Accidentally Ordering Drugs

Wednesday, September 6th

"Uh yeah, can I get a small coffee with 2 'sugar' packets?"


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Okay Terna Nande. And Justin Jan show all of now. I'm unsettling I debate between it just now learning Kelli cheese. My agenda or for real that you can. There's something illegal restroom came up just explode where it's headed up. OK so. Kelly she's maintains that this is absolutely. Not for a 100% fox I have multiple. Real world examples after ignorant and a firsthand. But I have multiple examples of hearing about this I think it teacher so they used to hearing about it proves its urban legends. Tammy hearing about it now I'm saying he hasn't experienced that himself away he's just heard about it ray lands that hurt him out. Urban legends work is everybody's heard about it I all we need is one or ten people were calling in and confirm that when I'm seeing history attack. 4042630941. Not a likely phrase that event. Rephrase the question here as end tables this likely to call ends and tell them that you're being what you believe is true yes. But I would like them for Baylor Colin and tell you that you're just falling Bernard and legend. Okay well there in the either way there's nobody calls then then you win. I whenever. Here's what I maintain is this is Athens this happened to a friend of mine Reese and I democratic. Who he is an accurate and if the restaurant even entail but he walks into a restaurant in order some very. Simple idea somebody orders it in a very specific way. OK these are the things that happened he is in the restaurant he refers to the person. Because she had a name tag on by name. So he wants and he's like hi Jen isn't very friendly. Outgoing extroverted weirdo anyways so he's like check out at. I and he wants any news page and later today back in many orders in very simple items. But he orders that are very unique way Barry specifics so. Let's say it's a cup of coffee right so he orders a cup of coffee and he says I'll have a medium coffee please. Any orders exactly. Two Kramer's and four shooters to ago. And tank went out like it but it's a better not the exact order that he placing them and you're making happening I mean I I'm. Remember from weeks ago when he told me Accutane at the exact route that he ordered his copy that exact way he referred to the person my name and when she threw the framers and the shoulders down. On the table. There is a little paying although how coaching. They had some marriage want all of ideally. Did she accidentally pull out of her pocket and throw it down that's what he thought happened. That she had a little had changed in Michael convention change purse can't I've heard that restaurant servers is sometimes on a break we'll go in. Had numb the pain from a noxious customers outback so it ache that's possible. But when I'm maintaining is that because he watched him use the person's name ordered something very specific that was code that product. And he was expected to pay for it. And then leave he didn't use our punched me and something you shouldn't have its older total and what is she she's like oh. Content of that's not the first time I've heard that have serious I. Heard is that me there years ago there is one of those ice cream shops where you could. You picked the flavor in the you can call your mix ins and everything. In their resume when they elect slab at all together yet. Yes and Mary's I'm way to be inconspicuous about the name of the place Jan. Something in the name of that a title putted good on a cold rocks sometimes oh. Oh now I now. So. What if you ordered this exact paying. And you got it to go in the bag would be. Some drugs you just need to pay for it so. You just on the twilight. That we eat out there and night I got a week ten dollars or your ice cream and I'm trying to maps and actually. There's sprinkles on top you never speak about it you just now if you know the you know then you just know you know Richard getting you know how much now. I'll say enemy card on the left and on the right assignment swimming around all right so my guess you probably just -- actually quite an account on the same pay for the product with a car like that what you're actually trying to buy like ice cream and then on on your side mostly as your sign on the side like around our soldiers and Tony are slightly. What I'm guessing Anderson know about that and that's why I'm saying I'm sure once. Easy to be expert and that's. I don't think this is sure I've heard these urban legend like you go to specific places you order specific things and people bring you you know certain products that the whatever but. Here's the thing. I have only heard them as stories and what I think is you maybe Hannah. Stoner waitress at Waffle House and Harold I'm Maggie and NRA brand accidentally spill after he ordered his copy. Coffee so life I