. Oh boy crew did that it now had all been completely melted and drips into. Much of her and fine. Say if he knew leaving clean that has staggered parenting for real well I saw Harry yesterday. And she saw me she goes hey Jen I think what she goes. Bart keepers friend. And something else she had some sort of cocktail and doesn't read on arsenic. That's what finally cleaned out my of an issue that she's gonna have to it completely replace the entire range because it was melted plastic parts all over the bottom out and out. That is so I sag parenting for real and I would love to hear more stories about what your kid accidentally ruins and. We go over your house enemy your neighbor and broke that she gets on the rumor out amid these brownies are good it tastes like plastic bag. Everything that you met yes I agree bits of plastic yeah. Seriously the entire year of an and I think I think she got and I'll clean up without a superb example of past and parenting for re we would love to hear your your stories you can cause he can also are coming on FaceBook because as we always say and they show no matter what it is always comfort in numbers definitely and I don't foresee 6309401. Is are numbered and you can. It may kid Jane's friend feel better and anybody else who had a hash tag panting for a moment by sharing your story always available. Online ad that never intention of FaceBook page. And you can call us whatever you want because Jens got a hold back of these look at that to cartridges deal amount as synthesis. And young star ready for a one. Parenting for real yeah. Your kid accidentally ruin free standing in Atlanta while gonna show this. You might sit on wall hesitancy sack machine as well you principally lists are strictly that you know. Noticed today executing wicket with her goldfish crackers. And I didn't realize that the when he went to put it on that many yet at bridge since this. In terms. So he went to take it deep breath and sucked in a moment snaps. Acts is. And who only need New Bedford record and I and I just completely forgot. Yeah. And had a bet that I mean he wouldn't. As I realize you can I am laughing yeah Chris and I went. Her husband would be disturbed at how hard you're laughing at the possibility to. I can withstand a day. Senator. Aging and river and well yeah I had it on and ray what is your kid ruined. Accept I doubt that he expected. I'm out of her pregnant it's the want to be interior decorator and everyone else let. Your nail polish. The oh god I'll Barbara heard told over IP. After a lot of the looks like the colored. Just as it is we decided it's okay you. We disgusting and if they extended genius because doesn't nail polish paint brushes are so little they have pain a little doll house all. I think at least this time. Maurice thirty doll house I ate and went to. The bottom that coveted thing about Steel City at age that I did I get jobs so I. I have a countertop ruined by now polished little girls. Love it for some reason it's like crack he can't stay away from it like give an example iChat to get into that I Elizabeth and Smyrna what's your hash tag parenting for real. So I actually can't. I literally younger I didn't use their intelligence legally and are sprint complete agreement and I didn't you know. The sounds a sandwich and then I mean think about. Jurors how big is a sandwich in the slot and on the VCR used yeah it was early in the Aaron looks like a toaster kinda. Is that our. And I had an ordinary from there Eric into the into the hole. The struggle Israel Mandy in Mac and I come I. Third when I would make kids about a hundred dollar bill I found my dad director. I was dead and going into light and daddy I'd eat the so you're practicing your study skills. Ollie how your how many are merged what I. I don't I don't know exactly how many and noted there that we had or I don't let me. And then then. I back hurts my stomach. And his graying eyewitness. I'm very worried and. I would've sold yeah I wonder what age does she was when her parents when Redford optioned right. My. I it's crazy I feel like I have bad story I feel like I did that time. I tore up twenty dollar bills went ahead and be like I did that out of my mom's purse yeah and then I'm guessing Jim Madonna there. Not thrilled yet if you don't know how to write your own name and cursed you're not allowed to make it rain with mounting any Mac. All like to share that conversation continues lead jet engine on FaceBook.