Confess Your Crush UPDATE

Tuesday, September 5th

So how'd the visit to Texas go?


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Thanks for making this wedge. It's indigestion changed now one star or not before one and. Your credit Lessig on the jet engine sales. Weird because we heard. Who wanted to confess his crash soon. Again sounds normal when he just hear their names but then you realize that may again this is an ex. Sort of kind of former step closer to their parents were never married but they live in the same house from ages eleven to sixteen and he confesses pressure on her. Bird the last eight years and was going to Austin and visit her this weekend. We actually have had Megan and I hold she's gonna give us an update on how the Austin visit went here I. I let's take that Megan so may get and how was it. It wasn't it was a trading mean really good actually up on. Yeah we are now it was still at Coolidge. Discreet cat shout. And united and can make sound should try and held. Typically attract this. It turns easy areas. Now let me let me finish I think even I don't think he's. Portraying himself the best light both are like social media and we were on their radio Whitney last week so I can relate. And it did much better in person type person that makes French so mom. Are you saying that he's. He presents better in person but he's still your brother or are you saying he presents better in person and why outlook in a single guy who's got a crush on me. But why don't. I don't know how to translate what you're telling us. I guess it would be in between those two option actually check they no longer. Good for both adults we haven't seen each other like eight years. And there are technically. Shep furniture and sister are and never got married which direction so. Connecticut and. Black cat I heard oh it's it's weird it's weird. I don't know how to deal with that they were expecting that it and a they were and that. During the day it will grab coffee I'll Schumer on Austin and that we have does you know I actually kind of how can be checked and. So did how okay totally not nice that did you say I was thinking it's gonna be so awkward. Suited anything's happened in May you would consider romantic. Not only champions. We just know we just hung out on Saturday afternoon and then. Directly on anti take. A tank so all right there's a couple times. And there was a little bit of a pause there. My my nothing romantic happens. Did you guys know did you guys killed off. Yeah no they're now. Different note this. OK but there might have been a spark of something as well we're sensing. And I we I was not expecting to feel that click tennis unlike my mindless mayhem going into this past weekend but it. I. Don't respect it was weird I wouldn't say it's weird but I would also. Pleasantly surprised at how old great person inch and contributions. But it can we intermediate over there wasn't expecting next. I mean it's a good week and it it was a nice to be around and buy it just you haven't. Kitchen with and you know each other from your kid and I'll try to explain. I feel like there's something missing but guys feel like there's something you're not telling us that there's a gap somewhere. Is that not a telling you every day. Did you guys hold hands and a romantic way at all or anyway I really don't. Open. And. I thought I'd zionists did he spend the night in your house on Sunday night literally just come over on Sunday night. Mowers EE well eventually. What time. Remember Chris. You know it could play good I would on Monday it a little worried about. You know early in the literally don't know him. I feel like a shining a flash sign her face them gently her I've always ice did then you feel like there's a big gap of something missing or maybe it's just our confusion that I'm the. Struggling with her feelings around it I mean. They went on the phone last week's use six super awkward well weird time like that and then they see each other and there's actually. Something they care. I'm not surprised your pausing. Are you. Open to seeing him again. Yeah we did agree to keep in touch so I rushed out of that door opened and we wish each other and might even come out to Atlanta sometime. OK okay well. All right Manuel thank you for coming back down and says can you can read by Chechen with a every couple weeks in and. Right until I finished my theory has yet. I definitely and bring your brother lover. First you just can't let column that. It plays the son I got on my insistence that it may well how should I hate me. Aren't I. And it's getting Nagin well I'm glad it went. Consent. Think guys maybe not thank you thanks dragon thanks again. Dan. McKay I. But I. I'll point this yeah. And it's not here. An idea for a different team son. I'm in never never legally married. In Atlanta Hudson Brothers. I sludge right and a good looking doesn't. All learn and share that conversation. Continues league championship on FaceBook.