think it was you know she's just trying that was a mistake anything the whole thing is urban legend yeah I should try bottom line cook stuff to dinner a brand. Went out and went on giant. Well I think that people are disagreeing with you category 4042630941. Is this urban legend. Boris is this true. And any specific succeeding here you're validating stories I think telling his name and the next. Star in 941. Did you just joining us there is a urban legends and I am trying to prove his trip. Kelly she's maintains absolutely not true you found her diligence. Multiple people that I now have stories about going into restaurants and ordering very specific menu items. And we did that menu item they gave us some products did so ill legal. Codes. In the form of food orders right so if you get something I'm very certain specific away. Extra bacon hold the pickles no byline had never heard this means you know weak and or what did. I'm amber and I am answer is backing me up. Yes absolutely my brother he actually does them. Mark. It's easy work in the restaurant we we are right and again finding places is when I'll let you either get in the business or getting them in trouble. So yeah does he worked in the restaurant industry. And does it works the way dad's. I am surprising that there's special menu combinations that indicate to him what the customer wants. Absolutely and you cannot believe how many employees actually mention the Backstreet nerds you look at home parquet and senate even. Income down. I would you do in the freezer yeah I know an example order but I don't want column many restaurants. Is the order generic and ask amber if you told us what the order is that we wouldn't be able to identify the restaurant. I'm just going to happen and like he did say don't like. Okay like a whopper exchange EU now. Code as a cat it's a combination of a typical item OIPS any both cases that I've heard. In the restaurant and in the S and shout it's a combat it's a what sounds like it's a quarter so anybody around. My god will not know that's interesting but if you in the node in the in. And terra came in Duluth true or false. Totally turned it happens in the you know you OK okay this club they didn't do it but he's also is everywhere and even order a basic. To a particular bathroom restaurant and I did not realize at stake but oh thanks so I played corner I'm like out of what did you want to take that didn't you ask. Always strive to whenever I go to the particular place did not. Haven't tried I didn't I know. And didn't like thirty dollars. He's like he's loaded he's got that adds yeah. And I think I know I'm sorry my bad we don't have a chance here. Tired. And I know. You know I'm sure look at at a white. What do you tell you and then you would like. I'm not quite get how much do. And gain. On I don't know how I and then you. Ride the CNN Marietta is this true or false. I didn't realize. My heart Kirk greens are at a crappy out and if you order a double and I anything she would sleep a little. It was mainly to cut. And generally Indian lake and grand dame red an act like chocolate mocha and you get a huge crowd strained and there are a little bag and you've got. And seize its chance to actually match on the side. Yeah. Look solid. Kelly I think I'm right there right. Are these evil not friends of theirs you know like hey Jeff I'm working over at the local coffee shop in the ever needed that mag in Hammond narrow ordinary you know I'd double whenever whenever two cubs and I'll sign in their say your friends and sneak it total strangers. All these people who are discovering it like that baked potato girl she discovered at bats and I think my body discovered by accident Z just stumbled on the combination rioting that change is harder what are the chances are this that somebody says extra green stuff. At a restaurant that doesn't when chives and their baked potato varieties of that happening are 0% so it's a little network. On and I got in agreeing with you enough. Justin at your least favorite thing is in pain and pain we just got to the part in the movie where the plot is revealed and. The fog has been lifted I can't even believe that the fighters looks and everything is clear. When. I now just in broad Katie you be less golf. Go just. I was at this art complex and pizza place and when you go to pizza and sliced pies. Yeah sure to parmesan tapped it. We've gotten ridiculously. Until god bless her. Let's hope all bets horrifying because I'm really going to parmesan I mean I love the farmers uneasiness. I think it's all on top of that I. I don't know what happened but I got a slice of pizza and I didn't sleep Kindle third. I'm not totally non. So we're that is wide awake I mean the pizza was scared that my house is clean my car was the jail. Those are made nobody likes me. Cool I like to share that conversation continues league championship on FaceBook.